Friday, October 26, 2012


Good Morning!
This is what the days have looked like this week.  So rainy and/or dark that the buildings with automatic nighttime lot lights were still lit up at noon. 
This this is what I call a cloud bank.  Even if you click to enlarge this you can barely see it but the ground is far below the edge of those dark clouds.  I tried several shots, but the clouds were so dark my camera just didn't register the shadowy land below them.  Looks promising for some sun today, though. 
I have been puttering for days!  Here's Erin's Zendala Dare template for this week. 
And this is what I did with it. 
This week I actually used nothing but tangles from TanglePatterns!  Reticulated, Tearee, Netting, and Opus...well, my adapted versions of a couple of them--LOL!
Then for Jenn's Artist's Playroom!  This week's challenge was "Pairs".  Immediately I thought of my favorite wild and crazy socks from The Sock Lady, of course. 
So I swiped the picture of my favorite pair (so hard to choose) off her website and used tracing paper to get the outline of the socks (how many times have I admitted that I can't draw well)... 

...and then picked the closest colors I could find in my Triplus Fineliners and LePens...and then freehanded the crazy sock patterns.  Was fun!  So that's my submission to (mismatched) pairs. 
Then...remember Felicia who surprised me with the beautiful card and a roll of Scrappy Tape?  She told me about a special on the 1/4 inch Scrappy Tape over at ScrapbookPal.  With a code from their Facebook site you can get the $2.99 rolls for 99 cents!!  And orders over $25 are free shipping!  I think the sale goes on for a while yet--end of October maybe?
Whoohoo!  Look at all that tape!  I haven't even tried the ScrappyTape yet, but for 99 cents a roll I went for it.  Also got one 1/8 inch roll, too... 
...and they had the Viva Decor on sale, too!   
I've been wanting to try these ever since I saw some ladies using them on youtube.  Supposed to be kind of 3D.  Should be fun to play with.  :)   
While Karma slept in her bed on the couch (she really pushes into it, look at how that bed is tipping!)... 
...I have been working sessions on the Tangles Binder. 
Have the tubs of tangle pictures and the binder behind me... 
...a small bucket of warm water and towel next to me (hate sticky fingers)... 
...and I just keep plugging away with the gluing and labeling...
...while they keep working on the mystery building across the way. 
I'll keep working on the Tangles Binder over the weekend.  Dagan and Leah are busy painting walls.  I just finished watching season five of Mad Men (Netflix).  Karma is laying in the sun.  Going to be a good weekend.  Hope yours is, too!!  :):)
"Have compassion for everyone you meet, even if they don't want it.  What appears bad manners, an ill temper or cynicism is always a sign of things no ears have heard, no eyes have seen.  You do not know what wars are going on down where the spirit meets the bone."
Miller Williams


  1. Don't sell yourself short.. you CAN draw! You even have good dimension perception! I love those socks. They're just so expensive for one pair! I want to get my mother a pair, she will love it but we'll see. Your zentangle is gorgeous. You're so good at this kind of stuff.

  2. The socks are brilliant!! What a super idea. I also like your entry for the Bright Owl as well, so neat.

  3. I want those socks! I love wild socks. I have some orange and red striped socks that I wear with bright red shoes. The Hurricane says I look as if my feet should be sticking out from under Dorothy's house in Oz.


  4. your zentangles always amaze me! such wonderous detail!

    love those socks, though! great job!

  5. wow - you're right: that cloud bank was amazing! I'd hate to see that coming after me!

    Love all your artwork - the precision and I KNOW the time....totally inspiring. And love the picture of the socks - what a great idea! Very fun!

  6. I know exactly what you mean about the solid cloud bank...I took a similar photo at this link - ,except my clouds were above and like a blanket. Quite amazing!

    They tell us we're going to be getting rain this weekend but, so far, nothing.

    I love how your Zendala turned out and, WOW! I love how your socks turned out even more!

    That tape will last for a while.

    I hate sticky fingers too...drives me insane!

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  7. I love the socks, too! What a cool, colorful piece of art. :)

    Karma looks nice and comfy. :)

    We've had some pretty odd weather lately. It was warm and sunny yesterday, but overcast with some rain on and off today. We're bracing for Hurricane Sandy to slam into the east coast and come up to smack into us with heavy rains and wind. The rainfall predictions are scary, and so are the expected winds. It won't take much rain to flood us again. The creek banks disappeared with the flood last year, so there's nothing left to protect us. Say some prayers for us and everyone else in the path of this monster storm. It's gonna be a rough ride.

  8. Oh my love those fabulous socks..totally adorable..the colors are pure bliss! and your art is always so stunning and magical..magnificent!Pure Awesomeness!Great seeing it all!
    Wishing you a fabulous wkd..

  9. I LOVE your zendala, Rita! It's great. And those socks? Awesome! :-)

  10. Well I missed the color on your Zendala..but those tangles you used are awesome! I also like the drawing of your are such a good artist!!
    Karma must like sleeping on the edge..silly girl:)
    That cloud bank was something else..we had a bit of sun today..but not enough for me to sit out in and soak up..and it spit snow all day.
    I Hope you have a good weekend! :)

  11. Your zendala is so pretty!!! And one of the few not so very busy.

    The weather here is weard; last monday it was 20C and this morning there is frost on the cars for the first time.

  12. Great job on the zendala and I LOVE your socks!!! And your kitty!

  13. that zandala you did there rita is awesome!!!!

    and i LOVE the socks!!!!! i've always had a thing for crazy wild socks!!

  14. I hope you got some sun after all that cloudy weather! It snowed here! Not much, but our first of the season. Bella is in HEAVEN!!!

    Hi Karma!

    Love your "doodle" art!! Looks like fun. Good luck with your binder. Did you get any tips from Romney?? LOL!

  15. Love what your doing with the tangle patterns...the mandala looks fantastic...are you on FB..would you like to join the Daisy Yellow art journal group..?

  16. OK, loving everything about your post today including the gloomy weather pics...sometimes I think I am the only one that loves dark weather! lol It really does make me feel more creative! The leaves are rustling like crazy over here, we have so much wind on a regular basis that they hardly have a chance to stay on the trees! Have a great week end, give Karma a rub from me and scooch her back up on the couch so she doesn't fall off! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  17. Your zendala is gorgeous!

    We're having that gray weather today. It's rainy and cold—the perfect day to stay inside and read. :)

  18. Wonderful socks! Here's wishing you more sunshine.

  19. Visiting from APR - your socks are FAbulous! So funky and cheery, they're bound to brighten any of your gloomy days. Hope you've had some sunshine today. :0)

  20. you surely are keeping busy!! I love those socks. they would BE right up my alley if I wore socks. sort of overkill here ;~D though I DO have some "sort-of-but-NOT-quite" ones on today. it was "cold" this morning at 68 and the wind has been a howling...

    so glad to see your progress with your binder. I got to thinking this morning on my 3-mile walk home from the laundry that perhaps it would BE better to look at drawing as in Zentangle-like drawing than the other drawing with the kids at the museum. still, mayBE I am just overthinking it [wouldn't BE the first and probably isn't the last time for that!!!].

    stay warm, BE well, keep on making your art. it warms my eyes!!

  21. Dear Rita, both the zendala and the socks "knocked my socks off!!!!!" I so like the mismatched socks you were. They say a lot about you and your crazy, wonderful take on life. I hope you also have a good weekend. Tomorrow I'm going to someone's annual pumpkin carving dinner. She gives us each a small pumpkin and then gives prizes for the cutest curving, the scariest, the most detailed, etc. So all the guests end up with a prize! Peace.

  22. Wow ~ Quite the mandala design and more art toys ~ glad to seem Karma taking it all in and resting ~ hugs to you both ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  23. those are some awesome socks, probably my favorite pair this week! If I had a pair I'd wear them all the time, hey artists are allowed to be weird. heheh.

  24. Hey Rita...I made it!
    Phewph...haven't been visiting anyone for what seems like ages!

    It looks like you've got some serious weather there and that mystery building is getting to me. I need to know what's on the plans! :$

    Your tangles are brilliant and wow those socks...nearly knocked my socks off!!! LOL
    Mine are boring white footlet thingy's, so nothing as crazy or snazzy as your's.
    I think I'm going to have to rethink my sock department. :D

    Karma looks like she may need the next size of bed there. Hehe

    Have a great productive week and I'll catch up with you again soon ;D

  25. I love your sock drawing Happy APR!

  26. Oh my you can draw wonderfully. I am envious of your skill with zentangles. Lovely. :-)

  27. Hurray for a pair of excellent socks!! Mismatched or not, they are very well sketched and I know the real deal is super comfy, for I have a pair of those as well:-)

  28. We are in for some dark and dank days...we will have to get used to it I fear. Those socks will cheer you up, there is no doubt about that.
    Have a good week.

  29. Well now I know where my sock monkey, Whitman got his start!

  30. Love the socks and hope the weather has cleared for you... it is a bit depressing when it is grey for an extended time... and Mad men is a big favourite in our house... s 5 is about to be released here and we can't wait.... the delay for shows can be frustrating, but sure it will be worth it... xx

  31. I think your socks are fabulous, really bright and funky. Your zentangles are gorgeous, you are so clever with those things.
    That cloud bank is a bit strange, I hope it turned into a beautiful day for you.
    Have fun.

  32. I love your mismatched sock drawing! I have a pair also, but got them from Little Missmatched. Your colors and designs are wonderful. Very beautiful Zendala, too. What a huge project to make a whole binder of the tangle patterns! I am sorry I am late in commenting, I actually just posted my entry today!

  33. Anyone who can draw socks like that can not say they can't draw. WOW !!

    Have you seen the new sketchbookfriends blog you might like it.

  34. Your socks knocked my socks off! I love them! Karma is such a cutie!


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