Friday, June 17, 2011


The mostly rainy and/or cloudy days continue up here. Dark...
...darker. Rain...
...breaks in the clouds...
...and this happy little rainbow!!
Rain? Chilly? Karma looks ultra relaxed and warm in her cat bed.
Tori and I were talking about old necklaces and I did find the old ankh that Alan (my first love) made me in metal shop senior year. When Leah and I were first experimenting with beading I made a copper bead necklace for it...
...but I think I'd rather go back to the leather or silk cording I am so partial to.
Hard to believe this was shiny silver when it was new 43 years ago--LOL! The silver color has almost completely worn off. Looks more copper colored now. I kind of like the worn effect. Looks more ancient, as befits the old Egyptian symbol of life, doesn't it?
Of course, then I found my three favorites (all on leather or silk cord, you'll notice). The hunk of green moldavite that I had hand-wrapped by a woman in Stillwater. The wrapping was a little bit on the gaudy side for my tastes with all the curlycues, but I still wore it all the time--great energy in that stone! The sterling silver is in desperate need of a cleaning.
Then there's the blue (plastic?acrylic?) one with the rune symbols on the front. I saw this in a kiosk at the new Mall of America or the MegaMall, as we call it. (Also bought a set of stunning rune stones from the same place.) The series of rune symbols had something to do with protection by my guide or something like that--been so many years ago now I can't remember exactly. But it was supposed to have been blessed and the energy fixed or some such by the golden streak and the red dot. That's, sadly, the best my sketchy memory can do right now. Knowing me I probably have the card that came with it...someplace. I just immediately thought of it as symbolic of my guardian angel, GA, and that's what it has always meant to me.
Then there's the brass musical sphere! It's a chime ball that makes tinkly music when you move. I've seen a lot of them, but mine has that crescent moon shaped holder and you can remove the chime ball to play with it in your hands. (Which I used to do sometimes at work or in classes in college when I was bored--LOL!)
And here is the back side of my moldavite.
You can google moldavite. Very interesting tektite that is supposed to be 15 million years old.
Since I rarely leave the house I got out of the habit of wearing jewelry...or makeup, for that matter--LOL! But I have been wearing my moldavite necklace a lot since I found it. Still love it. Still need to clean it. ;)
While digging about I also found my golden graduation tassel from high school.
Even tho I doubt he reads my blog...thanks for the ankh, Alan. I still have it. :)
"Every man's memory is his private literature."
Aldous Huxley


  1. I really like the looks of the ankh with the copper beads you put together. What great treasures you've shared with us!

  2. Rita! :) First I enjoyed the post on your easel. Always behind I am on commenting! I love you caught the rainbow on film. Te weather has been rainy and thundery and we had 2 inch sized hale, seriously, crazy!

    Second, the ankh is my symbol, lol well you know not mine mine but you get me! My bestie and I have matching ankh tats on our left shoulders. The ankh just resonates with who I am. I am sure I was an Egyptian in a former life. :D

    Fun to pilfer through things we have from our past. Thank you for sharing!

  3. That rainbow "touching" the water tower is a cool shot. I love water towers no matter what they look like. :)

    I have an ankh necklace I got back in high school, too. Mine wasn't made by anyone special. I think I just bought it for myself. I didn't know what you meant by ankh (brain dead) until I saw your picture. I just remember the symbol of life. Brings back some good memories, tho.

    You have some cool necklaces. Very original and something I've never seen before.

    I have my high school graduation tassles in a little cedar hope chest box that a local furniture store used to give out to all of the female high school graduates. I will have to take a picture sometime to show you what I mean. I have two has my high school colors (orange and black) and one is gold (looks more yellow, i think) from the National Honor Society. I graduated in the top five of my class of just under 200 students. I don't know the actual number because I never asked, but I was a business student and the other four girls were academic students (who were brains) so I always told myself I was number 5. More memories. lol

    Thanks for the pictures. Have yourself a great Saturday. I gotta go get ready for work now.

  4. B--Thanks! I liked the copper bead look, too, but not the feel of them on my neck. So then I hardly ever wore it after I made the beaded necklace. I am so used to barely feeling anything from using thin leather cord or silk cord--just spoiled, I guess. ;)

    Desi--2 inch hail!!! OMG! That IS crazy!
    I love ankhs, too! Maybe we knew each other in Egypt--LOL! I have always had an affinity for ancient well as some other places. ;)

    AliceKay--I figured you might like the rainbow touching the water tower--LOL!
    Wow! You have an ankh necklace, too, and Desi even has a tattoo--my goodness! I am not the only one who has an affinity for the symbol. :)
    I have a little cedar "chest" from Lane's that they gave us girls in high school--complete with a tour of the hope chest factory. I lost the key to mine years ago--thank goodness it wasn't locked at the time. We should post pictures!! :)
    You were a smart girl! I graduated in the top 10 percent of the class, I was told. And lectured by the counselor for not living up to my potential? If she had told me what my potential was--what is my purpose--might have made my life easier--LOLOL!! I still don't know what my life's purpose is or if I will ever reach my "potential". ;)

  5. I am always happy to see when you comment on my blog. I loved the story of that old fish that terrorized the others, and I too am a little sorry he's gone. But not sad, though. Great pictures of the sky! Cool!!!

  6. Anonymous6:15 AM

    Wow I think that is just great that you still have that necklace after this long LOL I sure wish we were having your weather down here sounds soooo good hehehe. Happy Sunday to you!

  7. I think it's great that you still have them, and that you were able to find where you put them. They sound very beautiful. I think I would have done the same with the chime ball; taken it off to play with when I was bored, I mean. ;)

  8. Djan--Oh, thank you! Me, too!! :):)
    Sorry, but not sad--perfect description. I think the other fish are relieved--LOL! Well, the catfish and algae eater (smarter) began coming out almost immediately after Old Hunchback was scooped away. (I had actually thought the little catfish might have died, I hadn't seen it for so long!) They're having a little bottom-feeders fish party in there. Even the not as bright tetras are slowly making their way higher up in the tank every day--ROFL!! When it finally dawns on them that O.H. is really gone, I think they will be much more relaxed, too. ;) Life in the fish world, eh? LOL!

    Lynn--I have a few old mementos that go back to high school. Old school buttons, a beanie from Pep Club, etc. I even have these hysterical pamphlets that they handed out at "the film" the girls and their moms attended in fifth grade. ;) Happy Sunday to you, too!!

  9. Well, I don't have any necklaces...

    ...but I have a high school tassel. I keep thinking I should just throw it away.. it means very little to me... (anyone that actually showed up at my high school graduated ... it wasn't really a milestone of any sort).

  10. Those are some very threatening clouds.

    Rita, you have some great original jewelry pieces there. I don't wear much jewelry either, but sometimes the sentimental jewelry is the best!

  11. I love your jewellery, Rita....very unique and interesting. I also have an Ankh cross made from hematite which I wear on a leather cord. I also love the Celtic crosses...I have one in sterling silver which I wear coupled with my St. Christopher medallion on a sterling silver chain. Even though I'm not one for organised religion, I've always had a soft spot for St. Christopher. I have a couple of Feng Shui chime balls used for exercising the hand and for meditation/relaxation.

    How cool that you have your graduation tassel!

  12. Tori--Oh, I am pretty organized. They were just in my jewelry box in one of the drawers. Besides jewelry, the other really old things are in a box in the garage someplace--like yearbooks and such.
    You'd love the little chime ball!! :)

    Iggy--You're too young for the days that guys wore puka necklaces--LOL! And I guess you weren't into the bare chests and gold chains that came later. ;)
    It still signifies a milestone. It was the end of something and the beginning of something else.

    I really have zero affinity for ceremonies (wouldn't have gone to my college graduation if I had been able to finish), but the tassel signifies life memories. Only important to me and will probably end up in a landfill someplace, but who cares! ;)

    Deanna--I've never been too much into jewelry, either. But what I did wear was usually more sentimental in nature, oddly appealed to me, gifts, or old favorites. I guess I realized that I thought of jewelry as more something to wear when you left the house--like shoes--ROFL!! Because I haven't been wearing any for these past years when I've been home all the time. But why not once in a while? I do have my favs. ;)

  13. Anonymous4:10 PM

    Wow - you have so many interesting supplies! And - I am all for wearing jewelry at home too - now it's just up to me to implement it...!

  14. Yes, I know I'd love the chime ball; will have to get me one of those... If I can!

    The bits of jewelry I wear only go on once I'm dressed. And when I get in to PJs they come off. Well, my earings don't; they only get removed to be cleaned from time to time. Mind you, the only pieces of jewelry I wear are the pendant I've recently started wearing again, and my special rings (engagement ring, wedding ring, and eternity ring). I used to also wear a couple of other things, but the clasp on the only bracelet I still have is to fragile to risk wearing it all the time, the chain from my small pendants (like the locket from Kelly) broke, and I never got around to replacing it - which may have been partly because I stopped wearing anything other than my special rings over the past few years - and the same with the broken cords from the triceratops my Dad brought me, and the dragon with the broken tail that Kelly gave me (originally I gave it to him, but it was returned to me with a protection charm... Only then the tail broke, and then the cord broke....)

  15. How wonderful! Now, if I would just do some cleaning around here, I'm sure I would find some good ol' treasures too. I remember the ankh - it was a really 'hot' item when I was back in HS.. in the 70's :) Lovely collection you have! -Tammy

  16. You have some very interesting treasures!!! I loved seeing them and hearing your stories about them!

    I don't have any of my HS things, or anything that came before age 20. It makes me sad sometimes, BUT I have my memories and I make sure my kids have all of their stuff!

  17. Serena--You have an ankh, too! I love hematite--so grounding. And on a leather cord--nice!
    I like celtic crosses, too, but don't have one. I'd love to see a pictures of your necklaces. St. Christopher reminds me of like a guardian angel watching over people when they travel. :)
    I've seen those sets of the bigger chime balls that fit in your hand. I bet those are relaxing. The ones I saw were too big for me to rotate the two of them in one hand. Would have worked better for a guy. Anyways, they are cool! :)

    Anna--How silly that we think we need to go out to put them on--hehe!

    Tori--You'd also love the hand chimes that Serena was talking about in the comments. They are larger chime balls that you roll around in your hand.
    I tend to break thin chains, too. Maybe another reason I like the leather and silk cords. ;)

    Tammy--Ah! Thanks! If you do find some old treasures please post them on your blog. :)

    Jeannie--Thanks! Too bad you don't have anything from high school or when you were a kid. At least your kids have got theirs. :)

  18. Yes, I think I would like those hand chimes too; might have better luck locating those. ;)


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