Monday, October 08, 2012


Good morning and happy Monday from Fargo!
I spent Thursday slicing all those pages of Tangles apart into strips with my cutter.
They may be all different sizes and shapes... 
...but they lined up at the bottom along each section... I could use the cutter to at least separate them into strips first. 
Karma had a rough day on Friday.  I decided to try to wash her cat bed and the flat one where she eats her "treats".  I've washed the treat bed before, but I had no clue as to whether her big precious comfy bed would survive or not.  She wandered about the apartment crying and complaining...asking to go in and out.  She was looking for it because I have moved her bed around, as you know.  Karma finally pressed herself up into the corner of the love seat and was able to squeeze in a long nap.
Insensitive as I was to Karma's comfort crisis (just ask her, she'll tell you how cruel and selfish I am), I began cutting all those little square and rectangular tangles by hand.  They were basically sort of in alphabetical order so I flipped them over into a little blue tray as I went.  Cut for 45-60 minutes, rest for a couple hours...repeat.  ;)
Meanwhile there was quite the beeping ruckus going on outside.  Semis and dump trucks coming and going... 
...those smaller orangish-yellow buggers racing back and forth. 
I realized that they were dumping semi-loads of sand inside those walls they poured and then leveling it off?  The mystery of construction.     
My new wide mouth collapsible funnel came in two days from when I ordered it from Amazon (a couple things are coming separately).   
The wide mouth fits in all my mason jars and has a removable strainer.  I love the matching tiny funnel I recently purchased for using with spice jars, etc.  
This month my big purchase is a new set of land line phones!  And the last of the sturdy clear tubs for the wall shelves are coming that I've been buying little by little over the past three months.  Whoohoo!    
Even have something new coming for Karma, too, that they don't sell in town here.  Her favorite dry food I've had to have Dagan or Leah pick up at the local Natural Pet Shop (that she thinks are treats because she gets to eat it in the living room from her tea tin)...well, I discovered that they make canned food, too.  But Dagan checked when he was there last time and they didn't have any canned.  So--she had better love their canned food as much as she does truly love their dry food because I have a dozen cans coming--LOL!  And I discovered I can order her dry food from Amazon, shipping.  I swear Amazon has just about anything and everything, don't they?  
Oh, and I am also getting a cheap little portable alarm clock so we don't have to listen to the chiming one anymore and it can go back to just telling us the time and not setting off my tinnitus.  ;)
**** I cut and cut on Friday...many sessions...and finished!!  Here they are, flipped upright, in the two trays.  The next step is to go through and write in pencil the names on the backs of them.  
Since I'll be adding to them, anyways, I don't have to be super picky about having them alphabetized properly...just divided into letters, you know.  I had a few of the directions that were so small I couldn't see I tossed them.  Anything I want to see better/closer I can always go look up on TanglePatterns.  In fact, after doing all that--I wonder if I really needed to include the steps/directions at all.  I could just look up anything I want to try, right?  Duh!  So, I will decide before I glue.  Directions may all be tossed.  ;)  
I took the weekend off from the extra (fun) stuff and did the usual cooking for the week, laundry, etc.  Had a quick peek at the sunrise Saturday.     
Before it hid behind the clouds. 
The workmen were gone on the weekend.  Can you see how inside those walls they poured is now filled to the brim with sand?  How odd. 
You have to click to enlarge--but this is for Iggy who loves those trusty orange cones.  Apparently they're guarding a future road.  ;) 
Oh, and Karma's bed! 
It took forever to dry... 
...but it washed up beautifully. 
Miss Karma was obviously pleased to see it returned to the love seat.
She loves getting her neck (notice I switched to her winter collar--LOL!)...  
 ...and chin scratched.  (I know you can't tell but that flat treat bed back there is all clean and fluffy, too.)  Imagine you can hear Karma's motor running--LOL!
All is right with the world. 
 Life is good! 
See you Friday!!
"It began in mystery and it will end in mystery, but what a rare and beautiful country lies in between."
Diane Ackerman


  1. oh, that karma is a mess!

  2. it sounds and looks like you've been having a lot of fun. I need to wash Buddy's bed, same material, slightly larger.:)

    That Ackerman quotes is one of my current favorites. Love it.

  3. Busy as ever, I see.
    As for Karma, she has you wound round her little paw.

    Being able to watch all that construction stuff going on outside your window must be quite interesting. A bit of life for a (mostly) housebound lady.

  4. I have no idea why you are doing all that cutting, pray tell!!!

    Karma is really a beautiful-looking cat isn't she?...I do hope she eats her new food, but if cats are anything they are unpredictable.
    Get an ipad then you can make little videos with all the motors running;)
    I just made one of me embarrassing.
    Have a great week.

  5. Karma is such a sweetie. :)

    I love Amazon! You can get everything there!

  6. Dang, I wish I had someone spoil me like Karma! lol waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  7. All great photos today Rita.

    I love Amazon!!

  8. The tangle project is quite a project. Looks like you're making good time in cutting them and labeling them.

    It will be interesting to see what's being built on that lot. I'm sure you'll keep us updated with the photos as it grows. :)

    Looks like the snow you had out there last week has melted. I had ice on my windshield this morning before I left for work. It had rained in the night and the temps dropped so much that it froze.

    Karma looks so content in her nice clean bed. I'm glad it washed and dried well. Sometimes you wonder about those things.

    Have a great week!

    (i got a weird Blogger error when i tried to publish this the first time, so hopefully, it won't go in twice)

  9. That funnel is neat! I'm going to have to look into getting such a thing! Poor Karma; so glad that the bed was finally done; they get so displaced when things are not the way they think it should be! Will be interesting to see what is being constructed! Enjoy your week ahead!


  10. Hope Karma likes the canned food and yeah I thought her bed would take ages to dry but it is done now and she is happy to have her nice clean bed back.......

    That funnel looks cool and yeah Amazon is such a cool site

  11. I am definately coming back in my next life as a cat. They have trained us well, especially with their 'fave" foods!

    You are still the Organizing Queen!

  12. Love the cloud pics!

    That's a lot of cutting...don't you just love those paper trimming machines! They sure save wear and tear on your hands....just imagine trying to scissor-cut them all.

    OH, poor sweet that she was happy to have everything right in the world again after getting her bed back. Bless her heart. x

    Just letting you know that there's been a few warnings about Dog and Cat food on Facebook over the past few months. Be VERY wary of any foods that come from China...apparently, some dogs and cats have died from being given treats. China doesn't have the safety standards that we do food-wise. It sounds like the Natural food you get Karma is safe tho. Just letting you know in case you ever decide to try something else.

    That funnel/strainer looks quite interesting.

    I've noticed that Fishpond...the online store I buy my books from...has been selling so much more than books over the past couple of years. Sounds like they may be going Amazon's way.

    Have a lovely day ~ xo

  13. Mushu has a bed like that that he sneaks into at the back of our walk in robe... he loves it... it is always dark and quiet and as it is three metres long he gets to hide and not be seen too much... Sinus never goes to the end of it as all his shirts are stashed at the front and he hides away in there in peace... I wash it all the time and he freaks out every single time I do... they are demanding sods aren't they... so glad to see that the pics are snow free!!!

  14. Karma and I are pen pals. She informed me not long ago that you are selfish and heartless. Furthermore, you never pick up after yourself and she does all the organizing that you claim to do.


  15. Yes, Karma has you wrapped right around her little paw. I don't know anything about cat food, but I would also be wary of anything coming from China. Love the pictures of the sky... and of course Karma. :-)

  16. What are you going to use the small pieces of paper for Rita? It sounds interesting? - Dave

  17. Sorry but Karma steals the show! So adorable and glad she has her soft comfort bed back ~ ^_^

    You are a better woman than I copying and cutting all that tangle work ~ Great sky photos and hugs to you and Karma ~ (A Creative Harbor) on Tuesday ~ ^_^

  18. oh karma just looks so her finally dry bed. ha. aaaaaah, it's a cat's life!!

    now that's a lot of cutting!! but you're getting it all done & organized!

    so the snow has melted i guess that's why all those workers out your window are hurrying around to get their work done...

    beautiful skies!!

    scratch under neck to karma! =)

  19. Hi Rita,

    Aren't you the busy one? You put me to shame.

    I am curious about your tangles patterns and all the cutting and gluing.

    I, too, want to come back as a cat, especially one who is as loved as yours obviously is,


  20. You've been busy! What a job.

    I washed Whiskey's bed and it washed beautifully too. But it does take time to dry! Poor mistreated Karma ;)

  21. LOL ahhhhhh there is nothing better than a freshly washed bed! Love all the photos. We are getting the blue skys and warm up weathers here for a few days at least. Its nice. Rain rain rain is what it did all day yesterday. No complaints though as its was super nice to get the water. Give Karma a scratch under the chin from Montana =0) Have a super day! *huggles*

  22. I have one of those collapsible funnels and I love it. I recently found measuring cups in the same fold down material. It's such a space saver! Beautiful pics of Karma. :-)

  23. Poor Karma, having to wait so long for her bed. She looks really happy to have it back. I can't believe you have the patience to cut all of those tangles. Your fingers must be so sore. At least your weather looks beautiful.
    Have a great week.

  24. Awww - adorable cat shots and you've had some lovely skies.

  25. My love back to sweet Karma ;)

  26. Oh I forgot!
    About your storage issue on Picasa! By memory at a computer store. Maybe USB memory, or some other. I don´t know the english word for it. "Hard drive"?? The word poped up in my head, but don´t know if it´s right. Check with the store. You shouldn´t need to pay extra to Picasa. That´s unnecesary.

  27. Hi Rita...oh have been busy..wonderful projects and creations! are some gorgeous sky shots!! and Karma is so enchanting..gorgeous the closeups!I have my pup on my lap, so i am typing with one hand..can you tell??lol
    Wonderful to see what you have been up to..glad Karma is all happy now..yes life is good!

  28. What trauma for Karma..both beds in the same day..buggers..but it looks like she forgave you!

    You have been busy with those tangle patterns!! I am sure it will be just the ticket to make better tangles!

    I wonder what in the world they are building?? :)

  29. lovely cat! i like her name Karma. ill find a new dog and named after you cat. ;-)

    just me,

  30. You always have such fun, Rita and always a project on the go. I have been feeling VERY disorganised lately.
    I thought to myself Karma is looking just a little bit chubbier these days, maybe it is her new collar but more likely that favourite food LOL :D I can't believe Amazon sells pet food. They seem to want to take over the world....

  31. Poor Karma!! Having to deal without her bed all day long!! SUCH ABUSE! LOL! She looks quite content in the last shots though.

    Looks like you have been quite productive! I love seeing all your zentagle stuff!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  32. karma is a hoot! i just love her!

  33. I see your zentangle system is moving long, what a big project!

  34. Dear Rita, you surely have a lot of those tangle patterns. I hope they help you with your creativity. The truth is that you seem so creative to me that I wonder if you really need help.

    I also need to wash the cats' bedding--several fake/fleece beds like the ones you have for Karma. Two of the cats really shed a lot. One lets me comb/brush her but the other two simply fight me off! Peace.

  35. Doing the reference for the zentangle patterns is a great idea. Looks like a lot of work...but well worth it!


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