Tuesday, August 18, 2015


And a good Tuesday morning to you!
Been unpacking and unpacking.  Could finally see the tabletop for a while.  All cleared off except for Leah's tool box. 
Empty boxes accumulating in the pantry. 
Everything is not where it will end up later on, but things are getting unpacked, anyways. 
Some of the things on the shelves in the bathroom will end up under the sink once I get the crate I want for the middle cupboard. 
I know you can't see but the pen case is full again--and the triple dresser and tall dresser on this side of the room.  There were still boxes to unpack... 
...here and there--but I could finally see the floor and get into my closet to rearrange all the clothes--Tada!  That shorter dresser is done, too. 
Yesterday I worked on the curio cabinet and nightstand. 
Have to take lots of breaks. 
Here's my trusty red cup for the T-Stands For Tuesday gals. 
Karma has been quite relaxed now that she's gotten used to her IMAX CatTV. 
She doesn't run out of the room anymore or look panic-stricken when somebody walks or rides by on a bicycle.  She keeps an eye on them, but she's much calmer.  In fact, I was absolutely amazed that she sat by the window and watched a couple guys play Frisbee catch!!  
I just knew she'd love that big window once she got used to it.  :)
What I didn't know was that after losing a quarter of her body weight that she actually could jump up on the glass folding table and chew on the rose leaves!  So the roses got moved over on top of a bookcase next to Baby Phil.
They're still looking really good, too!  Despite being chomped on by Miss Karma.  Luckily she just likes the greens and not the petals.  But I moved the little lost rose up there, too, to be on the safe side.
Another spot I thought she'd enjoy--the top of the curio cabinet under the bedroom window.  I was finally finished in the bedroom and lifted her up there.  She settled right in.  (Don't let my body pillow scare you--LOL!)  I still haven't found my bedspread, other sheets, and comforters--all the rest of the bedding must be out in the garage.
Oil lamps and oil candles refilled and on top of the short dresser.  (Yes, I need to keep a stool in here to reach the upper clothes in my closet--LOL!)
Only one old tetra left in the bowl now--pale and listless.  The other one was floating yesterday.  Not expecting this final survivor to last much longer. 
Karma watching the Frizbee guys. 
My beautiful angels back up to watch over me.  
(Thanks, Lynnette!) 
The nightstand is filled with candles and stuff again. 
I figured Karma would enjoy this spot now that it is finally open and free of boxes!  I had to raise the blinds though or she tries to bite her way through them.  
Karma prefers the blinds to be in spy mode.  Now that could become a problem.  I don't want teeth marks in these new blinds.  But I don't want my bedroom blinds open several inches all the time...hummm....have to think on that.
Of course, all this unpacking means that there are a lot of empty boxes and bags of packing paper cluttering up the place--LOL!  But Dagan is coming in the next day or two to haul them to the garage for me. 
And Leah and Ian are coming by for a visit today!!  It is so nice that I am closer, my home is cool & not sticky, they don't have to climb three flights of stairs to get here, and my place is more Ian friendly already.  Ahhhh!
Meanwhile, I have the washer going (mostly just rags I used to pack with) and the dishwasher.  Basically going to be an R&R day after getting all of that done the last few days.  Saving my few spoons for Mr. Ian.  ;)
I know this move has been taking forever and I have little else to talk about because little else is going on.  I have been quite the boring snail--LOL!  Thanks for sticking with me, for all your good thoughts & prayers, and for listening to this endless moving talk.  I know I sound like a broken record, but I am just sooooo happy here--and it gets better and better as boxes get unpacked.  I love it more and more.  So does Karma.  
I am getting antsy to be doing something more every single day than pack and unpack (since May!)...but it will still be a while before we get the studio together.  That is the biggest project of all because we aren't sure where anything will go.  Can hardly wait till that is all organized and done, too!   Whoohoo!  Can life get any better?!  
May you be happy as a pig in mud this fine day!  :):)
"If things go wrong, don't go with them." 
Roger Babson


  1. I KNEW you & Karma would get the new apartment--& LOVE it!!

  2. Karma looks very contented, and you have got a lot done already. Hope you soon have it all finished so you can both settle down and look out of that huge window! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. Karma is adjusting well! You are making progress, one box at a time! The weather sure made a turn yesterday...I bet you even had that patio door open:)

  4. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Karma looks like me...a nosy neighbor.

  5. What a fantastic place for you and Karma! So glad you are getting unpacked and settled in.

  6. Please don't feel like I'm not enjoying the process of you moving into your new home, Rita, because it's amazing to me, but I have to say I keep looking for more pictures of Karma to make sure she's okay. Thank you so much for including them. Now maybe she can keep that extra weight off, which would be so good for her!! She looks wonderful, and your home is simply magnificent! :-)

  7. so nice that you are settling in...Karma looks comfy, and hope you get some of that relaxing done too! I can't imagine moving all of my stuff--we've lived here over 30 yrs. probably should be doing some sorting and pitching anyway, even thought we're not planning on moving. It sure does accumulate!

  8. Good for you, its all shaping up nicely. Keep it up and have a lovely week!

  9. Sounds like you and Karma are settling in nicely and taking it easy too. I'm so happy you have your new place and everything is working out well. ♥

  10. I love all the moving blogs and "hearing" the excitement in your voice. Keep 'em comin'!

    We have wooden blinds with kitty bites. The bottoms of our front windows are about a foot from the floor. When Rupert was a kitten, he bit one of the slats in the far bedroom. Funny how it doesn't bother me that it's still there. Usually I'd feel the need to fix it.

    Also, Rupert used to have a perch on one of our back windows in the master bedroom. He loved it until it was removed during that room's remodel several years ago. I'm such a meany! I just didn't want to mess up new window sills. No way he could jump that high now. So it's nice that his "senior room" has a sliding glass door like Karma's :)

  11. I'm so glad this move is finally coming together, and I never tire of seeing how many boxes you have unpacked since your last post. I am really happy for you.

    Thanks for sharing your red mug, Karma getting better, your still lovely roses, and other important events in your life with us for T this Tuesday. Sorry I was late, but I went out with my friend Sally, had lunch, went to the recycle store, and bought groceries for the first time in FOUR weeks. I can't believe my cupboard was so bare!

  12. Loved to see how you had organized everything. Those roses are still looking good! Hope to see your art soon
    Happy T day

  13. You are getting so much done, and so quickly! I love how much light your new place has.

  14. You've been busy! Karma looks like she's right at home!

  15. What a wonderful quote!
    And how nice to see and read how well you and Karma are enjoying your new surroundings. You are getting lots done Rita.
    The roses are still looking lovely too.
    Sorry I am a day late had a day of doctoring yesterday that took the starch out of me...that and the horrid heat and humidity.
    Take care and don't work too hard! oxo
    p.s. had to giggle about the BODY pillow shot ;-)

  16. You're never boring. I'm sooo happy you moved.


  17. Yes the new place is starting to take shape, often we unpack the move and rearrange things as time goes by

  18. So nice to see Karma settling in. Soon she will become a couch potato with all of her new home theatre rooms (windows) Nice to see things coming together. You are HOME!!

  19. Oh my, I got lots of catching up to do!


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