Friday, October 12, 2012


Good Morning!
Most of this week has been dark and chilly.  I have been tired, sneezing, blowing my nose, rubbing my burning eyes, and have had a headache all week.  I'm not sure if it is allergies or a cold but, as we say in the Midwest...whatever.  No challenges done this week.
My mouse for my laptop has been dying and I wasn't sure if it was the mouse or the old rechargeable batteries.  As soon as I pulled out the top tub from inside my desk to dig out other old mice (up on the desk there) Karma jumped inside and made her self to home. 
If I would have squirted that can of air (and I confess that I was tempted) she would have bolted.  You think she looks big now--you ought to see her with all her fur puffed out--LOL!  She hates the air cans!  I don't think it registered to her that they were sitting down there in the corner just waiting to hiss at her.  ;)
What I did locate was my fancy McMouse that I had purchased when I first got my McLap about 2 1/2 years ago.
 I was having enough trouble figuring out how to use my fingers on the rectangle to scroll, let alone figure out how to use this sleek McMouse that didn't work like any other mouse I had ever used--so it got put away and forgotten.  I shouldn't have so much trouble with it, right?  I am so used to scrolling and doing everything with my fingers that using the regular computer on the TV is frustrating to me--LOL!
  Aside: Dagan and Leah told me I am using Media Center to watch TV and not Media Player.  I never seem to get any of the labels and terms correct.  *sigh*
Anyways, I decided that I should try the white McMouse again.  But I couldn't get the laptop and mouse to recognize each other.  Dagan did when they stopped by Wednesday night.  I needed the blue tooth turned on, I guess.  
Okay...I'm a bit wander-mindy this morning with my stuffed up head.  So, I mostly have pictures for you.  
We did have one day this week with some blue skies for most of the day. 
Karma spent a lot of time snoozing. 
She was just as glad we were lazy bums this week.  Well, except for the explosive sneezing jags that startled the heck out of her every time--LOL!   
BTW--her beloved, favorite cat food--Felidae--is made in the US.  You can read about it here.  They make dog food, too.  Karma get the Platinum for older and overweight cats.  
Of course, she may change her tune.  She was loving the canned pumpkin with her moist food in the mornings--gobbling it down--until a couple weeks ago.  Now she won't touch the pumpkin--at all--walks away.  Dagan and Leah said their cats (well, it's mostly Sammy) do the same thing--get bored with it and go off it once in a while.  I'll try her again with it down the road since it's supposed to be good for digestion and all. 
Dagan and Leah were here briefly on Wednesday night.  They didn't give notice yet.  The last they were told was beginning of November for move-in.  Actually they were happy with that because every year they run a suite at ValleyCon (gaming convention in Fargo) the end of October--so they're swamped with that, too, at the moment.  Now they don't have to worry about moving until after that's over and done with.     
I said I'd like to wait and go tour the house again when they are getting the kitchen put in and the bathrooms, etc.  I was thinking maybe I'd make a video!  Whoohoo!  In the meantime, here are more pictures.  The sheet rock has been going up. 
front door 
entryway-other direction 
living room 
dining room 
(love that archway into bathroom and pantry!) 
 stairway to the upstairs
upstairs-one direction
upstairs-other way 
 not sure which bedroom Dagan is in
I see a bathtub! 
 no-they didn't fix the landing  :(  said they couldn't 
 then looks like they're finishing off the sheet rock 
covered all the windows 
maybe primer? 

So, things are moving along.  Looking more and more like a house every time I see new pictures!  Next time I am showing you the house maybe I'll have a video tour!
Meanwhile--27 degrees this morning and the sun looks like it is going to make an appearance!  My Amazon order is due to arrive today, so I will be figuring out the new land line phones this weekend.  Not sure when I will get back to the Tangle Binder.  Hope to be feeling better soon.  :)
Karma says hi!
"Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length."
Robert Frost


  1. So happy for a Karma fix this morning! :) The house is coming along nicely. We have a little arch in our entryway and love it. Gives the place a little character! :)

  2. sorry about the allergies. any change of seasons seems to bring out those dang sneezes and allergies and all that goes with it. i seem to get more and more of it as i age, too. :)

  3. And its heavy! The mouse that is lol. Was the hardest thing I found to get used to is that its heavy and didn't slide like any other mouse I had ever had. Now I am addicted to it but was a learning curve for sure ( aka Mac should have it as its motto: learning curve required lol).

    LOVE how the house is turning out! How exciting for them!! Cant wait to see the video walk thru!

    Karma is just showing the air can she is "above all that" hahahaha

    Hope you have a super weekend! Foggy here this morning. But supposed to be 70 something so eh cant complain.


  4. "Lazybum" sounds like my kinda week!

    Mice are trouble. I used a wireless mouse on my old computer for 3 days - was never "exact" enough, and lag time was terrible.

    We have to change our batteries on the new computer wireless mouse about every 4 months. Just changed the wireless keyboard batteries after 2.5 years!

    Have a great weekend you two!

  5. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well! Take some Vitamin C!!!

    House is really coming along. They must be getting so excited!

    Karma is a charmer, even asleep, lol!

    I got some serious housework accomplished so I hope to do some stamping this weekend!!!

  6. oh my word - 27 degrees in the morning?!!!! WAAAAAAY to soon for that kind of weather. Which is why I live here and not there.

    Wonderful house pictures - that picture window view is to die for!

    Love the sky pictures too - especially the dark one. I love stormy skies!

  7. I got to puppy sit for a couple of days for my brother ( you can see Max's picture on my blog post ), I think he is about the same size as Karma, lol She looked too cute perched in that cabinet, and so proud of her achievement too! lol Sorry about your cold/allergy...I'm having a right ear issue, it's been "clogged" up for a couple of days, more annoying than anything! Dagan's house looks so awesome, and a great view from those windows too! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  8. Eighty degrees here, and it feels so good -- so cool. I wish I could sleep as well as Karma does. One of the happiest times in my life was planning a house and then watch it being built. We lived there for 12 years. Our children grew up there. I still miss it, but if I were there, I'd have to shovel snow every winter.


  9. I am sorry that you are feel tough Rita. I hope tomorrow is a better day.
    The house is really coming along nicely!

  10. wow, rita, sounds like a tough week. hopefully you will be feeling better soon! stuffy head is no fun :( at least you and karma should get lots of snuggle time in.

    the house is looking good - lots of electrical outlets - i sure wish we had those. i guess if i was building a house - big closets and loads of electrical possibilities would be on my priority list!

    i need to go re-read your tangle binder posts. i'm starting something of my own here. i swear this is like the 5th or 6th system i'll be trying. there has to be a perfect one out there somewhere!

    feel better :)

  11. Nice pictures! And Karma does look like she's enjoying being a lady of leisure. Hope that it really is allergies and not a cold coming on. Here's hoping...

  12. Hi Karma!

    Hope you stuffy head clears up soon, whether it be a cold or allergies!

    The house is definitely coming along. Love all of those windows and arched doorway. It is an exciting time for them!

  13. Hope you don't have that same crud as Far Guy..he is still coughing..but improving.
    I mailed you a package yesterday (Thursday) hope you and Karma enjoy it!
    The house is looking good..that must have been the primer and the paint..coming right exciting for them! :)

  14. I have to admit...I actually laughed out loud when you mentioned the canned air sitting beside Karma. LOL Poor thing. LOL (my cats hated that sound, too)

    Wow, look at that big blue sky picture. :) We're supposed to have a hard freeze tonight, waking to temps in the 20s tomorrow morning. I still have marigolds out there in the flower bed, but it sounds like they'll be dead tomorrow. They were really full of blossoms, too.

    Dagan and Leah's house is looking great. They will be in there in no time! Can't wait to see the video tour. :)

    I hope you're feeling much better soon. *hugs*

  15. The house is coming along!! Wow! A lot of progress being made there! sorry you are feeling a bit under the weather, Rita, whether it be from allergies or a sickness, still its not comfortable to not be able to do what you might want to do.

    I have heard that cats can be more finicky than dogs about their food. Koda will eat anything and everything and the only time he refuses food is when he is sick and then you know you got a problem.

    Brrr on the 27 degrees! But it is getting to be that time of year for you guys.

    stay warm!


  16. Love Karma! Seeing her brightens my day.

    Glad work on the house is progressing well.

  17. The house is really taking shape and when I saw Karma in the cupboard I thought she looked so cute in there but what would she had done if you had shut the That is a sleek McMouse......

  18. That Karma is a character Rita. Our cat Alfie is like that. He likes to try to get into our wardrobes amongst the shoes.

    The new house looks great. Wait till it's finished - Dave

  19. Anonymous12:00 AM

    Your house looks beautiful!

    Get well soon.

  20. I am sorry to read about your allergies. As another sufferer, I can totally relate, especially to this time of year.

    I came by earlier, but as I was leaving a comment, my electricity was knocked out due to a storm. I forgot what I started to write, but have to comment on Karma and her truly funny ways. Cats are SO entertaining. Love that about her. She and Bleubeard could probably vie for "fat cat" of the year!!

  21. oh i love karma!!

    feel better rita...
    27??!! wow! i woke to a 67 degree morning at 6 am!!

    you 2 just take it easy...

    OH, and the inside of the house looks amazing. the rooms look HUGE!!!!

  22. Wow! Karma stills the show while you are looking for a 'mouse' ~ isn't Karma suppose to do that? LOL ~ Lovely ~ don't you use the pad on the Mac? rather than a mouse? ~ Wow ~ House looks great ~ and certainly is cold where you are ~ stay warm ~ lots of hugs to you both ~ Carol (A Creative Harbor)

    thanks for coming by and commenting ^_^

  23. Anonymous11:46 PM

    Sorry you are feeling bad. Hope you get better soon. Funny about the air can. Blue hats anything that sprays. She will run into one of the bedrooms and bark from there and wont come out or anywhere near you for a long time after. The house is really coming along! Wow, it is BIG. My house has a big 3 part window like that big one in the living room too. It is like 8 or 9 ft long or something. I love it! My spot where I always sit is facing the window so I can always see the park across the street and the kids playing (if I put my glasses on LOL)

  24. Oh 27 degrees sounds too cold already. I hope that you're seeing blue skies again soon! the house photos are so nice. So hopeful, you know? have a good week! FranT

  25. Dear Rita, I especially like the quotation you used today by Robert Frost. I've never thought of happiness that way and it makes such sense.

    Thanks for all the photographs of the new house. It's big! Do you know how many square feet it is?????

    And did Dagan and Leah plan the house themselves and draw up the rooms and dimensions or did they buy plans already made?????

    All this interests me because I've always wanted to build my own house! I doubt to the nth degree if that will ever happen now so it's been fun watching this house go up! Peace.

  26. The home is really coming along. It must be so exciting to see it as they are finishing up with the walls. Karma looks like she found herself a nice comfortable spot. She's such a beautiful cat.


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