Friday, August 04, 2006


I just discovered that you cannot add photos where you want them later. They just pop up at the top. Okay--too tired to rewrite this and cut & paste does not work on these posts for some reason.
This is my two computers trying to read each other's brains today.
(See below)

And this is the stack of some of the weird stuff I bought at ToChi's yesterday. Dried baby shrimp, wood ears, lotus seeds, lotus root, fermented black beans, crystalized ginger, and an assortment of flours and starches. I also got dark soy sauce, ume vinegar, mochi, and smoked tofu. Mondays are going to get more and more interesting!! hehe!

Anyways---Dagan called and couldn't make it yesterday over lunch to work on the computers. He came today instead. I am able to get online here again. One back-up brain copy worked and one didn't?

Yesterday I had my adjustment from Dr. John. Leah and I ordered our supplements, went to ToChi's, Office Max, and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. I did come home with printer ink and a really cheap blender that claims it can crush ice!! TaDa! Made a small order to CashWise last night that came this afternoon. I watched the specials DVD for Deadwood that came today--the end of season two. Now I'll be waiting for season three to come out on DVD! Dagan says that is all I talk about--Deadwood! hehe!

Am tired and sore, so this will be short. Our supplements were ordered out today and should arrive next week. I have a stack of bags of weird flour and dried ingredients on the counter in the kitchen that I will have to wait to put into jars. Might not even have enough empty jars left? I might have to wait--buy some more jars next month--to finally be able to put away everything. I do love my jars!

Guess I need to rest up. Maybe tomorrow. I also have chicken and pork tenderloin to slice up and freeze. Just a noodle-day. It is hard to explain to people how fibro can suck/drain the energy right out of your muscles so you feel weak as a kitten--(weaker, actually, kittens are pretty darn feisty strong in my personal experience--haha!) You literally can feel too weak to walk far or don't trust yourself to lift or carry anything. By tomorrow I should be feeling better--be able to get a few things done.

Sad--when you think back to what you used to be able to do and now a couple hours of shopping more or less lays me up for a day or two. That is why I try not to think about it--or talk about it much, either. I try to keep my focus elsewhere--find positives to occupy my thoughts. Like tonight--I can have a quiet night and watch Monk (love that show!) and Rescue Me (like a car accident you can't help but look at as you drive by). Play with Karma--read--sleep with no alarm. My lower back hurts less since I have been going to Dr. John. After my pleasant noodle-evening, tomorrow I will have more energy and be less sore. There's always a silver lining! :)


  1. The Xanthan gum... I have had trouble with it. It must work since it is in so darn many products but, I haven't found the "secret" to using it yet.
    I think you will find a lot of the foods from the Co-op/health foods stores are wonderful.
    I have incorporated many of them into our diet within the last year.
    Tofu has been the most difficult. The family was biased against it before we even tried it.
    If it is mixed into casseroles or made into dips (fudgescicles (sp?) were great!) then it has been ok.
    Let me know if you come across any good recipes!
    oh, and Karma looks like she is sitting in your "in box" cubby. hehe. so cute.
    Hope all is well!
    Linda (from LiveJournal)

  2. Hi Linda,
    I am guessing--are you one of the Lindas I know already
    or a new one? Wasn't sure because it came up
    anonymous--just Linda (Live Journal)? Do you have a blog on Live

    Anyways, I got the Xanthan Gum because it goes into some
    wheatless flour recipes that I found online--because Dr.
    John suggested I try eliminating wheat and dairy to see if it
    helps the fibro. My impression is that it is some type of
    substitute for the gluten in flour?? I'll be finding out
    soon. Now that I finally got everything put away and
    organized, I can finally make up some wheatless flour and try
    baking something. Muffins or cookies sound good! I have
    really missed them!

    I just got some regular plain tofu, too. Have to see how
    well I like it--might try it on Dagan and Leah one
    Monday--hehe! Doubt they'd be too thrilled unless I find something
    in advance that works well. At ToChi's (the store where I
    can go and buy all kinds of odd things up here in Fargo)
    they told me you can cut it up into small cubes and bake it!!
    Sounds like I might like it better in a casserole, etc, if
    it was baked and maybe not so squishy?? I am planning on
    trying that with the regular one I bought (firm). I tried
    it years ago and wasn't too thrilled. But I am not sure I
    knew what to do with it or had good recipes, either.
    So--willing to give it a go again, I guess.

    I never thought of the cubby hole as my "in box", but it
    does look like one--ha! Karma is sleeping in there right
    now as I am typing. Thanks for dropping by my blog and
    commenting!! Love getting comments! Nice to know people
    actually read it sometimes--silly as it is--hehe! :)
    Always, Rita


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