Sunday, January 03, 2010



  1. www.barbaraelliottcarpenter.com2:33 PM

    Just looked at your sunrise photos. Do you paint? You do everything else so well I just assume that you can paint, too. These sunrise shots would make great skies above a frozen snowscape. I've been painting for most of my long, long life; and I think my favorite to paint is snowscapes...have many and have given away/sold many. If you don't paint, I betcha you'd be a whiz at it.....Barbara

  2. Beautiful shots of the sky.

    (how cold is it out there today?)

  3. AliceKay--we might hit zero if we are lucky! ;)

  4. Hi Serena--it was a glorious colored sky that morning! :)

  5. Beuatiful shots - the cold doesn't seem to make any difference on how nice the sky looks.

  6. But when it is that cold, Iggy--you wonder how they can exist at all? Like they should turn to ice and shatter when they bump into each other. ;)


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