Monday, October 15, 2012


I was catching this magnificent sunrise while I was chatting with you on Friday.  ;)
I'm not always up this early... 
...and the sky was filled with October colors. 
This is the best my camera zooms, but I almost missed the moon and a bright star in that morning sky. 
In ten minutes--the sky was blue.  Not a hint of color remained.  I share with you the brief sunrise miracle display. 
Well, Friday I got mail and packages galore!!  First a surprise from Felicia over at Mouse Potato Designs.  She's a "neighbor" to the west in Montana.
She even decorated the bubble envelope!  
We had been chatting about card making.  You may recall the birthday cards I made for 2012 with the caulk frosting.
 Well, believe it or not, the lauded ScorTape has buckled away from the embossed blue paper over time!  You can press it back down and it just pops back up again.  ScorTape is touted as being so sticky and so permanent...I was actually shocked.  And disappointed.  
Felicia was telling me about the similar Scrappy Tape she uses that is cheaper.  Lo and behold...I get one of her beautiful cards with the elaborate packaging AND a package of Scrappy Tape to try!!  She made my card with Scrappy Tape so I can see what happens over time. 
If it sticks to this corrugated card stock six months from now it's definitely a winner! 
Felicia even decorates the back...
...and the inside.  So pretty. 
Karma had to check out the envelope, of course.  ;) 
Then I got another envelope from Connie over at Far Side of Fifty...a "neighbor" to the east in Minnesota.  I won her "guess when we will have the first snowfall" contest (was on the 4th, as you may recall, and I was the closest guessing October 11th).  I was expecting some cards.  But then there were two wrapped packages inside the envelope?
The first one I opened--I just roared with laughter!  Connie had also sent a gift for Karma!!  Cat treats and a buggy-eyed fish on a bouncy string toy!  
I really got the prize!  Look at these lovely cards made from Connie's wonderful photography!  
So thanks so much to both Felicia and Connie!  
Bloggers are just the best people!  I feel blessed to have met you all.  What better time to get wonderful things in the mail than when you are feeling crummy, right?  You gals really made my day!!  :):)
Oh, and I didn't get pictures of Karma leaping about after the fish--yes, she does leap--lol!  But I did get pictures of her with those treats in her treat ball. 
The treat ball is supposed to give her exercise... 
...but she figured out after the first day that she can lie there and roll the ball back and forth to get the treats to fall out.  I'm not the only one who's efficiently lazy around here--ROFL! 
The Amazon order arrived, too, on Friday!  I got the new phones basically set up and working on Saturday.  Still some tweaking to do--ringer volume, my own message, etc--but they are up and running. 
I ordered a headset, too (because I can't grip a phone very long with my bum arm).
The new little battery alarm clock works fine.  No chime--but is quite startling!  It flashes red when it goes off and demands attention in erratic beeping and increasing volume.  Quite dramatic, I tell you!  I can almost imagine it bouncing up and down, waving tiny clock arms, and stomping its feet for attention--LOL! 
Karma's case of canned food arrived...with three dented cans.  I'll use those first.  She's still using up one and it will be a few more days before we will open our first Felidae can.  I'll let you know the Karma verdict.  ;) 
I did order a bottle of Collage Pauge.  Now it's true--I've not been impressed with Traci Bautista's online class at all.  There's been zero involvement from her except to announce she's posted the videos each month.  No students have posted comments since June.  Her videos could put you to sleep.  (But then so could Bob Ross's and I loved him--lol!)     
But--I have seen several mixed media artists and crafters on youtube use Traci's Collage Pauge.  They say it is a little thinner and more transparent than other mediums.  So, I thought I'd try it.  Just because she's not a very good teacher doesn't mean she doesn't know how to create a decoupage medium, right?  She's an excellent self-promoter, that's for sure.  But I believed the people on youtube over her--LOL!
Finally...I got the last of the clear tubs for the wall shelves! 
The little white baskets are now being used here and there in drawers and shelves around the apartment. 
I love these clear tubs for the shelf unit. 
I got some 6 X 6 inch smaller ones, as you can see. 
Did I say I love these tubs!  They can hold heavier jars and bottles... 
...or a mishmash of stuff. 
And I still love my Artbin Prism clear containers I've had for years.  Might have to add a few more of those, too.  ;) 
Anyways, I am still blowing my nose, sneezing, have the unrelenting sinus headache, and all the rest.  So, my guess is allergies.  I haven't had this bad of a hayfever type reaction for many years, but it's been so dry for months and it's always so windy up here...not a surprise, I guess. 
Meanwhile, Karma and I are just hanging out.  Supposed to be near 70 for the next two days...could be the last hurrah!  I had a visit from the lady who oversees Caroline (cleaning girl), paperwork to fill out for the office that I need to walk over this week, and the usual laundry & cooking & such...nothing too exciting, but just nice.  Every day has something to offer, right?
Enjoy your week.  
Smile.  Laugh.  :) :)
"To bring the sublime into the mundane is the greatest challenge there is."
Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan


  1. oh, karma! you're gonna have to get up, shake that booty to get those treats! lordy!

  2. That was so thoughtful of Connie to include something for Karma.

    You have everything so well organized now.

    I hope you are feeling all better!!

  3. You sound so happy and peppy! :) I love that birthday card you made with the cupcake-- I wish I could order a bunch of those from you.

    Freddy has a big green cone kind of ball that he gets every night at bedtime with treats in it. He spends half an hour knocking that cone over and over just to get the treats to fall out. He definitely gets exercise from it! And we've been doing it for a long while that now he anticipates it, and if I go to bed later than usual he complains because it "feels" like bedtime to him and I'm not packing his toy up with Pupperoni's yet.

  4. Karma is one clever--& laxy--cat!!

    I thought I had a lot of art supplies but you could open your own store.

  5. You and Karma are so funny. It's hilarious that she figured out the treat ball. I love all your photos, and the cards are beautiful.


  6. You and Karma both got prezzies in the mail. How cool is that? Your supplies look so well organized. Mine remain in bags and boxes that you can't see through so every time I want something I have to go on a treasure hunt. Your system looks much better.


  7. Beautyful sunrise! It´s a pity that I too tired in early mornings. I´m a late night person. Great photos! Tell Karma hi! Take care!

  8. What a wonderful sunrise! And it is wonderful how many packages you get, adds interest and fun to every day. Make the most of near 70. Winter's on its way, but that too has its own charms..

  9. It's like an Arts & crafts products Wonderland visiting your blog.
    Karma is still Queen.

    Ever considered a big card swap for Chrissie? Or perhaps you've done that already? I'd love to be involved.

    HATE it when glue misbehaves. I remember believing a woman about how "eco- friendly" her vegetable based glue was for glitter (in the days when I wholesaled to gift stores). After buying a big bucket of the stuff, using it on products that shipped to stores, who sold them to customers...wait 5 days...cranky customers, cross store owners, very cross & cranky me - the glue & glitter peeled right off. And there were similiar stories about glitter etc. The morale of the story is do a test batch and wait a good bit before believing people's claims...

  10. Connie always puts more in than she needs to. I won a book from her, and she also sent along some of her cards and just made me feel special. Seems she did the same for you and Karma. So funny to see Karma managing to get around exercise!!! :-)

  11. What amazing sunrise shots. You are blessed with such a grand view from your apartment and you get some awesome shots. Loved the pictures with the moon, too.

    Nice surprises in your mail. :)

    The shelving and organizing looks great. Everything in it's place...

    I hope you feel better soon. I've had some allergy type problems the past week or so, but I always do when I'm out and about in the fall weather. Falling leaves and pine needles blow up a lot of dust.

    Enjoy the warm days while you can and have a great week.

  12. Pretty skies! Have you ever seen the northern lights? When I was in N. D. last year I as hoping to see them. I bet that would be a cool pic. :-)

  13. I'm blog hopping later than normal on a Monday evening. I stumbled upon your lovely blog and now I got a case of "mail envy"!!! ;)

  14. Sometimes I like to order stuff just so I can get stuff

    I think it would be cute to see Karma leap........

    That phone headset looks good

    What lovely photos of the sunrise...

  15. How sweet with the giveaway you won that she included something for Karma! I like the card the other blogger sent you; very nicely done! And your pictures of the sunrises/sunsets were just so beautiful!


  16. You've sure been busy, and you must really be enjoying all the packages! I loved the sunrise photos at the beginning. Simply gorgeous!

  17. The star with the moon in your photos is Venus I think Rita. Nice sunrise pictures too. Gosh, you sure have a lot of art equipment in that cupboard. Sorry if your art guide didn't prove a success. Will you find another? - Dave

  18. However brief, the sunrise is worth photographing...I do hope Karma loves that fooD. Have a good week:)

  19. Karma is my second love (next to artmusedog) smart cat ~ Lovely creations and such wonderful gifts from creative friends ~ Found out about some photo tape yesterday at an art/photographers group you might be interested in ~ '3M Repositional Tape' ~ professional photographer uses it on his photo he puts on foam cord board ~ suppose to last ~ You are so organized ~ want to come to MA and organize my studio ~ ????? ~ Great photos ~ hugs to you and Karma ^_^

  20. That sunrise.... what can I say but WOW! Beautiful!

    You have definitely received some good mail lately. So has Karma. What a deal.

    Everything is so organized at your place. It makes me want to get into an organizing frenzy myself. Errrrrr, maybe tomorrow....

  21. Dear Rita, you seem to have gotten yourself and your supplies beautifully organized. I'm so looking forward to the art that will come from all the bottles and beads and brushes and the other equipment you have. I hope that as time passes and you show us your work, you'll also show us the clear plastic bins on the shelf that each supply you used came from.

    And by the way, you live that quote that you posted today. Peace.

  22. You surely have some sweet bloggie friends but of course it takes one to know one. Those morning sky photos are lovely and Karma.. so adorable.

  23. Love the photos of the sunrise. Amazing to think it diasppeared.

  24. Well if I had known you were going to show off the wrapping..I would not used scaps of paper! I would have found something matchy matchy..LOL!~
    Did Karma noticed that those are reduced calorie treats?
    Your sunrise photos are beautiful! Always good to read your posts:)

  25. WOW those sunrise photos are AMAZING!!! Love this time of year. Looks like that here too. Just love it!

    So glad you liked the card!! Hope you like the tape to. I am soooo thrilled with it so far! Fingers Crossed! LOL I wonder if scor tape isnt sliding down hill. Been reading on several blogs where their scor tape isn't sticking over time either. For the price it better stick for life! LOL

    I Love what Connie sent you!! How awesome was that! Go Karma! LOL

    Cool phones!! We havent had a house phone for probably 12 years now.

    (can you tell I am replying as I go down your post? LOL)

    WOWSERS go Karma spoilage! Hope she liked the food!

    How did the Collage Pauge work out? Have you tried it yet?

    *swoons over the tubs* Girl after my own heart. There is nothing better than tubs, boxes, containers, *squeak* it just all brings me joy lol. The shelves look amazing!!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!! *huggles* =0)

  26. Lots of fun stuff! I love the pictures of the sunrise. Too funny about Karma and the treats. :)

  27. Wow - that sunrise - and your capture of the star and the moon - are spectacular!

    And what a haul in the mail - early Christmas!

    I'm still totally jealous of your wonderful organization of your goodies. Mine will never make it to that state. I think I stil have things that don't have a home. but I move a bit more each day to some kind of order in my chaos. I can dream, tho, looking at yours!

  28. Anonymous7:41 AM

    Nothing better than the peace and beauty of those early morning skies - so gorgeous!

  29. Oh my gosh- you photographed a star! I have tried many times to catch one and never have! Wow!

  30. The pictures of the sky are magnificent! The colors are so bold. I really like the moon photo too. I wish my camera would take good night pictures like yours does.

  31. Even I have to admit that the shelves now look AWESOME with the clear basket things... not that I am being inspired to do the same, but I can admire how wonderful it is... those skies are gorgeous as well... the colours are simply stunning, and I do think I like your star gazing entry without the flash as well.. it brings out the orange tones more... xx


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