Friday, August 07, 2015


So many pictures!
McFamily was here Tuesday and Wednesday.  Last night it was Leah and Ian--and they are coming back today.  (Leah forgot her stud finder--LOL!)  Lots of progress has been made--mostly by Dagan and Leah because I've been watching Ian.
Not a rough task, I assure you. 
He has a few toys over here at Gramma's now. 
Ian and Gramma did a lot of snuggling and watching nature shows.  Last night we watched some Andy Griffith.
Despite company every day, Miss Karma has been barfless.  She already has been making her way closer to the big scary sliding glass door if the shades weren't pulled open.  Here's me trying to grab proof right before she got up to skedaddle because something was too frightening. 
Wow!  After Tuesday night when they left box mountain was so much smaller! 
You could actually see some floor space in the kitchen.  :) 
I usually would only get to a box or two (or none) during the day on my own. 
The rug for the studio/craft room/art room (I just can't settle on something to call it--any ideas?) arrived on Wednesday. 
Karma checks all the changes out every day after the disruptive-to-her-life company leaves. 
I'm sure Ian's toys smell interesting...and like Cherrios (his favorite munchie). 
I could almost hear Karma when she looked to the heaven's saying "Heaven help me!"  
 There have been boxes that had craft stuff from the living room bookcases which were mixed in with the kitchen box mountain.  We have just been shoving things wherever we could find a spot in there.  Organize later.
The pantry is getting full.  
Leah's been grouping things together and finding spots on the shelves.  (You know I will tweak later as each woman has her own system--LOL!)  I am thrilled everything in my kitchen is functional--except for under the sink stuff.  The utensil drawers need some new dividers, too.
And there are lots of things high up on the other side of the pantry...
...all along the top shelf... 
...that will go into the wall shelves once Leah puts them up.  You might remember I had them for my coffees and teas (plus more) in my old pantry.  They're like a wall of wire baskets--so cool!  They will go on the back wall here, too--and we plan to get more!
Dagan and Leah did so much on Wednesday night!  Remember the rug problem with the desk chair?  Well they had a desk chair mat they had gotten at Ikea and they don't use the desk upstairs much at all, Leah said.  So they brought that over and got that under the edge of the desk instead of moving the rug (which would have been a pain in the patoot!  
That is working and solved the problem...but I haven't worked on filling the desk because there is now a big wrinkle in the rug along side the desk there that I am hoping they can pull out flat first.  (It's just enough that an old lady or a toddler could trip on it.)
Then they moved the table into the kitchen!
Now I have to go back to calling it the dining room table--LOL!  Not that I won't use it for projects of all kinds because I can put the leaves in it out here--tada!  So that works out for the best, really.
And they put down the new rug in the studio!  I love it!!  
It needed to be tucked under the art table (1) because that is where I do most of the painting and messy stuff and (2) so the door can open and shut easily. 
Leah had also arrived with step stools!  TaDa!!
She had been texting me from Lowes.  Leah knew I had them on my list because everything here is way too tall for me...even the clothes in the closet...and some of it even with my old 2-step stool.  She had a 10% off everything you buy coupon so she saved me some money, too!  Awesome!
I forgot to take a picture of the 2-stepper (which fits perfectly alongside the frig), but here's the 1-step... 
...and there's even a 3-stepper there against the wall in the pantry!  Has a paint can shelf if I need it , too.  Whoohoo!  Now I can reach the pantry shelves, top kitchen shelves, top bathroom shelves...well, you get the idea.  And these are very sturdy and safe.
I chuckle at Karma's getting used to the big glass door.  Here she was rubbing her head way over on the rug by the apartment door... 
...and she heard someone walking by. 
Well, I suppose--in her former cat TV perch by the window humans were only an inch high.  Now they are huge and life-sized...and often walking dogs or riding bicycles.  LOL!  Has to be quite shocking to her.  But she is slowly getting adjusted to the fact that none of these people come toward her or try to come in.  They just pass by and she is safe in they can be observed...spied upon.  And one night she watched a big jackrabbit running back and forth across the grass!  Well, that peaked her interest in her new IMAX Cat TV, I can tell you.  ;) 
She's eating better now, too.  
Oh, I forgot--Dagan and Leah moved the pen case and fish bowl... 
...into the bedroom on the triple dresser after they added power strips... 
...and tweaked the furniture into place for me... I can eventually get to unpacking all these boxes in here--LOL! 
Since boxes for the hallway bookcases were still in the kitchen on the table, I started on those yesterday, though. 
Big stack of broken down boxes in the pantry--held up by the big bag of kitty litter that arrived yesterday--LOL! 
I at least emptied boxes... 
...even if I haven't decided where it will all go yet.  I have the art & craft books grouped by category in the front bookcase: watercolor, acrylics, oils, drawing, pastels, colored pencils, polymer clay, book binding, Chinese ink painting, ink & watercolor, calligraphy, and reference books.  I got that far and that was all she wrote yesterday.
Leah and Ian came over.  Leah saw that the cube shelves I wanted in the espresso color were back at Target.  Not the red bins, though.  She brought over a black one for me to borrow in the meantime.
  Anyways, I wanted Ian to have his own little spot at Gramma's.  Leah put it together last night!  It will have two red cloth bins or drawers and a little shelf to divide one of the cubes for holding puzzles.  Leah already brought over the push toy and a truck.
There will be books and toys here in Ian's corner of my living room!  :)  It is so nice to have more space!
Leah & Ian are coming over again today.  Leah is going to work at installing some things on the walls for me.  Some of them are on the table...which is also covered in stuff that made it out of boxes...but got no further.
Since I kind of overdid it yesterday...(no surprise to any of you when you saw all the empty boxes in the pantry, I bet)...I'll be taking it very easy today.  But the more we get organized and put away the more excited I get to see it all come together.  Patience.  Patience.  Right?  I'll continue in a day or two...when I have gathered up some spoons--LOL!  Today.  I am saving all my spoons for Ian time!  Keeping Mr. Ian busy & happy while Mama plays with her drill for Gramma--LOL!  Then Karma and I might just be lazy old women all weekend.  ;) ;)
Goodness!  With all the fantastic help I've gotten we might even get to the studio this month!  I didn't expect to get near that for a good long time.  I'll need a long break, though, before I start in there.  Like a good week or two.  Could be September, but that would still be sooner than I ever expected.  Wow!!  :)
Oh, and my mom is doing well.  Still down in Florida in the nicer rehab place, but making progress all the time.  She plays bingo regularly now.  :):)  And Dagan and Leah are still waiting for the final leveling of the yard and to get the estimate as to how much sod to order.  Man!  They have had to wait and wait for so long for each and every step along the way!  They won't believe it when they finally have a yard with grass--LOL!  They do love their deck and patio, though!!  It's awesome!
Well, that's the latest from Fargo.  I am thrilled that our new home is taking shape as quickly as it has been.  Feels so good to get things organized and find places for everything.  Ahhhh!  But--R&R for me the rest of the day till Leah and Ian arrive tonight.  I think I will spend some time with Andy, Opie, Aunt Bea, and Barney while I catch up on some letters.  ;)
 Have a splendid weekend!!  :):)
"Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony."
Thomas Merton


  1. ian is so cute. :) so glad karma's doing well, considering her upheaval. for me, i'd probably call it a craft room, but for you, i like the sound of 'studio' better since you are always creating something. :)

  2. Anonymous11:20 AM

    Ground level would make a huge difference for Karma. Cooler too!

  3. It feels so great when boxes are emptied and things put in their place! Don't you just loving having a full view of the outside when you're in the kitchen? And how great to have room for Ian's Corner. Our boys have always had spots at grandma's that were all theirs. Makes visits so much easier. If you're still looking for ideas, I call my converted bedroom the Hobby Room ;)

  4. Your grandson is so good looking!! Reminds me of this: At my in-laws' 50th anniversary party, a cousin of my mother-in-law's said to me, "Your son Blake (16 years old at the time) is getting so handsome." I said, "Thank you." She said, "He's going to be a real ladykiller." I smiled. She said, "You're going to have to buy him some condoms real soon." I almost fainted!!

  5. It is so nice and sunny in your new place, Rita, and I'm glad to hear that Karma is adjusting so well. She looks a little thinner to me, which isn't a bad thing for any of us old ladies. Ian is such a cutie! It's wonderful to hear your happiness through these posts, Rita. Makes me happy too! :-)

  6. Great photos indeed. Greetings and best wishes!

  7. So good to see that the boxes are getting emptied and you are getting organized. You are really getting things looking like it's home. So glad you feel so at home. That's a wonderful feeling, isn't it? Have a great weekend.

  8. Call it a studio, it's sounds professional and will make you feel artistic every time you enter.
    Zue x

  9. Rita - so very glad you are all moved in to this wonderful new place. You have such wonderful helpers too. Everything is so nice and new there - you will love it for many, many years to come! God bless you in your new home. Have a great weekend.


  11. You are making progress! Yes you will be all settled before you know it! Sounds like Karma is adjusting:)

  12. Your new place is looking good and you're making great progress in getting things put away. Dagan and Leah are wonderful to you. :)

    Ian is a cute little guy. Growing up so fast.

  13. I want my own little spot at Rita's. It would have a bottle of vodka. (just kidding) Ian's cuteness level is right where he should be--most adorable little boy in the world. I like the kitchen floor. The carpet looks like berber, for which I have a special fondness. Easier to vacuum.


  14. You are making progress indeed, our grandchildren love having toys at nanna's house, I know my grandchildren love having toes here

  15. Aw... that Ian is a cutie-pie! I love that smile of his - so simple and so sweet!

    Glad Karma is getting used the new place - I had to chuckle when you said the humans were so much bigger on Kat TV now!! :)

    You are getting there - move wise!

    And I am really glad to hear your mom is doing so well!

  16. You're making so much progress with unpacking! Your new home looks spacious. I'm sure it will be a relief to have everything unpacked!

  17. What a wonderful family you have Rita. It's fantastic your place is coming together so quickly. Your studio looks amazing and will be such a joy to work in. Bless Karma and her quirky How fun to trade work for cuddles with Ian. So nice for the mom update. Glad to hear she is doing so well. Cheers.


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