Friday, January 29, 2010


Just wanted to see if she would jump up on her chair when it was covered with packing paper.
Of course. She thought it was interestingly noisy.
It didn't hinder her ability to sleep soundly on her chair--hehe!
Her world will be completely thrown out of whack when I finally get another recliner in here that I can actually sit comfortably in and then can switch back and forth between chairs. That would be something new in her lifetime--hehe! Always good to shake up her tiny world a little, right? Ha! And she thought the reader's table was annoying--ROFL!
We were both rather lazy yesterday--just hanging out. Today there could well be a repeat performance. Just in a rest-less sleep mode--hehe!
Dagan and Leah drove down to Minneapolis this morning for Dagan's checkup after his new pacemaker surgery. They are already on their way back. Texts from Leah! :):) Another sunny, cold day--2 degrees. Good driving weather.
Oh--I forgot! My new check card already came and I am supposed to have Netflix movies coming today--tada! I do miss them on my noodle days. ;)
I know some of you are suffering from the heat & humidity and some from the ice/snow & cold. May everyone stay safe and comfortable today. :):)


  1. Oh my. Karma wrapped in brown paper wrapper... I'm no, I'm going to pull my mind back away from where it when there....

    I'm glad Dagan is doing well! Nice to see nice guys getting a nice break!

  2. It sounds like all went well with Dagan's checkup.

    Karma makes me laugh ~ :)

  3. my cat that is like Karma LOVES to roll around and play on Barnes and Noble bags. They are a stiffer plastic and make a crinkly sound.

    Glad Dagan is doing alright

  4. Hi Iggy--
    I don't think Karma is "brown paper wrapper" material--ROFL! She is just too clean and dull for that....I am still chuckling!

    I am assuming things went well or Leah would have mentioned something in her texts. Waiting to hear they are back home. They were discount shopping and probably stopped to eat, too. Having fun on the way home. ;)

  5. Serena--We expect him to get a good report.

    Karma makes me laugh every day. I think she thinks she is human and deserves equal status around here....and is occasionally greatly disappointed--ROFL!

  6. Sue--I don't know what it is about cats and crinkly noises? Where could that possibly have come from in their DNA and natural wild abilities--no place! No mice or grasses crinkle like that in real fields! ?? ROFL!

  7. One of my cats used to love crawling into paper grocery bags, turning around, and then lay in them with his head looking out at us. So comical.

    Glad to hear Dagan's checkup went well.

    It was cold here today, and the wind had a definite bite to it. Supposed to be really cold tonight, but not record breaking cold.

  8. AliceKay--Paper bags are the best! Why do we humans even bother to make and buy cat toys when the cats seem to prefer trash--hehe!

    Stay warm! Thanks, Alice. Dagan and Leah are back home--went out to eat with friends. All is well in the world--hehe!


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