Sunday, June 26, 2011


It did dry off on the porch by the following day. I tried to sneak up on Karma as she laid out there by the door washing her face and ears.
She saw me, tho...
...and wondered what her crazy human was up to this time. No privacy. Not even when bathing. No wonder she takes off and hides under the bed or in strange spots once in a while--ROFL!
Anyways, thunderstorm with lots of lightning last night. Rain and clouds. It's only 72 degrees, but still 82% humidity--so I am still closed up with the AC on low, feeling pretty decent, and getting a few things done.
Yes! I finally got to....the file cabinet. (Can you almost hear the music from Jaws?)
All the files and such did fit on my desk--tada!
I have stacks and stacks to slowly wade through. Federal, State, and County loans...medical...all the Medicare info...bills...receipts...guarantees and instructions...
I'm not even sure I know what all is in there--LOL! But one file at a time, I will putter my way thru the stacks and, hopefully, have a ton of paperwork to shred when I'm done. ;)
After that--I can start on the cleaning and sorting of the actual desk. ;P
Meanwhile--since I was out of bookcards again and have a whole big bunch all ready to punch and sew together...
...well, I decided to punch and sew. Put together 16 of them.
My last three of the poinsettia watercolor cards from the first batch we printed and eight of the new bookcards are all matched up with an addressed envelope. Yup! Eight of the sixteen bookcards are already earmarked.
This is how I write letters most of the time these days. Not usually this many ready to go at once but, obviously, on occasion. ;) I write in segments and sometimes have 2-3 letters going at the same time. So, even if I have these all addressed and ready to start, I won't be writing to more than 2-3 at a time, if that makes any sense.
Since I can't sit to write for any length of time anymore, it changed the way I write letters--but it wasn't going to stop me! I love having the bookcards ready to go or started so that I can just pick one up and start chatting to that particular person. Since I came up with the bookcard idea I have been hooked! They are so compact and handy for me. I used to have stacks of envelopes, cards, and paper/stationery...trying to keep track of which stack of paper went with which card. (I've made handmade cards for years and would tuck the letter inside.) No wonder I love the bookcards--hehe!
Anyways, I'm all set up for writing letters for weeks! ;)
I can't stop giggling over this order that came on Friday! I had ordered a set of herb pots must have been in March or April. They've been on backorder until now. I was expecting little windowsill type pots--after all they were only $12.95 for the six pots and the seed disks. Stood a roll of paper towels next to them so you'd have a better idea of how large they are. Look at the size of these herb pots!! ROFL!
I will pot them, anyways. I think they will fill up the entire little round table on the porch--hehe! If I can keep them alive until fall, then I will worry about finding room for them inside. Good Lord! I think I might have to cook more often! ROFL!!!
Karma claimed the packaging, of course.
The last couple of months CashWise has been out of quite a few of the items I have ordered. I request "no substitutions", so when they don't have them my bill is less. I had a little extra money this month, too---so---another JetPens order came on Saturday! (I wait till the end of the month in case something unexpected comes up.)
This is a leatherette-type, refillable journal holder. I like the gold, metal corner protectors. On the smaller side than most of mine...
...with two built in thin ribbon bookmarks. The lines are a bit odd with the "header" look, but that might be just perfect for lists! (I am a notorious list maker.) Haven't decided what I want to use it for exactly but it will never go to waste around here--LOL!
And also I got this set of nibs I have been eyeing. Tachikawa Calligraphy Pen Nibs-Type C (Sharp)- 1mm.
Look at the reservoir on those! Wow!! [Please ignore the Karma hair. I didn't even see it until I saw the pictures on my laptop. Just one of those annoying things you deal with when you live with furbabies, I guess. I have her apologize to you, but she refuses to apologize...for anything.]
Anyways, I giggled at this order, too. See the teeny, tiny nib? It's a Brause 66 Extra Fine "Arrow" Calligraphy Pen Nib. I wondered if it might need a special nib holder because JetPens sells all kinds of specialty "Comic/Manga Pens". It does. Too small for any of mine, but I'll get one next time I order. Not expensive and it just looked soooo cool to play with--couldn't resist.
I do love a fine line. ;)
I hope you've been having a nice weekend. For me, I've been doing a lot the last couple days so I am gong to take the day off from the files or making anything--quietly wait for the next line of thunderstorms to roll through. ;)
"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter the words, but to live by them."
John Fitzgerald Kennedy
As I was finishing this thunder cracked, the building shook, Karma sat up, and the sky opened up in torrents. Can't even see out the window.


  1. You wouldn't think Karma would be shy after all these years, but she sure is comical. LOL I had to laugh when you said she refused to apologize for anything. Typical cat. LOL

    Good luck with your file organization and shredding. I did a little of that myself this afternoon while catching up on Friday's episode of "One Life To Live".

    Your bookcards are a nice idea. I know you enjoy writing letters in them. They look great.

    Those are pretty big pots. You'll have herbs growing all over the place soon.

    Have fun with the nibs and pens. Your new journal is beckoning you to write with them.

    We had a mostly cloudy day today, but it didn't rain. It was cooler than it's been, and that's a good thing. We got our electric bill yesterday, and man, oh man. Those hot, humid days were killers. :(

    I hope the thunderstorm passed without too much damage in your area. Stay safe!

  2. I love those kinds of thunderstorms!!! You know, as long as you're safely inside!

    I have a filing cabinet to go through as well, although smaller. It can wait a bit yet though, lol!!!

    Those nibs are so cool! I would make such a blotchy mess of them though - not enough patience.

    Tell Karma I said hello!!!

  3. Karma always makes me smile; silly kitty! :)

    I do the same thing; wait until the end of the month, then usually buy a little something. I hadn't been lately; we need to save some money, as you know. But I have this month treated myself to a couple of items. I plan on saying more when they arrive though... Could be a few days, could be longer... They have to come from somewhere in the US.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy your new pens and such! :)

    Good luck with the paper sorting. When I first got my shredder I had so much paperwork to sort through that I filled two boxes just with stuff that needed to be shredded. It's so easy to get behind on sorting paperwork... Last time I let myself get behind it resulted in three solid days of shredding paper (my shredder has a function where it cuts out if it gets too hot, so I did take breaks; had to so it could cool down and work again, LOL!)

    Make sure you take plenty of breaks in between sorting stuff; you don't want to be sitting still for too long then suffering for it afterwards!

    Well, at least the herb pots will be plenty big enough for the herbs, and you shouldn't need to buy bigger ones as they grow! :)

    I love thunder storms. Didn't used to, but they grew on me, and now I love them. Funny how that can work sometimes.

    Glad you're getting plenty of things done. I got quite a bit done this weekend myself!

    Hope you've been sleeping well.

  4. I have to admit I enlarged the pictures of the pens, curious to see the Karma hairs. I haven't written with anything as elegant as these for a long time.

    And Karma is one kitty who knows who is boss (her!). Calico cats have always been a favorite of mine.

  5. Oh the days where we wish we were our pets! At least I know I have many days like that!

    Great looking nibs! :)

    I am loving the bookcards as always! :) Hope you are having a wonderful Monday so far!

  6. Besides being a bit health-challenged, I think you've got THE LIFE. You've got an apartment where everything is set up the way you want it, it is HOME.... a cat that loves you like crazy and he is also HOME... a corner desk with all that room to craft... and that is a very cool cabinet, by the way. We need some file cabinets around here. Problem is, we want the pottery barn ones, and we just cannot afford those!

  7. Wow... those pots might be big enough drive ya potty!

    Oh.. you like a fine line huh?


    Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten I see!

    I'd marry your cat just to get into your family.

    Pardon me miss, I seem to have lost my phone number, could I borrow yours?


  8. AliceKay--Dogs are quickly sorry, but cats never seem to apologize. ;)
    Ha! One Life To Live? I have been watching All My Children for 40 years and now it's being cancelled in September. Is OLTL going, too?
    My electric bill will go up, too. Oh well. Not much one can do about it, eh?

    Jeannie--I do, too! And blizzards are awesome, too--if you are inside and safe and warm. ;)

    Tori--I haven't had any money to spare for many months, so it was fun. JetPens I get free shipping when you are over $25.00. Me and a pen store...$25 is easy to hit--LOL!
    I am taking breaks and taking things VERY slowly. Especially since I've been on the really painfully sore side for so long this spring, I really don't want to set anything off--hehe! ;)
    Hope you're sleeping well, too!

    Djan--Ha! You saw the Karma hairs! One big one that obviously missed MY naked eye--LOL! I've always loved calicos and black & white cats and black ones and tiger striped...I guess I like them all. :)

    Desi--I haven't even played with the nibs yet! Gives me something to look forward to, tho. Yes, been a very nice Monday. You, too!

    Nikki--Yup! This IS my sanctuary here! If I try to ignore the health issues as much as humanly possible (which I do), this is heaven on earth for me. :):)
    My desk and file cabinet are just the cheap pressboard ones from Office Max, but they do the trick and they're still basically in one piece--ROFL! ;)

    Iggy--ROFLMAO!!! Karma has become mysteriously a bit friendlier the past couple months...LOLOL!!! ;)
    You'd make good family, sweetie!! :):)

  9. Yeah; I don't doubt you could get to $25 easily with things like pens. So easy to get a large order on things you love!

    Good plan with trying not to set anything off!

    Been sleeping well, but not at the right time.

  10. Yep, One Life To Live is being cancelled, too. I think January of next year will be the end. I only started watching it after CBS cancelled As The World Turns. :(

  11. Tori--Same with me! Sleeping well, but not at the proper time! LOL!

    AliceKay--I started watching AMC within the first year they came on. I think they have been on 41 years. Once they invented tape recording TV shows then I didn't miss it. Well, I could "half-watch" as I did other things--LOL!

    There used to be 4 half hour shows on ABC (Ryan's Hope, AMC, GH, and OLTL). When they started switching over to an hour that was just too much for me! I picked my favorite one and quit watching the rest of them. Thank goodness! hehe!

    Funny--Dagan watched it with me when he was little (that's where we had a lot of discussion on birth control, marriage, cheating, drinking, lying, etc) and when he'd catch me watching it now he'd laugh because some of the same people were still on the show decades later. I just informed him that AMC got cancelled and he teased me about how I've been saying I should quit watching for years and years and now I will actually be forced to...and Susan Lucci is being forced to retire--ROFL!! ;)

  12. Despite having all that stuff on your desk, it still looks neat and organized!
    Yeah, those pots are sure bigger than what I'd expect to get if I ordered an herb kit. I hope you find room for them and that they grow. I have never had any luck growing indoor herbs.
    I like the red journal. Looks very elegant.
    If Iggy marries Karma, can I come to the wedding?

  13. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Yeah with our fur doggy we sure have our share of the fur around here, I cringe when she decides to scratch an itch hair just goes flying, ugh!!

    Love the notecards and what a good idea to have several letters going at once. I need to write letters more often its always fun to get something in the mail other than bills lol

    Good luck with all of those files and paperwork :o)

  14. Looks like you've been busy!!! What are book cards? Are they your design?

  15. Barb--LOL! I suppose I am too compulsive for my messes to be truly chaotic. Sad, but true--ROFL!!
    I haven't had much luck growing indoor herbs, either. So I'll be very surprised if I even have to worry about where to put them inside this fall. ;)
    If Iggy marries Karma I think everybody will just have to come--including Guinness!! ROFLMAO!!!

    Lynn--LOL! Yes, Karma has white hair for my dark clothes and dark hair for my white clothes. I can't win! :)
    I love getting good old fashioned letters in the mail. I still have quite a few people who write once in a while and a few who write regularly. But, these days, the regular writers are the ones who don't have internet, of course. ;)

    Carol--I originally started making the "bookcards" when I was figuring out a way to attach something smooth to write on for the inside of a handmade paper card because the glue wasn't working that day--LOL! The idea came to me to sew in a sheet...which rapidly became 4-6 sheets (or 16-24 pages both sides) and a place to write letters.

    I don't always have handmade paper made up, so then I started buying printed 12 X 12 papers and cutting them down for covers. I have found that if I have 5 sheets or less they will mail for regular postage. If I don't decorate them to make them any fatter--hehe! I can do all the prep work--all the cutting and folding--and have them ready to just punch the holes and pick some embroidery thread. Then I can sew them together while I watch TV.

    Must be 2-3 years now that I have been making them. I am sure I am not the first person to come up with this idea. They're almost like a small, one-signature booklet. And I made dark lined sheets and cut them down to size to use as writing guides on the blank paper. Thanks for asking. Obviously I love using them! :)


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