Monday, January 18, 2010


Woke up to winter fog.
I have always thought there was something eerie about winter fog.
Can't see anything whatsoever beyond the garages--like a white wall.
Anyways, I finished the extra birthday cards--tada!
Karma kept watching for bugs.
I really did kill my three plants by over fertilizing them. Seems like I do this every decade or so. I really need to use the liquid fertilizer Leah uses from now on. :(
I took the dead bodies of the philodendron from the top of the desk hutch...
...and the spider plant hanging in the living room...
...and the philodendron hanging in the bedroom...
...and hauled them to the dumpster on my little green cart. And--guess what!? The cabinet was gone! Somebody took it before the garbage was picked up! Oh My! It had the black mold on the bottom, the top, and inside on the floor of the cabinet, too. Gross! Either somebody knew how to clean it up or it might end up right back at the dumpster again--hehe!
Yesterday was colder--in the 20s--but Karma struggled to stay out on the porch for as long as she could stand it.
I played with the shimmer sprays a little--tried every color.
Guess I don't have to spray as much as I thought I did. That's good. (I am new to colored misters, having only used the walnut sprayer once.) We really need to find a good-sized cardboard box to spray inside of. I don't like that mist flying about aimlessly like it does. And there sure is a lot of dripping and splotches? Probably because I had to spray closer to the paper because of the mist floating everywhere? hehe!
Anyways, the fog is rolling in--hehe! Now I can't see beyond the first row of garages. It is 16 degrees and only supposed to be into the 20s for highs now for a few days. The heat wave is subsiding--hehe! Nice while it lasted...and we may see it again over the winter a few times. :)
My goodness! Seems like it was just New Year's and January is already half gone. Next thing you know it really will be spring. (We really do get 3-4 warm months up here--ROFL!)
Happy Monday!! :):)


  1. Those spots look so empty without an nice burst of green plant in them... I hope you get some replacements soon!

    Brrr... Kharma... you should have a down jacket and a wool hat on!

    The birthday cards are fabulous :) Two of them have been sent already and another one will go out soon!

  2. We had fog here yesterday from the rain on the snow, and then again this morning from the snow we received in the night. There was still some fog across the field when I got home from work this afternoon, but the sun is out now and the fog has mostly dissipated.

    I have a couple of spider plants, and one of them has a baby hanging from it. I wish I was able to send it to you. :)

    Good luck with your misting projects. And you're probably right...if you had a bigger area to spread those out on, the mist would be further away and finer and probably wouldn't run or drip as much.

    It's 40F on my front porch at the moment, but the sun will be setting behind the mountain soon, and then it will get colder. It's supposed to be in the upper 30s here during the day this week. Much better than that bitter cold we had.

    Did Karma see any bugs?

  3. Hi Iggy!
    They really do look very empty. But with it being so cold out, I will probably wait until spring to search out some new green friends.

    Karma must have noticed it wasn't getting into the 30s anymore today. She hasn't been asking to go out as much--hehe!

    I do so like the idea of the birthday cards traveling around to new and different places. :):)

  4. The fog has not lifted here all day! It is after 3:30pm and there is still just a white wall out my window. Strange.

    I do like spider plants! I threw away the old fertilizer (granules/powders) and am going to use the stuff Leah suggested that is guaranteed not to burn the plants. Poor things! I feel like a murderer. :(

    I did spray them on the floor like the day before--just moved them up on the table to dry. But--even with sheets of newspapers--that mist wants to float here, there, and everywhere. I have enough to clean off the carpeting already--ROFL!

    No matter how patiently Karma waited--there were no bugs to be found--hehe! ;)

  5. :(

    The philadendron wasn't dead... It was save-able... :( Anyway, I hope you replace them as well, we could go cheap plant shopping if you'd like or I can give you clipings to start new plants from some of mine, or even just give you one or two, Dagan would love that. He thinks that I have way too many... I disagree... ;)

    Anyway, I have several for you to choose from and you should give away that fertilizer on Freecycle...

    On another note, this fog is so cool! I've always loved fog, just think it's so cool! Only thing is, it never hangs around up here, it's there and gone in a flash as soon as the sun comes out even a little, or it just blows away in our high winds...Today though, it's almost 4pm and it's still here, and it got thicker there for a while and now it's only a little thinner, at least wher I am. It's really quite cool!

    Thank you kindly,

  6. Sorry, forgot something and also forgot to refresh before I posted, sorry, you already answered some of the things in my comment Rita... :)

    Anyway, I forgot to say about spraying those stencils, not only do they look super cool, but when Dagan and I needed to spray paint little things for projects one of the large Shaklee boxes worked quite well, was large enough and could fold back the top flap when it's on it's side give good room and access but keeps the little spritzles from wandering... I have a big order to make so I should have one soon, and can be folded up again when not in use if needed... ;)

    Thank you kindly,

  7. Hi Leah--
    I already threw away the fertilizers. Oh well.

    Maybe next time I am over I will look around at plants that we could take cuttings from. :)

    Definitely save the Shaklee box!! Sounds perfect! :)

    Same here--thicker for a while and now thinning up a little. But we haven't had any sun--so it just lingers. I guess we can pretend we are in London..?? ROFL!

  8. Heavy fogs always have an eerie feeling for me.

    Years ago, I used to use fish emulsion fertiliser...the plants loved it. Now, I tend to use the slow release beads which work for roughly three months. Then I just sprinkle another teaspoonful on the top of the soil.

    I'm enjoying seeing you play with the sprays and, inspired by your photo, I have picture in mind for a painting. Thanks ~

    I'm craving some cool weather at the moment. The heat and humidity yesterday was horrible.

  9. Serena,
    I don't know why they are a little creepy to me in the winter--because they don't bother me in the summer or warmer weather?

    Awesome!!! I'd love to see a piece of Serena artwork from anything I may have accidentally inspired!! I love your work, Lady! :)


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