Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday 9am

Caught another orange morning sunrise on Friday. 
A little sky drama. 
We did see the sun for a while.
Karma was basking with eyes closed on her carpet hunk (I use to sprinkle catnip on).  
What are you doing?  
Oh, camera. 
Here, I'll beat up my carpet a little for you. 
Moving the TV tray? 
Are you done? 
I don't have time for such nonsense. 
But Saturday morning we woke up to this.
A thin blanket of snow again.
Was mostly melted away by evening.  Chance of snow again tonight and tomorrow that could turn to rain--which always adds to your driving pleasure.  Been in the 40s during the day and 30s at a tad warmer...but it is going to be a chilly Halloween.  I rarely get any kids here, but I have some candy just in case.
The really horrible and dangerous weather is on the east coast.  I pray that everyone is safe over these next few days.
Wasn't the best weekend--bodywise--but Karma and I hung out and had a nice time.  Nothing new.  Just the normal fibro roller coaster--LOL!  (I never did like roller coasters.)  But I did get some more pictures of Dagan and Leah's house from Leah!!  Can hardly wait till I can do the video tour...which I will take when it is empty and all finished...right before they move in.  :):)  In the's a glimpse!!
Notice there's another house on the right that I don't remember being there last set of pics.  I should go back and look.  The truck is not theirs, BTW.  Driveway and steps are poured--looks like sidewalk, too.
 Their black dirt is pushed back and leveled off.  The box in the driveway is the stone that will go on the front of the house there by the garage doors.  Their front door will be red.
 Kitchen!!  And lights!!
 Woodwork!  And color!
 Master bathroom cabinets.
 Laundry room.  (Dagan painted a smily face underneath.)
 More woodwork and paint.  I can see that Dagan and Leah have been very busy painting!
 Garage door openers and sheet rocked walls out there.
 The front door and garage door waiting patiently to be hung.
Probably my next visit will actually be in person with a camera!!  Whoohoo!  Won't be long now.  :)
Well, everybody please stay safe and healthy.  May angels watch over you and hold you gently while you sleep.  
"Happiness is not what makes us grateful.  It is gratefulness that makes us happy."
David Steindl-Rast


  1. Snow already? EEP! I suppose if you are used to it then it is ok, I so rarely have to deal with it (in the mts only) that it freaks me out.

    The house sure seems to be coming along and nicely too.


  2. hooray for continued house progress!

    my dogs are starting to seek out some sun spots on the carpet. we've had temps dipping into the 30s and 40s overnight but still getting to 60s and 70s during the day. :)

  3. Dear Rita, once again your ending quote spoke volumes to me. Thank you for having this way of ending your postings.

    And thanks also for sharing with us the progress on the house. I've so enjoyed watching it rise from the ground.

    The storm along the East Coast is scary. I so hope, as you do, that no one dies in it. Peace.

  4. We are very windy, and cold over here. Expecting out first frost of the season and maybe a little snow. The higher elevations are defintely getting snow, but we are in the valley. Karma looks good as always, so skinny, poor thing! Wasting away! lol House pictures are looking great! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  5. Lots of progress on the house. I love today's quote!!

  6. OMGOSH ROFLMAOOO Go Karma! She just simply cracks me up! She should wear a crown. I can see it now. Lots of bling too!

    The sky was beautiful!! No snow here yet but burrrr and rain. Dreary today. Guess that's a Monday for you! LOL

    There home is BEAUTIFUL! I am thrilled for them! (ok so they don't know me but send my approval anyways lol). Just lovely! So exciting!!

    Sorry about the rough body weekend! Life is sure evil some days isn't it. I HATE roller coasters. No control and all that height stuff noooo thank you! I did use to drag race cars though does that count for adventure? But heights nooooo thank you! I remember the first time Joshua wanted to ride the Ferris wheel. no problem! Till I got up there! WHAT WAS I THINKING!

    Cant wait to see the video!!

    Have a super wonderful week!

  7. Karma is adorable!!

    I hate snow!

  8. what an awesome sunrise to wake sky drama!! and a light coat of the white stuff.

    the weather here's been getting down to lower 40's at night, just the past couple of nights. and yesterday & today, low 60's in the day. i LOVE it! flannel shirt weather! yeah!

    i hope that roller coaster comes to a stop, and you can get off and feel good...

    wow, the house looks great! nice wall colors! won't be long now...

    HI to karma!! *scratch*scratch*rub*

  9. Karma is comical. Love how you narrate pictures of her. :)

    The house is looking great. Won't be long now before they're able to move in. Can't wait for the video tour, either. ;)

    Hope you're feeling better now.

    So far so good here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The worst of the storm is going south of us. We've had some rain and pretty high wind gusts, but so far so good. Praying that holds true while it passes to our north.

    Have a good week!

  10. I, too, have a red front door. We won't get any snow, but it's supposed to get down to 40 tonight. I must be turning into a Floridian because I'm cold.


  11. The house is looking good!! It sure has been interesting to see the construction of it through pictures on your blog! You are right, won't be long now!! Brrr on the chilly weather for Halloween! I'm sure the little ones will be all bundled up as they go door to door!!


  12. Those sunrise pictures are just wonderful! Love that new house too.

  13. The weather is really weird just now..we are having mild weather, but no snow yet.
    That house is going to be such a fab pad!

  14. LOVED your fancy socks, pearl pens & fog rom your last post - what a busy girl you've been!

    Lovely skies, although that means weather is on the way, and boy oh boy have you guys got weather!

    NYC looks a right mess - how will that affect your elections?

    That house has gone up so quick - amazing!

  15. I saw karma again! He's really so fluffy and round and seems so cuddly. :)

  16. I love the photos of Karma she is such a lovely looking cat, good to see the house is really taking shape.

  17. So sorry to hear that you haven't been feeling tip-top again! Chronic pain is just plain NO FAIR!!!

    Hi Karma! You look like you're enjoying yourself. As usual, lol!

    Great photos of the house! They must be getting so excited to move in!!!

    Take care and stay warm!

  18. I liked your two sunrise/sunset? photos Rita. Very colourful. I wondered if the hurricane had caused the colour until I looked on a USA map and found that you are well north of its path. The new house is coming along fine. I bet they are getting impatient to get into it? - Dave

  19. The house is really coming along! Love the red door!
    Karma looks so relaxxed:)

  20. Loved the photos of Karma in succession, especially the last one. Too cute! WOW...Dagan and Leah's house is looking wonderful!! I'm so excited for them! I've heard that a red front door is good 'Feng Shui'...draws in prosperity, I think.

    I so agree with that quote.

    So sorry you had a bad weekend body-wise. I do hope you feel a little better this weekend.

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo


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