Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Good Morning!  It's a balmy 18 degrees, sunny...
...and T Stands For TaDa for me today over at T-Tuesday!
Yes!  I finished in the kitchen!!  :) :)
My stuff came from Bed, Bath and Beyond--
the drawer dividers... 
...the giant Pyrex 8-cups with lids 
(am hoping for excellent soup storage)...
...another set of Pyrex glass food storage containers... 
...and a wire portable shelf. 
Karma loved the packaging, of course.  She is sleeping underneath and inside that pile--trust me! 
I forgot to take a before picture of my messiest cabinet, but here's the after.  TaDa!!!  (All the blue Pyrex lids are in a box in the pantry, BTW--where they are easier for me to grab and sort through the sizes.)
These two give-away bags are posthumous proof of how truly crowded and chaotic it was! 
I did remember to get a before picture on the drawers.  The left one is kitchen stuff and the right one is the junk drawer.
Here they are cleaned.  
I know it's hard to tell--LOL!  They are still jam packed...but they are so darn small!  Only 9 inches wide!  Everything is so small here.  I will still have to carefully layer things on the right back sides of both drawers because everything fits in those spots like a jig saw puzzle--but at least things can't slide around anymore, are organized by type, and know where everything is now.  Dagan and Leah will likely be able to find things a lot easier, too.  ;)
Oh, and when they were here last Dagan asked me (with a giggle) as soon as he saw the old metal cup in the middle of the carpet--I thought you were only going to use her treat ball from now on...no food dishes in the living room?
Well...I found the old metal cup when I was cleaning the kitchen and couldn't resist.  I knew she'd find it interesting...just put a little bit in there... 
Dagan just laughed.
I'm not going to keep it there long.  
Honest.  ;)
It's that time of year for Karma---will be cold for the next six months, at least.  Less floor sprawling (only on sun beam mornings) and more cat bed snuggling. 
Me, I am set to journal and then work on a letter this morning--with my trusty, dented thermal coffee mug.  Plan to do some lingering cupboard and drawer gazing...several times...with a contented smile.
I'm due to make some machine bread and some soup.  Just love fresh bread and soup this frosty time of year.  So, we'll see if the leg and back are feeling cooperative today.  (Did laundry yesterday, too.)  If not, it will smell and taste just as good tomorrow.  :)
Now I can get back to something more creative for a while!  I think I hear my little art table calling to me.  Wait!  I also hear my craft table pining for some book binding.  And inside my head I am hearing Christmas carols and...you'd better work on those Christmas cards!  Goodness!  I shall have to pick something soon, I guess.  ;)
I hope you are feeling as satisfied today as moi.  Have a good one!  :):)
"In the dew of little things, the heart finds its morning and is refreshed."
Kahlil Gibran


  1. stay warm! both of you!

    our first freeze expected tonight here in texas. 29F. brrr... :)

  2. I'd LOVE some hot bread & soup--what time is dinner? The cupboards look great!!

  3. Oh, homemade soup and bread sound so good right now! If I didn't already have enchiladas in the oven, that's what I'd be making. And it doesn't take much to please Miss Karma- sweet girl!

  4. Those giant pyrex covered bowls are awesome!!! I'm going to have to get me one of those. I love soup and fresh bread as well.
    It was 12°F when I got up at 5:30am. Geesh...January weather. We need snow if it's going to be that cold.
    Happy Tuesday!

  5. What a lot you plan to do.
    Bread and soup is such a winter-warmer. Enjoy!

  6. I love that glass cup with the lid. Excellent storage as you mentioned!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  7. Too funny. I hope your brain settles on a single activity before the end of the day. If nothing else, you can take a few photos of the sky and buildings out your windows.

    That must be a very small kitchen. I thought MY kitchen was small. But you did a fantastic job with the organization and getting rid of things you can't use.

    Thanks for sharing your latest adventure at T today, dear.

  8. Lovely sky!

    I just had to giggle out loud while picturing Karma under the pile of packaging. Too cute about the metal cup too!

    I love Pyrex and should get more for storing as I mainly use it for cooking. Trying to cut down on plastic usage. Yep, the drawers are definitely neater and more organised in the second shot.

    I need to get myself more organised as a planned quiet day of art can turn chaotic fast around here and then my art falls to the wayside.

    I love soup at any time of year and have only been saying to Bradley recently that I want to make up a big pot of vegetable and bean soup. LOVE it!

    Can you believe Christmas is just around the corner??!!! YIKES!! I need to get onto the girls' Christmas ornaments soon or I'll end painting under pressure again.

    Have a wonderful day, Rita ~ xo

  9. I feel quite satisfied because of the after pictures of the drawers. The before pictures made me swoon from the OCD. The cabinet with the Pyrex is beautiful. Well done. Eighteen degrees! I don't even know what that feels like anymore. It's about 70 here. The back door is open, and the boys are running in and out.


  10. I laughed at the picture of Karma, too. Your home is getting very organized, it seems, Rita. And your to-do list is making me feel tired already. :-)

  11. Anonymous2:56 PM

    We got 13 inches of snow. But it is 33°.

  12. I really think the cleaning MOJO has gotten a good hold on so many of us. I now have organized kitchen drawers too.....LOL
    I listen to music to keep the voices in my head soothed and calm, if not they are screaming "Put on some Christmas music and get your cards done!" I figure it is just a wee bit early for the Christmas music so they are having to settle for The Temptations...LOL
    Happy T-day (to all of you)

  13. So satisfying to be able to open a cupboard or drawer and see it all looking tidy and able to find things!
    Karma looks happy and had to laugh at the battered tin bowl.

  14. Happy T Day! Good job on the organizing. The soup and bread idea sounds great--enjoy it when you get to it.

  15. I need to post pictures of your neat cabinets and drawers to motivate me.

    BRRR. In KS we went from 60+ one day to 30 the next and I thought that was cold enough.

    I enjoy reading your blog!

  16. I have some of those pyrex storage bowl--they are great! You are inspiring me to get more organized here,too.

  17. Hello, I'm a bit late to T time. WOW, your kitchen looks great and so neat now. I love what you did and the new goodies you bought. My kitchen needs a good work over too. Might just have to do this and then sit back and admire it. Hope your back is feeling ok today and you got to enjoy some homemade warm food.
    I have many projects calling my name too, wish there was more time in my day to do them all.
    Thanks for sharing and have a good day!

  18. I love those pyrex storage containers. I need to get more for myself. You are inspiring me with all of this organizing... I just may have to start on my house soon.

  19. Finishing a project of any size is rewarding and gives you a feeling of accomplishment. What you've done looks great. I hope you didn't overdo, tho.

    We've had some pretty cold temps here in northeastern Pennsylvania, and we woke up Tuesday morning with over an inch of snow on the ground. The next morning another coating was waiting for us. Some of that snow is still around the heavily shaded areas, but where the sun has been shining, it's all melted.

  20. Don't mind me... I'm still trying to find Karma in the brown wrapping paper... :)

  21. I have some of those round pyrex bowls, be careful if you use them in the microwave, they get really hot and a hard to handle with a pot holder. I am looking for some with handles:(

  22. Your kitchen is so neatly organized. I like the dividers you have in the drawers. That must make it much easier to keep things in their place now.


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