Thursday, November 07, 2013


Good Morning!
I so rarely take evening shots.  The sun made an appearance yesterday afternoon.  This was dusk...
...and this was sunrise this morning.

 Looks like we have a sunny day in store!
The FedEx package arrived yesterday.  
Do you see anything new at the art table? 
Yes!  A little wastebasket that looks like a red Solo cup! 
The white rim comes off so you can tuck the plastic liner underneath it and not ruin the total giant-Solo-cup effect. 
You may recall the even smaller, skinny, red wastebasket is strictly a receptacle for the recycling of baby wipes and paper towels covered with paint and ink.  Now Leah has her little white wastebasket back on her side of the craft table.  (We have our usual spots--such creatures of habit.)  
My ten minute sessions were filled up with cleaning the spice rack and all the bottles...
...and running all my big kitchen utensils through the washing machine...
...while Karma slept in the Solo box--LOL! 
She heard the camera whine, woke up, and stretched... 
...wondering if she was missing something exciting. 
She went back to sleep in her new box.
I scrubbed down this side of the counter by the stove and got things back in order.
And scrubbed down the counter on the other side of the stove and got the utensils back in the big pot. 
I bought this at a pottery store back in 1980.  I only know the year because this was freshly thrown & baked and the date is carved on the bottom.  Trust me--my memory is not that good--LOL!  It's been a part of my every kitchen since I carried this treasure home with me.  Now it is all sparkling clean again. :)
I keep working away...little by little.
Dagan and Leah came by last night.  Dagan did updates and some cleaning up on my TV computer.  (It is apparently nearing its last legs.)  Leah helped me with some Chrome questions--and cut my book board for me--tada!! 
So now I have some different sizes to experiment with (on how to use cloth on the covers for one thing).  The smallest ones will be either writing or sketching/drawing journals for sure.  The biggest one--either watercolor or mixed media paper.  We'll see, eh?  But more winter projects are lined up. 
Leah wasn't too happy when she saw my trusty old camera sitting out on the table.
Why, you may ask?
This is the camera they gave me years ago when they bought a newer one.  This is the camera I have been using for all these pictures in this blog for lo these many years.  This is the camera I am quite comfortable with, right?  Well, they use their cell phones now to take all their pictures and videos, so they brought me over their camera because they don't use it anymore--like three weeks ago.
Where's the camera we brought over?
Why are you still using this one?
I explained that I had put it safely away in my desk and was saving it as a back up, of course. 
No-no.  You need to save the older camera for back up and use the newer version one with the bigger screen, etc.  It's better.
Can't get to it.  
It's behind the folding table now.
They got it out with no problem--of course.
Looks similar--but thinner...
...and the buttons are in different places or look and feel very different. 
So--okay--I used the newer camera to take the morning sunrise pics and the picture of my old camera.  I don't know which camera Dagan took this picture of Karma with last night to show the world how Karma truly feels about company.  (If he had gotten any closer she would have hissed at him.)
Learning how to use a newer version of the PowerShot is easier than trying to figure out how to use my cell phone for I am going to start using the newer camera.
I promise.  
But I am keeping them both out for now.  ;)  
Truth...for a while I probably looked a lot like Karma last night...thinking to myself (in quite a grumbly tone) that I am already trying to adjust to Chrome (which actually is finally going better after a few weeks and a few more questions answered).  I know I am not the only...shall we say "mature"...person who has to be pushed into changes with anything having to do with electronics or computer stuff.  And even after being pushed in...I never truly know my way around but only find skinny pathways through the forest of information.   
The thing that actually convinced me this might be a good idea after all?  Leah said I can take videos longer than 9 or 10 minutes with the newer version camera.  So...maybe I might get back into taking videos again this winter...  
So many plans for my little snail life, eh? 
But, for now...I want to finish cleaning and organizing my kitchen...and I need to think about Christmas cards...and the 21 Secrets videos availability is slowly ticking away...and Leah said they might have the bookcase shelves next time they come (in two weeks)...
Might be a while--but videos are back on my radar.  :)
My timer just went off.  
My hour is up.  
Time to go. 
Have a good one!!!  :):)
"As long as the candle burns, there is time to make repairs."
Rabbi Salanter


  1. i like karma in her box. good luck with the camera!

  2. Karma is adorable, and i think you should go with the new camera, and maybe even post some videos from your neck of the woods!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. The way you write, I feel like I'm there with you--& I'm getting tired of cleaning. Not reading about it, but DOING it!!

  4. Another great quote. Love that you're posting more often. Have a great day!

  5. Pretty sunrise pictures. Karma looks very happy with her little box hideaway. :)

  6. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Were you really thinking in a grumbly manner? I really like that. Ha.

  7. I loved every word! Yours is such a joyful blog to read. Love the pictures too. My human blog described a clean-a-thon a few days ago. I got so much done. xoxox

  8. Why must we learn to use new devices when the ones we have are perfectly fine? I don't even know how many remote controls are in this house. I know exactly which button does what on one of them. I want to use that one, but noooooooo. I need a different remote for every little thing. It's cool that the rim comes off the solo cup wastebasket. I, too, have a pottery thingy for my utensils. My mother painted daisies on it. It's on the lazy susan next to the range. I don't know how I'd live without it. It's such a part of my life. I've had it for more than 30 years.


  9. I can barely keep up with your new posting schedule, Rita. If I don't comment, it's not because I didn't read it, but because I'm falling behind!!!! :-)

  10. Anonymous9:59 PM

    Two cameras? How nice! ANd lovely evening shots too.

  11. That wastepaper basket is fantastic. I want one!!!!
    I always am very reluctant to change technology, but it's usually worth it in the end. Have a good weekend, Rita.

  12. Well you have been busy since I last popped by Rita,
    There's lots going on that I hardly know what to comment on.
    Those photos are brilliant. I adore sunrise and sunset...just the perfect way to start and finish the day. Stick with the'll get there, says she who is techy challenged too! ;D
    Karma looks adorable in that box but not so in the hissy one ^..^
    Have a great weekend and don't forget to relax too :D

  13. Lots of great shots, Rita! Neat wastebasket, or rubbish bin as we call them here. It makes sense to use the camera that offers you more, such as longer videos. :)

    OH dear, Karma does NOT look impressed at all. lol

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Love and hugs ~ xo

  14. That red colo cup waste basket is awesome! Thanks for the visit.

  15. You have been busy! Love your red solo cup basket! Sounds like you feel a bit better!! :)

  16. That red solo cup garbage can is the bomb!!! I think I'll have to get one for our Christmas white elephant this year! Everyone will be fighting over it!! Karma looks quite at home in her new box. :)


  17. Hi, Rita! I was so excited by your visit to my blog that I decided to swing over to Fargo and have a look around your world.

    The first thing that caught my attention was a jumbo picture of Karma. I love animals and Karma is a beauty. Next, I jumped all the way back to 2006 and discovered that your wonderful pet has been with you all these years.

    I admire you for keeping up your blogging as long as you have and I urge you to continue. I've been at it since the summer of 2008. I resist modern technology as much as possible and savor every opportunity to turn back the clock to a simpler way of life in the previous century.

    It's nice to know someone who lives in the Dakotas and I invite you to stay in touch with this Pennsylvania native who now lives in the Tampa-Orlando area of Florida. Let's get our friendship started (wait for it)... NOW!

  18. I like your new garbage can! What a clever design. You are really going to town cleaning everything! It's nice going into winter with everything looking so nice, isn't it?

  19. Oh, your 21secrets is time dependent! Better get cracking!
    If you pay for the year, you must get your money's worth!
    Sue xxx

  20. Love the big solo cup! :)

    Karma looks quite comfortable in her new box.

    I use both my older camera and newer camera. Depends on what I want to do at the time. Both are Canon PowerShots and I love them both. The newer one takes better pictures, but it's much thinner than my older one and it doesn't have the "hand grip" like the older one has, so I was using the older camera in my car. (you know what i To be honest, I've been using my newer camera more and more since the picture quality is better. I hope you can get used to your newer camera quickly.

    I've been thinking about downloading Chrome to use on Facebook. Facebook and my Internet Explorer don't see eye to eye for me most days. :\

    That's a great quote.

  21. I think that Solo Cup trash bin is so cool!!!!

    ...and the box just has to be better! LOL!

    Karma does seem a bit pissed off - she ought to know better though... Dagan is part of her "life system".



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