Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Good Morning!
The sky shots are a bit more limited in range here, but I love them just the same.
Hard to tell here, but in the afternoon on a sunny day the buildings light up for a while and I can get blinding afternoon sun bouncing off windows across the way...even hits the back kitchen wall--LOL!   
One of Miss Karma's favorite new places to snooze is in the other room now that the table has been moved out. 
It's quieter and a little more private in there. 
I forgot to mention that, now that I am using Chromecast, all the tons of wires and cables are gone.  And Dagan even took home his modem and the TV computer, keyboard, and mouse.  So much emptier.  I have been just fine so far with the new system, too.  :)
You could have knocked me over with a feather!  Totally shocked!!  On Saturday FedEx came with a box of 28 roses from McFamily!!  
Absolutely stunning! 
Immediately thought of them as flaming roses with all the shades of yellow, orange and red.
One was broken off so I temporarily put it in a bowl. 
When they came over later Leah cut all the ends for me (was too sore to stand and do that when they arrived) and put the broken one in a bud vase...here next to my red thermal mug for T Stands For Tuesday over at Elizabeth's.  ;)  
After all Dagan and Leah have done for me already...well, this brought tears to this old Swede's eyes, I can tell you. 
They explained to me that they watch Shark Tank and saw this guy whose company Bouqs sold flowers supposed to shipped directly from the equator, grown on the side of a volcano, and the roses were $40 a dozen (they sent 14 each instead of 12)--and for $10 more you could get two dozen-no additional costs, if you order them six days ahead of time.  (They do also have next day delivery starting at $50.)  Supposedly they will last 2-3 weeks.  (Oh, and he didn't win the Sharks over, BTW--but he won McFamily over enough to try them.)  So, Dagan and Leah decided to send me Happy New Apartment roses.  (I was so glad they hadn't spent a fortune on them!) 
I have to say that they do not look, feel, or smell like the roses Dagan and Leah have sent me before from the local shop.  These have thicker petals, firmer stems, brilliant color, and you can smell them!  The roses I have gotten for years from Dagan and Leah barely even have a scent when you stick your nose right in them.  I'll let you know how these last, but they are absolutely gorgeous in person!
I have felt so loved lately!  
Just blows me away.
Dagan and Leah hung a couple of my door angels--over the den door...
...and the bathroom door. 
I haven't found my bedroom door angel yet because I haven't unpacked in there at all yet.
My magnetic blackboard is up next to the pantry over the door buzzer. 
The little whiteboard and my letter/keys/purse rack are up right next to the door.  Little things like that make it feel more like my home. 
They straightened out the rug by the desk, too. 
Since Saturday Karma and I have been on total R&R. 
Leah, Ian and I plan to go shopping this week to Bed, Bath & Beyond and to Target so I need to recover enough to do so--which means no unpacking for me until after we go shopping.  ;)
Karma's getting more comfortable by the sliding glass door. 
Loves to lie in the sun in the mornings. 
I knew she'd like it once she got used to her new IMAX CatTV--LOL! 
The roses are opening more. 
Karma has even learned how to bravely get behind the blinds...until somebody comes down the pathway...then she darts away. 
But...the bad news...
Last night I was up till 3am with Miss Karma.  She had a terrible upset stomach and was crying and throwing up over and over for a couple hours.  There had been no barfing since we moved.  I wondered if it was recently finding the rest of her other dry foods and something had gone bad?  One had a really strong smell--so I threw it out this morning.  In fact, I plan to throw out everything I didn't have with her since we moved and just buy more of those. ??  I guess I need a trip to the Natural Pet Store, too.  
Anyways, I stayed with her (and cleaned up behind her) until she was done throwing up and she finally came up in my chair and let me comb her for a very long time (one of her favorite things in the world).  When she was relaxed and purring and hadn't thrown up for an hour we finally went to bed.  I am keeping a close eye on her and praying it isn't anything besides old food that might have gotten too hot in the move.  This wasn't just a tiny bit of barfing.  Karma was feeling really miserable.  But she's doing okay today and I checked all over and there wasn't any more surprises that I could find anywhere.  I hope she's okay.
 I plan on going shopping with Leah tomorrow if I feel up to all the walking.  I've been slowly feeling better on R&R, thank goodness.  I was kind of worried I had pushed it over the brink, but lucked out.  It is hard to judge a lot of the time.  Feeling better every day, though.  Whew!  And the roses are stunning...the sun is shining...Karma is apparently feeling better so far this morning...and the unpacking will patiently wait until after we go shopping.  
Have a happy, happy Tuesday!!  :) :)
"It is the sweet, simple things in life which are the real ones after all." 
Laura Ingalls Wilder


  1. Looks like you are settling in and your new place is lovely....gorgeous roses, you are a lucky gal! sorry to hear Karma was sick, not pleasant for either of you, but glad she's doing better now. a nice spot in the sun helps! happy T day!

  2. That definitely sounds like something she ate that didn't agree with her. Oh, how awful for the two of you, after everything has been going so well. I'm hoping she's going to be just fine without any visits to the You Know Who. Love those beautiful roses! You are definitely very much loved and appreciated by many. :-)

  3. Poor Karma! Hope she's fully better soon. I love the roses! The colors are breathtaking! Enjoy the shopping :)

  4. Hi Rita, I'm a new kid on the block, so I am glad to meet you (and Miss Karma). I'm sorry to hear she had an upset tummy. Hope everything has settled since you wrote that.
    I gather you have just moved into a new apartment. How exciting! (But tiring I suppose) Lots of things to sort out.
    The roses are beautiful! This is a Dutch girl saying this! We Dutch know about flowers and these look really fresh and gorgeous. You are really being spoilt.
    Have a great week and thanks for popping by earlier,

  5. Those roses are gorgeous! Too bad about Miss Karma. Hopefully you've got it figured out with the food.

  6. What beautiful roses, hey are always my fave flowers, and when they smell good, just wow. Glad yo are settling into your new abode. Happy T Day to you and all the best to Karma, hope she stays well, hugs, Valerie

  7. You still have a beautiful view from your windows! It looks like you have settled in nicely now that you've had time to do some unpacking. Hope Karma is better now. Those roses are gorgeous!

  8. Your new place is looking great, and the roses are the cherry on top. Have a good T Day, and tell Karma I hope she continues to feel better.

  9. I love those roses. They are simply stunning. I wish we had smell-o-vision, because I would love to smell them.

    Poor Karma. I've never heard of dry food going bad, but who knows. My boys will eat just about anything, although at one time, Bleubeard vomited a lot, too. Thankfully, he's over that now. Hope the same goes for Karma.

    Thanks for sharing even more of your new place, as well as your sky views with us for T this Tuesday. Give Karma a hug from Bleubeard and Squiggles.

  10. The door angels being hung is a sure sign the "end of the unpacking" is in sight...

    Beautiful roses... you are much loved. You could never ever question that.

    Get all betters Karma. Head scriches for you!

  11. The new place is looking so welcoming. Isn't it great to have those little things hung up? Getting things on the walls just makes a place homey. Hope Karma is feelling good this morning. Do you "stop and smell the roses" every time you pass by? I know I would.


  12. Sorry to hear about Karma. She sounded so miserable. That's so difficult to watch when a beloved pet is sick and there no words to help them understand what's going on. Maybe all new pet food is what's needed...a fresh start.

    The roses are gorgeous. What beautiful colors in each flower!

  13. Hope Karma is now feeling much better. Those roses are beautiful.
    Have a lovely week

  14. So glad you are settling in. Those roses are beautiful!!! I love roses and am always so disappointed when they don't smell good. Sorry Karma was sick and hopefully she's all over it and it was just the stress of everything finally catching up with her.

  15. I hope Karma is feeling better, cats just barf sometimes. Your roses are beautiful! What a great color! Your kids love you...roses or not! Your new view is different but it looks good to me:)

  16. I hope Karma feels better now ..what wonderful Roses! Gorgeous!
    Happy T-Day

  17. Perfect quote to sum up this life we live Rita!
    Sorry about Karma not feeling well. At least it sounds like you've gotten to the cause of it. You both are under an awful lot of stress. Things are shaping up beautifully and those roses are stunning. Rose oil is one of my favorite scents...how lucky to get beautiful roses that smell like roses! Thanks for sharing the link!
    Thank you for visiting my Magpie's Nest...glad you liked the sunflowers!
    Take care and don't work too hard!

  18. Your wonderful son got himself an equally wonderful wife--& she didn't do so badly with her choice of a mother-in-law!!

  19. Hi Rita
    Your cloud picture is so pretty. You may have less sky but it's definitely worth having!

    Your new home is looking really nice and comfy and you seem very happy. The roses are stunning....we get flowers in tens or twelves...28 is a mega bunch.
    Happy days
    Sue x

  20. Hello Rita! I see that you are doing well! I haven't been online for a while, but it looks like you have moved? I hope all is well! Glad Karma is feeling better; it is no fun when pets are sick.

  21. I'm glad Karma is feeling better! Your place is looking more and more like home!

  22. Beautiful roses. I'm glad Karma is feeling better.


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