Friday, January 21, 2011


This is where I have been spending a lot of time all night while most of you are sleeping. :) At my table working on class stuff--thinking, absorbing, meditating, and journaling away. I LOVE the new laptop stand--been using it to listen to the audios for the class. This picture was taken with a flash...
...but this is more what it really looks like--a little haven in the darkness.
Maybe I am able to focus so well on the classes because I am up all night and sleeping during the day, eh? The night is such a quiet, contemplative time. :):)
I do take breaks to eat and rest my back--and play with Miss Karma.

Figures. She was totally slappin' wild when I first turned the laser pointer on, but the break to get the camera slowed her enthusiasm considerably--hehe!
Anyways, the class has been challenging and absorbing. You know how when you have enough distance from some of the traumatic or sad or upsetting things in your life that you can look back and see the spiritual lessons you learned from them? Well, I am in the process of kind of trying to do the same thing with the negative stuff I have been carrying around. Trying to find the lessons, gifts, blessings, and wisdom from all that beat-yourself-up negative voices in your head and heart. Not easy. But it just might be the way to transform that toxic stuff I have been carrying around ever since I can remember (and maybe from lifetime to lifetime, for that matter) into something positive--and possibly heal it. Maybe? *she says hopefully*
I have been so busy with the class that I have not watched much TV. When I have watched, I have been catching up on things I recorded, right? Well, somehow the computer lost Internet connection two days ago. It quit recording anything. I can't watch live TV, listen to Pandora, watch Instant Netflix--nothing but watch things I already recorded earlier (of which I have some current programming left to watch and lots of old movies I recorded). I can use the DVD player and the VHS tape player. Oddly--my laptop works just fine???
Of course, I emailed Dagan during the night. The TV had acted up and wouldn't record a program on Friday night. I had called Dagan and he told me to restart the computer and unplug and replug the tuners--so I just figured that had worked (never assume)....until I checked now last night. So--that just goes to show you how heavily this TV baby has been into reading & journaling--and it is ABSOLUTE PROOF of how little I have had the TV on! TaDa!!
I am just giggling over here. :)
I got an email this morning from a pen company I follow and I had no idea that today is National Handwriting Day! I didn't even know there was such a thing. I shall have to think of that as I am doing some more journaling today. Maybe I should even drag out one of my dip pens and a bottle of ink! Ahhh!
It's only eight below and supposed to get up to 14 degrees today! Above zero! Whoohoo! Heat wave--hehe! Karma might actually want to go out on the porch today--hehe! Anyways, hope you are having an inspiring weekend!! :):)
"A spiritual person tries less to be godly than to be deeply human."
Rev. William Sloane Coffin, Jr.


  1. It's been between -25 and -40 here for over a week now. they keep predicting that it's going to warm up, to 5 above, but so far, it hasn't. I'm so tired of it being cold!! Venting done.

    I have a feeling that once you face down some of your bad memories and work on them, that you WILL feel better, because you won't be holding them inside any longer.

    Good luck and keep plugging along.

  2. Your little haven looks like a nice spot. I can picture you getting absorbed into what you're working on while you're sitting there.

    We used to have a red laser pointer and would do the same to Boots that you do with Karma. It was funny to watch Boots run up and down the hallway wondering why he couldn't "catch" that little red spot. (yeah, we were real

    It sounds like your class is going well for you. I hope you can turn some of those toxic things into positive things. I think you're definitely on your way.

    I hope you get your TV/internet figured out soon. I've had computer problems most of today. In fact, my computer crashed this morning. I've spent a lot of time today trying to figure it out. I would type out what I'm thinking right now, but I'm a bit on the superstitious side and don't want to jinx things. LOL

    It's bitter cold here (cold for Pennsylvania, anyhow). Tonight is supposed to get below zero. Coldest night so far this winter. The furnace runs almost constantly so I know it's cold out.

    I hope you had a good day today.

  3. I'm sorry you're not sleeping, but at least you're able to be super productive!! You do have a lovely little nook to do your work.

    Working on healing...always a worthwhile endeavor!! We always seem to choose to carry our chains...not realizing the padlocks are OPEN!!!!

    Stay warm!

  4. Sue--Whew! It sure has been extra cold! I figure I know I'd feel better emotional and spiritually and am hoping physically might just follow. ;)

    AliceKay--Below zero there, too! Good grief! I hope you get your computer fixed. I hate electronic/computer troubles. Karma likes to pretend she's not interested in the laser and then suddenly try to catch it. She's like a big lazy Garfield type cat--hehe! Doesn't run much. :)

    Jeannie--I am sleeping--just not when people are supposed to be sleeping--hehe! I have been sleeping okay but during the day. Making my way around the clock now--little by little. Then I'll gradually be back on days.
    I like what you said about the padlocks being open. True! True!! :)

  5. I'm glad you seem to be getting so much out of your course!

  6. Tori--It's been just what I needed right now. :):)

  7. I agree with Tori - this class seems to be just the thing to avoid "cabin fever" - add to it the usual tempermental TV and you never have a dull moment!

  8. Iggy--And a little torture the cat with the laser pointer...never a dull moment--ROFL!! :):)

  9. You have a nice nook there for your night-time activities. I'm also glad to hear the classes are going well. I'm sure you will be able to turn any of the negatives you've been holding deep inside into positives.

    How interesting about it being Handwriting I'm late commenting on this post, I officially missed it but I do write daily in my journal at least.

  10. Serena--I know! I call it my craft table, but it gets used for everything--even, on the rare occasion, eating--LOL!

    Yes--this class/book has given me some interesting things to mill on. That is always good--and hopeful. :):)


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