Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Two blizzards in a row. They are finally getting around to cleaning up the parking lot today. As you can see, they never even cleared off the sidewalk that runs in front of the cars.
And some cars have never been moved since the storm. The notice said everybody had to move their vehicles by 9am this morning or they'd be towed away.
Considering the roofers are still not done--as you can see there's still no siding up there on the one roof thingamajig...
...I am hoping they will tow away their equipment that has just been sitting around our parking lot taking up a lot of space. Bet they don't touch them.
Somebody had their dead car towed out of here yesterday.
Anyways, Dagan and Leah came over last night. I got a late Christmas! Surprise!! Leah wrapped them in separate packages so it was like a huge windfall. :):) Pur water filters, oil decanters (is that what you call them?), a Misto (never have to by a spray can of Pam again), a big smell-good candle, a small container with snap top sides for Karma's food (easier on my arm to open every day), and a package of wet food for Miss Karma (with lots of juice because she loves that). And it is all sitting on an awesome new cutting board--that won't slide around on me, either! My old wood ones are looking pretty bad these days.
Leah remembers things I would love to have. :):) Delighted with all my goodies! And they really surprised me because I had said that since we need to by wood for the shelving for the bookcases...that would be fine with me for Christmas--a trip to Lowes. So I wasn't expecting anything at all!! Many thanks to my favorite people in the whole world! :) :) :)
The sunrise this morning was golden. Caught the sun as it was just coming up from behind the clouds--which have apparently scooted off for the day.
Some bunny evidence across the snow this morning, too.
Karma was playing around in the packing paper from the presents.
The bubble wrap is from the craft delivery. I have been freaking her out by stepping on the bubble wrap. Here I was telling her to "watch out--the bubbles might pop!" She usually avoids looking at me (deliberate cat snubs) but her head whipped around on that one--ROFL!
The plows are here working away. I missed seeing if the last three cars holding up the plowing time were actually towed or not, but plows are a very good sound to hear up north. ;)
Have a great day! And may plows precede you when your path is deep with snow. :)
"You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you."
Brian Tracy


  1. Happy New Year! Oh I am so envious of all that snow. I know you want to smack me at this time. But I love snow and we have not gotten any at all this year in Eastern PA. I am so jealous. We'll I hope you are snowed in with your loved ones.

  2. One thing I don't get though... What if people didn't have anywhere they could move their cars to? Or couldn't move their cars because of the snow? I mean, I get that the snow plough needs the cars out of the way, but surely they should think of the fact that not everyone could actually get out there to move their cars?

    That was nice of Dagan and Leah to bring you all those lovely gifts! :)

  3. Man, am I ever glad I don't live in your neck of the woods. I can understand the "dead" car. I bet those cold temps are murder on them.

    Those are really nice Christmas surprises. I saw something on Dr. Oz last week (i think it was last week) where they suggested using a mister with olive oil instead of using products like Pam. Better for the environment, too.

    Awesome sunrise shot!

    Poor Karma...being freaked out by popping bubble wrap. LOL

    And last but not least...I liked your quote about the plows. :)

  4. Welcome, Heather! I am one of the few people up here who also has people who would probably like to smack me for loving the snow--hehe! But then I do appreciate not having to be out in it every day like I used to. Was snowed in with my cat, Miss Karma. She definitely counts as a loved one. ;)

    Tori--You just plain have to move. They don't care where you move your vehicle to--just has to be moved. It's just part of life up here. Was worse when I lived in Minneapolis (Uptown area) when they plowed the streets. Soooo crowded in the first place and less places to move the car to. You paid more for places that had a garage or "off street" parking. This parking lot is off street parking--but they have to eventually plow all those, too. Move or be towed in the frigid north. ;)

    AliceKay--When it is below zero some cars don't want to start. Especially when it's been below zero for days and days at a stretch like it has been. You want a good runner. That old 1992 Paseo of Dagan's that they lend to me--Dagan startd it right up when he shoveled by my garage last night. She's a good runner. Hasn't even been started for a month or so. Got to take her out tomorrow, tho. :)
    Yes--that is what the Misto is for.
    I took a short video of Karma and me teasing her about the bubble wrap--hehe!
    The plow quote I just made up--ROFL! :):)

  5. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Love the goodies you got and Im so glad you got suprised!! I feel bad for those with the dead cars I know it is tough lots of folks out there that have seen their share of all the snow lately. Cute pictures of Karma and I love the bowl you got for her food I love the snap sides on them and even bought some for myself :o) Hope you are doing well HUGS

  6. What lovely, thoughtful presents!! Sounds like you had a nice visit. Your cat has such attitude - love it! And I'm glad to hear you are getting plowed out. I do NOT miss that kind of winter at all, even if it is beautiful!!!

  7. How awesome to still be celebrating Christmas!!!

    It's probably a good thing I don't live up north - I might have a slight attitude about being told to move my car when it's surrounded by piles of snow. Seems like if you're going to have to tow it anyway, might as well let them tow it ;-)

    I wish we'd have just a bit of snow down here. I think the last really good snow we had was in 1984!! Send some to me will ya!

  8. Lynn--Me, too!! :):)
    Some cars just can't deal with the below zero temps. (Can't blame them--hehe!)
    This is my first snap on lid and I love them! :)

    Jeannie--Attitude and I swear she understands English--hehe! I'm glad I'm not out in it every day anymore, but I still love winter. :)

    Donna--Better late than never, eh? ;)
    If you had them tow your car then it goes to the impound lot. I don't know what it costs up here, but my aunt told me it will run you about $180.00 down in Mpls. And then if it's not running you will have to pay another tow charge to get it out of the impound lot and to a garage. Nope--you don't want them to tow you away! ;)

    I will send you some snow if I can--ROFL!! :):)

  9. That sucks about the rules with moving the vehicles. I get that they need to have the cars out of the way, but it still sucks! We don't have that problem here. When the plough comes round they just do the parts of the road without cars on, and they expect you to dig out your own car. Mind you, around here they just worry about the main roads and most important routes (like roads to schools and such). It's hard to say which is better though... The "move or be towed" attitude, or the "dig out your own car, or stay home" attitude... Both suck, really!

  10. Tori--I guess it is just so much a part of life up here that you don't think about it much. Grumble maybe, but nothing you can do about it--hehe! ;)

  11. Darn. I want to see the roofer's equipment towed!! I DEMAND to see the roofer's equipment TOWED!!!

    Especially since they should have been DONE months and months and months ago!!!!

  12. Iggy--Me, too! Me, too! They don't come here and work, so why should they be allowed to park their equipment here all winter! Taking up precious parking spaces. Tow them away!!!! Tow them away!!!


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