Tuesday, November 05, 2013


It's T Stands For Tuesday over at Elizabeth's.  What I was just drinking and doing?  With my coffee thermos next to me and Karma curled between my legs under the laptop table...
...I was sitting here in my chair listening about gratitude. 
I can't remember where or when I signed up for this, but it's a pleasant way to start my day for three weeks.  :) 
I do remember this was the video I saw that made me sign up.  Beautiful truth!
Some people don't pay attention to things around them.
Do you think my neighbors will notice their dead wreath when Christmas comes around again?  
[BTW--I actually took that picture with my phone (Leah would be proud) and finally found it in my computer.  Took me a week, but the wreath is still hanging there.  I really wasn't worried it was going to disappear--LOL!]  
We have had glimpses of sun occasionally.
And I do mean glimpses.
Sometimes they lasted just moments or a couple minutes...
...before the clouds won the sky.
Karma has her winter collar on.  Once we had nights in the 20s I took it out--LOL!  She knows exactly where the sun will hit the carpet in the winter mornings and will often lie in wait on a hazy morning...just in case.  I think, despite all her bluster and complaining, she is an optimist, too.  ;)
Do you usually see life half empty or half full?
Have a filled to the brim day!  :):)
"We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars."
Oscar Wilde


  1. winter collar - so cute. :) switching out the seasonal wardrobe.

    i like that dead wreath!

  2. Only you could write a post about gratitude, a laptop table, a crazy Karma who chases sunshine, a winter collar, a dead wreath, optimism, and T on Tuesday.

    I had a good laugh because I'm a filled-to-the-brim kind of gal, also full of optimism and hope. Thanks for sharing T today. It's always fun for both Bleubeard and me when you two stop by.

  3. Funny about the wreath, I've seen some folks leave outdoor lights up (but not on) in my neighborhood.

    Love how cats take advantage of even a scrap of sunshine.


  4. My life isn't half empty. My cup runneth over. I don't think the neighbors will do anything about the dead wreath. They probably don't really see it. If Leah's not impressed that you took a picture with your phone and put it on your blog, then I am. I don't know how. You go, girl.


  5. Don'tcha just hate old decorations. I always want to go and take them down myself.

    It is rainy here today and not pleasant at all.

  6. I popped over here from Elizabeth's. I didn't know anything about a "T" day or I would have written a special post, but let me tell you, I am loving the blog posts I am finding, especially yours.

    We have plenty of sunshine here in Bakersfield, California. I would love to share some with you. Last week we had our first rainy day in months and I tell you, people in Bakersfield sort of lose their minds when it rains. I saw more accidents than I can remember.

    As long as they stay away from my beloved car, we'll all be just fine.

    Snuggles to your kitty!

  7. What a beautiful video Rita...I always try to cram in as much as possible and appreciate each day.
    I never used to be this way, I've just been perfecting it since I started blogging.
    I also like to find the positives in everything. My negative voice is becoming quieter with each day too ;D
    Bless Karma ^..^
    I'm a big fan of catching ANY sunlight if it's to be had!
    Hopefully the sun will continue to shine.
    Have a great week :D

  8. Me? I’m definitely a misery guts.
    But I do notice when the sun shines.

  9. Anonymous2:40 PM

    They could spray paint the wreath so it is green again. :)

  10. Anonymous2:56 PM

    I'm with the cat, soak up that sun when you can!!
    Happy T to you,

  11. Love the gratitude! I am definitely an optimist, always. I would be like Karma- finding the spot of sun no matter where it went!

  12. I try very hard to be an optimist and to search for things in life that make me happy—like Karma! :)

    I hope you had a wonderful Tuesday.

  13. Love the video of Karma and the laser dot. I used to do that with my cats. LOL She looks comfy laying in the sunshine, too.

    Enjoy the 21 days of gratitude series. Looks interesting.

    I wish I was more of a half-full type person, but I'm not. I admire your optimism.

  14. Cute cat. He looks like he is really enjoying his nap.

  15. Truly lovely film clip...a good reminder that we need to be appreciative of all we have! happy T day!

  16. I'm with Karma, find the sun no matter what and stretch out in it! And I'm a half n half kinda girl....half of :( and half of :)
    Although it was a :) T day. Hugs

  17. I love that Karma lays in the possible sunny spots. Did you get much snow? I was disappointed this morning when I saw just enough to cover the grass.
    Happy Tuesday....a day late!

  18. I'm getting behind on your posts, Rita, you who were lamenting about not posting as often! I love those pictures of Karma laying about in the sun. :-)

  19. Love your thoughts on life. Just as you said whether we see it as half empty or half full I think we just have to live a full life in the present.

  20. Karma looks so relaxed and peaceful in the sun. That cracks me up about the person's dead Christmas wreath. I can't believe someone would still have it up! Perhaps a new, fresh one will be hung up in its place in a few weeks.

  21. Ahh... Karma has the right idea for today.

    :) Kat naps...


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