Friday, August 11, 2006


Last night I watched You and Me and Everybody We Know:

Today's world of technology and convenience makes it increasingly difficult to find a real connection with another person. In this compelling look at the everyday human experience, Christine (Miranda July) is a cab driver and artist who leads a solitary life. Richard (John Hawkes) is a recently divorced father who's waiting for great things to happen in his life. When his path crosses with Christine's, he's both entranced and panic-stricken.

The description is much more benign than the actual movie. There are some really disturbing sexual situations with children--most of them only potentially dangerous and nothing horrific resulted, but it was disturbing nonetheless. And there's a scene where Richard deliberately lights his hand on fire with lighter fluid, too! This Christine, who drives an Eldercab, is much more of a borderline (?) mentally ill woman than just an artist leading a solitary life. Very strange movie! Done well and good acting, but not sure I'd recommend it to anybody. John Hawkes is the lead male in the film--he plays the Jewish sidekick of the sheriff in Deadwood (why I rented it of course). Now I am back to The Sopranos season two and have Transamerica with Felicity Huffman to watch (I know she was nominated for an Oscar, but I didn't watch the awards ceremony and don't recall if she won?).

I worked on my website--wrote up how I ended up on disability, changed the intro page (not sure I like it yet, but it is a little bit of an improvement, I guess), and made a link to my eons profile/blog. Boy! Trying to figure out this new program and getting things linked and published--quite a challange! But, I have begun working on the website again--tada! Finally! I am going to work on a list of my interests next, I think? I need a break from the computer, tho. I have been on it a lot for the past several days--emails, eons, my website, and here. Too much. I think I will just pop in here for a couple of days. Got to get something else done around here besides use up all my precious "good" hours at the computer. Not that I am not enjoying myself, obviously, but doing the same thing every day--well, my body protests. So--more tomorrow... :)

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