Friday, January 07, 2011


Since I'm always giving you the bird's eye view from third floor, I thought I'd show you how deep the snow is from a human's eye view--hehe!
This snowbank by the front door is taller than I am, that's for sure.
I went off to my Federal Housing meeting, as I said. Was very slippery. Saw a fender bender on my way there and two on my way home. One guy slid right into the back of a Moorhead city bus! In general, people were driving slower--but there are always some people who refuse to use any caution.
FedEx did come yesterday. I ordered a laptop holder.
Why, you may ask? Well, I am so used to my rolling wooden reading/bed table that I use to hold my laptop by my chair where the laptop is at an angle that I can hardly use the laptop when it is flat on the table. I feel like I am falling forward. Silly, I know. But I end up grabbing this and that to prop it up when I move it over to the craft table--and then it slides about. Now I have something that I can even take with me when I go over to Dagan and Leah's with my laptop, too. :)
When I first pulled it out of the box I thought--oh no! I have to put it together? Where's Leah when I need her! ROFL!
But apparently the extra pieces are something to do with the cords? I think. Which I don't care about. I don't even bring the power cord when I bring it to Dagan and Leah's because the battery lasts so long on my Mac. ;)
So, I was able to fold it and adjust it to the height I want. And the base has a mesh screen to keep the laptop cool. Awesome!
I have some books coming, too. It's still Christmas in Fargo, eh? LOL!
I dropped my heavy glass butter dish on the counter yesterday--chipped the butter dish in a couple of places and broke a big hole in my cookie jar. :( The cookie jar was one of those clear glass kind that looks like it is sitting at an angle--kind of like the ones they have in restaurants--that I've had for years and years. Maybe it's the universe trying to tell me not to eat cookies? (As if that would stop me--LOL!) Or maybe that I need a more airtight cookie jar? Yup! That had to be what it was trying to tell me. ROFL!!
Well, I now have an even better spot for the new oil decanters. ;)
Another dark, cloudy day. Which means it is supposed to warm up to about 10 degrees today again. R&R day for me after being out and about yesterday. (Yah. I'm only feeling so much better. *chuckle*) I'd better go walk down my envelope for my Fed Housing worker Debbie so it will go out in the mail today. Later gator! :):)
"There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity you bring to your life and the lives of the people you love. When you learn to tap this source, you will have truly defeated age."
Sophia Loren


  1. You always get someone who thinks they're better than everyone else at driving so don't have to be careful when there's snow and such around... Of course, they probably then insist it's not their fault they just crashed in to someone. *Shaking head*

    Glad you got your laptop holder thingy, and that you are pleased with it so far.

    I wouldn't listen if the universe tried to tell me not to eat cookies either. ;)

  2. Too much snow for me. :\ We have some snow outside today, but it's just a heavy dusting here. There's more snow in other parts of the county, tho. (we lucked out again)

    The laptop stand looks pretty handy. I can see why it'll help you.

    I know the kind of cookie jar you mean. And yep, the cookies would probably stay fresher in something more airtight.

    We still have snow flurries and squalls in the air, but nothing too heavy. The sky is bright at the moment.

  3. That snow reminds me of winter in Wyoming. Cool slope for the laptop....Beau has one similar mainly for the hot climate as laptops can overheat.

    YEP...stay away from the cookie jar, girl...that was the warning ~ lol

  4. It started snowing just when I was getting home from work today, and I am so thrilled not to be out in it. I've lived in Northern Canada all my life and absolutely I can drive in it, no problem, but like you say - the question is can the person behind you?

  5. Tori--Yup! They probably blame the ice and not their driving--hehe! Altho--sometimes the ice CAN be so bad that you would keep sliding if you were only going 20mph!
    Nope! I can't listen to the no cookies! ;)

    AliceKay--Yup! Airtight cookie jar!! ROFL!
    I hope you don't get too much snow down there.

    Serena--Dagan and Leah think it is funny how when I take the laptop off the slanted reading table I have such a hard time typing on it--hehe! I do feel like I am falling forward--so silly! Now--I have the portable cure! :) Never thought about the overheating aspect.
    No!No! New cookie jar-new cookie jar!! :):)

    Tatty--Yah!! It's that person in your rear view mirror that you wonder will they be able to stop before contact with your bumper--ROFL! When someone races past you on an icy road--there's a not so nice part of me that giggles with glee when I slowly pass by them stuck deeply in the ditch later. ;)

  6. Awww so sorry to hear about your cookie jar, its so sad when we break things we have had forever. Maybe another cookie jar will inspire you soon :o) I like that laptop holder that is really neat. And OMG that is alot of snow WOW we southerners around here would just shut right down will all of that ROFL!

  7. Lynn--Yes! Maybe I'll get a pretty, airtight one that will inspire me. ;) The laptop holder is marvelous! I don't know how I got along without it. Yup! Too much snow for a southerner. ;)

  8. Did just the cookie jar lid break? Maybe you can use all that packing paper to make an air tight stuffing ... oh.. nawww... nevermind... I saw all that snow and my brain freezed.

    ...and then I see the words "butter" and "cookies"...

    Nice lappy holder!! I've never seen a mesh one like that but it makes tons of sense.

  9. Iggy--Yah, no it was a big hole in the jar. :( Time for a new cookie jar, I guess.
    I love the laptop stand! Now I take the laptop over to the table more often and it will be much easier for me at Dagan and Leah's, too, when I go over there. :)


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