Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Good Tuesday Morning to Everybody!
I still get a pretty good view of the sky from the new place.  Love the addition of the green grass.  Snow will be up close and personal this coming winter, too.  (If we don't have a brown winter like last year!)
After we last chatted I started organizing the books in the hallway bookcases.
I am definitely not taking the time to organize in the OCD detail I would normally, but they are in the general places they are going to stay--LOL!
I have to say I am a little less impressed with Linda's moving crew as I unpack...although I haven't found anything broken yet.  She bragged on so about how they could put everything back exactly the way it was.  I found one random shelf with a lip out on the darker brown bookcase in the hallway that obviously didn't belong.   And Linda herself packed my TV cabinet.  She put everything else back inside my TV cabinet, but not the black box I had under there with all my chargers...like for my camera and bluetooth and batteries.  Still can't locate that box so some of these pictures today were taken with my now dead camera and some with the cell phone.  Until I find that box...it is now the cell phone for pics and I'm praying no batteries die in the meantime.  I still can't find my postage scale, either, that was in the glass bookcase they packed.  No clue where these things ended up.  I know I'll find them eventually, but it's quite annoying because of all that bragging she did, you know?  
Anyways, this is where I see Karma a lot of the time...unless...   
...the grouse clan are wandering by.  :):)
They go by 2-4 times a day!   
Karma has spent more time by the patio door--LOL!  She loves to watch them like she did the swallows, so she's quite happy.
I grouped up the satchels as best I could... 
...and even had room to spare! 
So we'll find something along the way that's less kid-tempting to fill in there on the bottom of that one bookcase. 
I swiped this picture of my Mom and Connie, the manager at the Denny's where my folks were regular customers, off my brother and SIL's facebook.  This was the day after she was released from the rehab center.  Blaine and Kathy arrived and took her out to eat.  She looks so happy!!  Glad she's back home.  :)
A few of you asked how old my mom is.  She's 86.  On the 30th she'll be flying up to Minnesota with Blaine and Kathy.  
I caught Karma lounging in Ian's toy cubes.  Whenever there's an empty space, you know.  LOL!  And she could still spy out the patio door for birds or jackrabbits.  ;)
This is my view the other direction from my resting spot.  And--yes--there's my red thermal mug for T Stands For Tuesday!  :) :)
Karma's gotten quite used to her giant CatTV screen. 
But she still bolts when the yardwork guys come... 
...whether it's on their mowers or carrying those wicked weed whippers. 
We have come to look forward to the grouse family visits.  It's hard to shoot pictures through the screen, but you can see most of the group--blurry as they are. 
Mornings when the light is too bright right smack in my eyes to do anything but crack the blinds for a bit...Miss Karma loves to spy through the cracks...no matter how tired she is... 
...her ears are open. 
This morning we had a gathering of sparrows hopping about right on the patio.  Karma crouched and took a lunge behind the blinds...even though she knew she could only scare them...she dreams she is a lioness, I think.  (We won't remind her that she couldn't even kill the intruding cricket.  LOL!)
Well, have a wonderful week.  I have the spice cupboard and the pantry to organize this week...and then I will be basically down to the studio...the last room!!  That's the goal, anyways.  Leah and Ian are coming over tomorrow...and maybe Dagan after work, too.  Nice!!
Keep smiling and hug somebody today!
Virtually or in the flesh!  
Spread the love!  :):)
"Joy is the simplest form of gratitude."
Karl Barth


  1. Lots to read in your post today. Glad karma is settling in well (cats first, as always) and enjoying the grouse fashion show outside -my cat was a great bird watcher, too! Sorry to hear that you are still having to look for so much stuff, that's annoying, especially if the lady promised to do it properly. I move here 10 years back and there are still some things I haven't found yet....Your Mom looks very fit for her age. Have a good week, and a happy T Day, Valerie

  2. Ah, settling in nicely, both of you. Sweet :) I've never seen grouse in real life. Cool! I'm so happy for y'all that your mom did so well in rehab and is looking forward to a trip. Happy T Tuesday!

  3. What a wonderful view, fantastic really. And ooh look at your mom, she looks young and happy which is a good thing. I see you are settling in very well -best wishes to you lovely!

  4. So glad to hear your Mom is doing so well after her terrible ordeal. She looks very good for her age!

    Karma looks happy with her new surroundings, too. What a bonus for her to have the grouse parade go by several times a day!

    I hope you come across your missing items in one of the remaining boxes. It is annoying especially since she made such a point about being careful.

    Happy T Day!

  5. Good luck on finding the rest of your stuff!!

  6. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Damn that Linda!! Haha
    My favorite picture is Karma in the kube.
    Birds are entertaining, aren't they?

  7. How lovely to see your new home, becoming your home :D Karma looks very relaxed too which must be a relief. I love your wee window panes. Happy T Day :D

  8. Oooh you have moved in to your new home I see!!! I have missed so much while I was away and unplugged! It looks like such a lovely bright and cheerful place and I'm happy to see that Karma is doing so well with her new surroundings. Looks like you've made a lot of progress with your unpacking and everything looks so neat and organized too. How wonderful to know that your Mom is doing well and is home again. God bless her. Happy T day to you Rita!

  9. I think you should personally call Linda and ask where your missing pieces are. After all, a promise is a promise! Just putting this on the internet is a great endorsement for people NOT using her services.

    Karma looks really happy and looks much slimmer, too. Maybe the move was good for both of you, especially now that Karma has settled in.

    It's good to see your mom is out of rehab and on her way to recovery. Looks like she's in good spirits, too. That's important for her mental state AND all the trauma she's been through the past three months.

    I'm STILL in awe of those plastic boxes you are calling satchels. They look incredibly handy.

    Thanks for sharing your red mug and yours and Karma's week with us for T this Tuesday.

  10. Moving house is such a chore, I haven´t done it for 25 years and I dread the day! You seem to be on top of it. We have a couple of types of grouse here, but none of them look like yours. I guess there must be many varieties. I bet the cats like that... Good to hear your mum is doing better - she looks very well in the photo. Happy T Day!

  11. You have been busy this week!!!! Karma is so cute in front of her giant screen cat TV :) Min spend a lot of time staring out the patio door...that's where mos of the bird feeders are. Hopefully all of the missing items will show up and soon. Take care ! Carol

  12. All of that pretty blue sky and green with so much wildlife to enjoy too. Great for you and Karma!
    Moving is such an upheaval ... as I recall. I feel for you. I think it takes time and nowadays we just want things right now ... at least I often do ;-)
    Very happy for your Mom ... she must be lots happier too.
    Happy T Day Rita
    thank you for popping by my Lotusland post...take good care

  13. We hear and sometimes see grouse in the wilderness. They make an interesting sound, unmistakeable. And it's so wonderful to see Karma so content. I do hope you find those connectors soon. That's so aggravating! Grrr... :-)

  14. Karma has lots of activity to watch right on the other side of the glass doesn't she? I'd enjoy watching those grouse myself. I haven't been able to get around to blogs lately but it looks like you've made great progress with the unpacking since my last visit.


  15. Hi there new PenPal!!! and TeaBuddy! :) I love getting to see your new apartment. Looking good!! I'm so glad you have some wildlife to entertain Karma! :) Happy Tday my friend! Hugs! deb

  16. well you may have quite the treasure hunt for your misplaced items but that makes it an adventure, right? happy T day...

  17. You are making progress with the unpacking. I hope you find the lost stuff and soon. Of course it would do no good to complain to Miss Linda perfect as she thought she was. Miss Karma looks happy and content with her patio door! Such exciting things up close to entertain her! :)

  18. So many new things to get used to! Your place looks just lovely! I'm glad your mom is doing well, and will be closer to you. Hopefully you can see her more often once she's up in MN.

  19. I really love your sky photos with the green to beautifully set off the blue.
    Recently I left a comment but obviously forgot to press 'send'.
    Anyway, I'm glad you are settling in so well.
    When we move house here things always go missing....it's really annoying!
    Have fun!

  20. I dream I am a lioness, too. Movers and seldom get everything where it belongs, and they usually do some damage in the process. I hope you don't come across any broken items. During two moves, a few items disappeared.


  21. Hi Rita!! First off, I got your e-mail about your move...I hope you're loving your new place! It looks like you're all settled in on the first floor. :) I've been so neglectful of late with visiting and with writing. I hope all is wonderful in your life and Karma's. She looks quite happy!


  22. Hurray for the Grice!!

    And am sooooooooooooo glad your Mom is on the mend (finally!)

    Thumbs down to Linda and her crew. I hope the missing objects resurface soon!

  23. Lucky Karma with views like those for her to dream over! She may surprise you…one day!! If I were you I'd get Linda back and get her to find your things - Good Luck with trying to unpack everything and I hope your electronic bits and pieces turn up soon! Love the photos of your happy Mom!

  24. I love that Karma has so much to keep her busy. I bet she's just exhausted by days end. :) Your place its looking awesome. I need some organization. I keep trying by I don't want to spend any $$ on containers since I already have a ton...unfortunately they don't really fit my current needs.

  25. Sorry for taking so long to visit you but it has been one of those weeks and only now squeezing in some visits.Karma is adorable!Love your photos!I wish I could organized as you are.I am glad is your mother is better, my friend!

  26. I think you are going to be very happy and settled in your new home, Rita. I'm enjoying all the organisation pics. Karma seems so settled too which is lovely to see. How awesome of Leah to install the tap with the sprayer for you. Clever girl!

    Your Mum looks so happy too. I'm glad she's doing well.

    Love and hugs to you and Karma xoxo

  27. How nice to be lower down so not only can you see the sky but you also have a view of what is going on directly outside.


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