Saturday, August 15, 2015


Good Morning!
These were the roses several days ago. 
I had moved them over on to Ian's shelves in the corner. 
Most of them have opened wide. :)
Had to show you this! 
I didn't know what beautiful screen saver photos... 
...that Chromecast uses! 
Gorgeous nature shots--wow! 
Kind of a wonderful added perk.  :)
Well, I behaved and didn't do any unpacking for days so that I could go shopping with Leah and Ian on Wednesday.  And I was having a really decent day for walking so got to the Natural Pet Store, Target, and Bed, Bath and Beyond!  Have a new silverware holder... 
...and a holder for the utensil drawer. 
A stack of lazy susans... 
...for all these spices we need to organize.  
(My old reluctant lazy susans are from the 70s and 80s.) 
Got a second set of basket wall shelves for the pantry... iron & ironing board wall holder... 
...and one of those new, light floor mops that has a sprayer.
This one is made by Rubbermaid.  Will be easy for both Caroline and I to use.  :)  Lot more floor to scrub here. 
My red Hamilton Beach toaster quit working last week--and, yes, I hadn't had it all that long.  I had a Cuisinart toaster that lasted for maybe 15 years before that--so I got another Cuisinart.  
And an ice cube bin for the freezer. 
It's the little things like that you always need when you move.
Since I did so well shopping on Wednesday and it has turned out I no longer needed to save up for parts for the TV computer or for a small dining room set and I no longer have to pay rent on a washer and dryer or pay for a land line...well, I asked Leah if she'd like to make a trip over to Slumberland on Thursday.  I wanted to find out if I qualified for the no money down payment plan first...and I did!  (I don't own charge cards.)  I had always planned to look at a power recliner or power love seat.  A love seat won't fit in the new apartment.  So, as long as I was looking at power recliners I decided to be practical and look at the power lift chairs.  (My degenerative spine is not going to get any better.)
I had looked online before we went and one of the chairs I was interested in wasn't even up here in Fargo yet.  The girl said it might take another month or so, but she'll call me.  (In the meantime we can go snoop around at other furniture stores, too, because if I qualified there I should qualify at the other stores.)  Being 5'1" you really have to sit in them to know how they will work for you.  When they have those kind of built in pillows for your head--well, they hit me on the top of my head and push my face into my chest--LOL!  At least with a power recliner I don't have to worry about being able to get out of it and I can buy a regular sized chair instead of what Dagan calls my "baby chairs"--LOL!  Just have to find one that is comfortable and has a flatter back to it.  :)
So, I am excited!  How long have I wanted to have TWO really-comfortable-for-a-length-of-time places to sit in my apartment?!  Never seemed to work out.  Looking forward to having a new chair!  I probably spend more time in my chair than I do in my bed--LOL!
These are the roses a couple days ago.  I moved them away from the window as Leah said direct sunlight probably wasn't good for them.  Karma can't jump up on that glass folding table, so this works...when Ian isn't here--LOL!
They are just starting to get dry around some of the outside edges of the petals. 
I realized that I have not had roses last long enough to actually dry out.  The flower heads just flop over before they ever get a chance for petals to dry.  They made it a week yesterday and still look like this last picture.  So they have lasted longer already.  By a week I am usually lucky if I might still have a semi-droopy one or two roses left.  They're still stunning and still smell.  ;) 
Miss Karma doesn't run out of the room when people go by on the pathway anymore.  (She still does when the yardwork guys come around with mowers and weed whippers.)  But she's much more relaxed by the patio door now, as you can see.  She even has her back to it--LOL!  
NOt sure how she'll feel when it cools down this fall and I actually open the glass door, though--ROFL!
Oh, and she hasn't been sick again!!  
Knock on wood.  
So relieved.
I was finally able to putter and unpack some more by last night and got the desk put together again!! 
Well, basically.  Some things might be moved about, but things are unpacked.  I am going to start in the bedroom today.  Three dressers, a night stand, and my pen box to fill in there--so a lot of boxes to empty.  Haven't been able to unpack for a week, so it feels good.  I just have to watch I don't overdo it.  So tempting!  Gets exciting to see things coming together.  But I found one of my digital timers last night and will use it to limit myself.  I promise!  :)
Going to leave you with a video I got from Dagan and Leah of Mr. Ian with a new toy.  He squeals like this when he's excited and happy.
Have a great weekend!!  :):)
"There is a calmness to a life lived in gratitude, a quiet joy."
Ralph H. Blum


  1. Hello, what lovely images indeed. Looks like you got a lot of work done, do have a good weekend, and best wishes!

  2. really glad you did well walking and shopping. glad the apartment is coming together and both you and karma are settling in!

  3. Sounds like you are getting settled.

  4. Anonymous2:09 PM

    What is it with toasters. They used to last decades. Now they last ten minutes.
    Ian is a happy boy.
    Karma looks content.

  5. You're making progress, my little snail!!

  6. Great video, beautiful roses and awesome that you are limiting yourself, but it is all coming together slowly but surely... It will be awesome and organised before you know it...xx

  7. I can see why you took so many pictures of the roses. They are absolutely beautiful! I wouldn't mind getting flowers if they lasted that long. Looks like things are coming along nicely. All the stress of planning, packing, and unpacking will soon be a distant memory :)

  8. Your roses are just beautiful! Good to hear that Karma is all better AND sleeping with her back to the door! Take it easy unpacking! :)

  9. Glad to hear you are getting things done at a reasonable pace and still able to get out a bit. You'll love the chair when you do get one :) Those roses are beautiful ♥
    Great video of Ian and his new toy... he sounds so excited :)

  10. I am glad to know you'll use that timer to keep yourself in check. I know how it is when you get going and time just flies by. Everything looks great, and I'm so happy to hear that Karma is just fine. Those roses are simply wonderful. :-)

  11. Everything is coming together for you Rita. He is such a cute little guy and getting so big!

  12. those roses are wonderful. I've had roses that lasted like that before, but only once. You are very lucky. Glad Karma is doing better and is no longer sick.

    You got a LOT of new things. How wonderful for you. I haven't had a new toaster for at least 20 years, so I'm sure mine is on its last leg (or loaf). I've seen some new ones that have lots of fancy things they will do. Mine has two holes and toasts bread, period (grin).

    That's a wonderful utensil holder. I wish I had one that size. I have to keep my cutting knives in the side of the drawer, which is not exactly safe. And I'm in AWE of those lazy susans. I want some for my craft room.

    Hope you are having a great weekend.

  13. Oh what wonderful flowers, they are so pretty

  14. Ian is so adorable! And you are making great progress!

  15. Adorable video and gorgeous blooms Rita,
    It's great that everything is slotting into place in your new apartment. Enjoy 😉

  16. Such awesome roses!!!!

    I enjoy seeing Karma and like hearing she is doing well!

    And as you know, I think Mr. Ian is so precious!!! Such a smile!


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