Wednesday, November 06, 2013


It's WOYWW --What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday--and all I have to show is a couple of sheets of bookboard...
...that I have been drawing lines on with a sharpie.  
One's thinner and one's thicker.  Been dividing them up for journal covers.  Cutting them is the hard thing for me, so I'm working up to that.  It was my bum arm interfering last time and now I can add standing too long setting off the bum leg--LOL!  But, the infirmaries do compliment each other because I can't cut for long because of the arm and tried to keep slicing away for too long last time.  My sciatica is quick to take center stage when I stand for very long so they work together well, actually, when you think about it.  Just will take a lot of short sessions to cut these up.  ;)
Meanwhile, I tried my first wheat bread in the machine.  One third/two thirds.  There's a different setting for wheat breads.  Must take longer to rise.  Turned out okay.
And Miss Caroline came yesterday.  She took down all the vases in the cupboard above the frig and I ran those through the dishwasher.  Then I had her empty the big cabinet for me.  We filled one folding table... 
...with a little left over in the kitchen. 
I have a small portable wire shelf coming to help me reorganize the cabinet.  I have some purging to do.  Some of my Tupperware I bought when Dagan was a baby has got to go--LOL!  I have some more food containers coming, too!  :)
And I have drawer dividers coming for my two small drawers--actually right above this cabinet but I forgot to get them in the photo.  Everything should be here this week--by Saturday if everything in transit stays on schedule.  But I was supposed to have a package from FedEx yesterday, was here all day (of course)--no package--no missed delivery sticker downstairs, either--and yet online it says I wasn't available.  
So, we'll see if it comes today.
  I noticed Bed, Bath and Beyond split my order up into three deliveries but you have know idea what is in each one.  They don't tell you like Amazon does so it will be a surprise.
Anyways, I should have the kitchen basically done by next week--whoohoo!  Still need a few more small things, but the majority will all be cleaned and organized soon.  
Makes me happy!  
Have a productive hump day!
Keep smiling.  ;)
What's that?
I think my kitchen is trying to speak to me...
"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."
Hans Hofmann


  1. hahhaha my desk is pretty clean too as I have finished my christmas cards....look forward to some journal pics.

    darlene #95

  2. I love that quote! I'm always purging, but this year I've been hitting it harder. As a result, I'm using everything that made the cut and spending less time sifting through too much stuff. The "necessary" is now able to be heard! :)

  3. Enjoy your new kitchen when it comes! And enjoy the new organization. I used to sell Tupperware so I have LOADS of the stuff. :-)

    Happy Woyww,

    Sandy #4

  4. Hi Rita, thanks for following me, and for visiting however late it was, I am late getting back to you too! Or did I visit last week, I can't remember!
    I keep things, my son went through my cupboards and got rid of loads, but I had to go buy some of it again when I needed it!
    As for craft stuff, I keep buying, I looked at 4 little stamp sets tonight and thought maybe I should sell them - not used but then a lot of my stamps are not yet used, and then thought someone might want a card with those on and they are only little, so I put them back! I need to be stronger, I have new sets to put away!
    Cazzy x #83

  5. I find purging the hardest thing to do.

    I took all my clothes and hung the hangers backwards. When I wear it and put it back I hang the hanger correctly. In one year all the backwards hangers must purge

    That's the plan.....

    Hugs robin 99

  6. Baby Tupperware should definitely go:)
    It is amazing how long we hoard things!
    Stay sane and creative!
    Sue xxx
    After bathing the baby, I needed one myself. Certainly a young woman's occupation. I am exhausted!
    Thanks for your comment!

  7. The bread looks heavenly and I'm already imaging the aroma of it baking...

  8. One of the best surprises my husband ever gave me was to have the cabinets where I keep big mixing bowls & pots & pans adjusted so the shelves slide out!!

  9. Horrid thing, sciatica. You have my sympathies. Enjoy the purging :-) #44

  10. I'm a bit of a hoarder, so my kitchen is full of junk and now I've spread to the meals room cupboards and the laundry. I hope you have more luck in letting go of some of the things. You won't know yourself with the fancy storage and bits in your kitchen. That's fabulous. My mum has sciatica so I know how horrible it is, hope you get those book covers cut out soon. Your bread looks so yummy that I can almost smell it from here.
    Have a great week.
    Von #25

  11. sounds like you are being very organised, thank for sharing Donna #42

  12. My computer desk is one big mess. Hooray for your getting the kitchen organized!

  13. Hi Rita! Long time not blog. Guess what? I'm going to start blogging again. :) It's been so long since I blogged, I need to figure out how to make my blog available to the public again. I'll work on it tomorrow. So I'll see you around. :) Barb

  14. The bread looks great! I bet your house smelled really good after you made it!

  15. I love freshly baked bread, but then who doesn'

    I really need to clean out my cupboards, I did however clean out the cupboard under the kitchen sink it was really looking gross........

  16. I have a ton of Tupperware I need to get rid of. Either that, or I need to buy a bigger house. LOL

    Hope you had a great day!

  17. It sounds like you are getting it all together. I look forward to a virtual visit when that kitchen is finished.

  18. Tupperware multiplies during storage doesn't it? I think mine does anyhow. The bread looks great. I always say dibs on that first slice while it is still warm, LOL!


  19. Once everything IS clean and organized I's the actual CLEANING and organizing that are not the fun part. LOL. Brigita #114

  20. Why must the Tupperware go? It has a lifetime guarantee. If it's cracked or something else is wrong with it, you call the Tupperware number, which you can Google, and tell them the number on the piece. They send you a replacement for the cost of shipping. It's cheaper than buying new Tupperware, and I don't even like to bother with the cheaper plastic containers. If you want to start over, though, some people collect vintage Tupperware. I know yours is very, very old because Dagan is so elderly.


  21. Oh please keep the Tupperware. I so wish I had MINE still.

  22. Keep the old Tupperware for craft can never have too much! Glad to hear that the kitchen is nearly there. Hugs. Pam #37

  23. Those pyrex dishes look familiar. The youngsters don't know what they are missing. Good louck with your kitchen.

  24. Having an empty cupboard to put only the things you need is a great place to start. I did that with one of my cupboard recently and whatever couldn't fit - neatly - I recycled. There's a limit to how many plastic containers I needed to keep.

    However, one person above mentioned using the containers for organizing craft supplies. That's a wonderful idea.

  25. The bread looks great. Can almost smell it. :)

    You sure are keeping busy cleaning and purging. I have some older tupperware items I should get rid of, but I just can't bare to do it. (i might need it one

  26. That old tupperware last forever. I think they must of made them out of cockroach skin or something equally indestructible!


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