Thursday, January 06, 2011


By the time I remembered to switch to video (still does not come immediately to mind) Karma was settled into the packing paper and bubble wrap. She had climbed under...
...pushed the paper up and smelling it really well...
...smelled under the bubble wrap...
...and then I started teasing her...
...about the bubble wrap popping--ROFL!
Karma was pretty sure it wouldn't pop all by itself, but her tail was a dead giveaway that with all her apparent nonchalance...she was still waiting for a pop.

The plows were busy.

Wasn't my FedEx order, BTW. Maybe today?
The big yellow plow left a part of a front piece in the yard before it started. Must be a more movable scoop, because I saw him using it later to lift and pile snow on top of high snowpiles.
A welcome sight on a sunny day after the storms. :)
Here's what it looked like when they were done. They got done right before Bob arrived for my Federal Housing Apartment Inspection at 2pm.
I filled my cool new oil decanters with organic canola and extra virgin olive oil. Haven't used them yet.
This morning there was a red sun...
...but I only got a peek as it rose up behind the blanket of clouds that have graced us today. But--because of the cloud cover it had risen to a balmy 11 degrees by the time I was coming home from my Federal Housing meeting this morning. :) I wonder if that means we have another snowstorm coming?
Wouldn't you know. In the past online I had been able to click on checks I had written and they would show copies of the checks. Now that I need copies of all the checks I have written to the collection agency for Merit Care...can't get anything to come up at all. Which means I will have to go over to the bank and ask them to make copies so I can mail them to my worker, Deb. *sigh* Not today. Too sore. Have to go out again tomorrow and do that, I guess.
Note: I kept searching and found the copies!! Hurray!!
Aha! FedEx arrived while I was talking to you. :) Show you next time.
Anyways, I have phone calls to make for copies--to the dentist and pharmacy...better get busy. :)
"When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around."
Willie Nelson


  1. I am just so in love with Karma!!

    Those oil decanters are rather cool, I wish I had me some! Actually, I wish I had one bottle of every single spices that are out there... but it isn't possible is it?

    Bubble popping sounds soothing. Hmm.

  2. Her little 'rattle snake tail' is just the best!

  3. Karma's so funny!

    Well, if the old sayings about the red sunrise are to be believed, then I'd say a definate yes to a storm coming soon.

  4. Karma is beautiful. I can see why you love her so much. I don't blame him for being leary of that bubble wrap.

    That is an amazing amount of snow!

  5. Karma's tail sure was switching. She looked like she was ready to pounce on something. LOL

    We're to get snow starting late tonight and into tomorrow. Only a couple of inches is predicted, but that's enough to make people worry around here anymore. They said some snow squalls could drop a quick inch in a matter of minutes. If that happens, I hope I'm either sleeping or already at work. Karen and I did our grocery shopping today so we wouldn't have to take Ryan out in the snow tomorrow.

    Sometimes those bank websites are tricky. I'm glad you were able to find the copies of your checks.

    I don't like FedEx. They don't do well in rural areas. UPS can find us; FedEx usually has problems. :\

    Great sunrise shot!

  6. Nikki--Me, too!! ROFL!
    I've always wanted oil decanters. I see cooks use them on the food shows all the time--hehe!
    Bubble popping soothing? No way! :)

    Parsley--That's it!! Rattle snake tail!! How come I never thought of that all the times I've seen her do that? You made me laugh and laugh! :)

    Tori--More snow today. Not a bad snowstorm, but not that nice out there, either. ;)

    Deanna--She's a character. I don't like bubble wrap, either. But I can't resist bugging her highness when I get a chance--ROFL!

    AliceKay--She was waiting to jump up and get out of the way if one popped. Cats have that way of leaping straight up in the air from a prone position that has always amazed me--hehe!
    You were smart to do your grocery shopping ahead of time. Most people I know are stockpilers. Probaby from living thru the winters up here. *chuckle* Most of us would be good for a couple weeks if we got snowed in, yaknow. ;)
    The FedEx site said that package was supposed to come that day, but it came the following day--and they just changed the date online. ROFL! Most of my things come UPS or USPS. I don't deal that often with FedEx. Guess I'm glad. ;)

  7. LOL at Karma popping the bubble wrap!

    Nice oil decanters!

    Why do you need copies of your cheques to Merit Care?? Has something more developed?

    Beautiful morning sun!

    I hope you have a beautiful weekend,

    Love, light and peace,
    Serena xo

  8. Serena--Oh Karma would never pop the bubble wrap--hehe! She hates the sound of it popping. But she likes to push it around--probably pretending it is like a dead animal that has no power anymore. ROFL!

    I just needed copies of every check I had written to Merit Care and then the collection agency because they use my medical bills in the figuring toward how much rent I will pay this coming year. That's why they wanted to get a statement from my dentist and the pharmacy, too. Just the usual annual red tape and rigamaroll. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend, too. Stay cool and dry! ;)

  9. Karma the Rattle cat... hmmm... a new breed?

    Glad you figgered out which clickety clicks makes the checks appearing thingy...

  10. Iggy--There are times Karma does seem like she is part rattlesnake--hehe!
    I had to be on a different page than I expected. ;)


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