Sunday, June 12, 2011


The JoAnn's order arrived!!
Only crafters will probably get a thrill out of this--LOL! JoAnn's had the Distress ink pads and reinkers on sale (reg. $4.99 for $2.99!). I already have three of them I love. Now I have nine more!! :):)
And lots of the silly color names, Iggy, that you get such a kick out of. I already had Walnut Stain, Tea Dye, and Victorian Velvet. Now I also have Pumice Stone, Antique Linen, Scattered Straw, Wild Honey, Rusty Hinge, Bundled Sage, Black Soot, Tumbled Glass, and Stormy Sky. Whoohoo!
They're translucent and all blend with each other. You can even use a paintbrush and color in a stamp with them.
I also ordered some Gelly Roll pens--two clear glaze and two of the sparkly glaze.
Naturally, Karma laid claim to the packaging.
Since I haven't actually gotten as much crafting done this year, I thought I'd show you what the table actually looks like every morning these days. Books, journals, letters...and coffee, of course, in my thermal mug.
Miss Karma was not nice to the beads on the bookmark Desi sent--thought it was a toy for her and broke the chain right off while I was reading in my chair! So I took off the beads and hung them...
...on the lamp on my craft table. So, it's nearby every day and Karma doesn't go up on the craft table (unless she sneaks up there after I go to bed, which she has done on the rare occasion). She knows her "a** is grass" if she steps up on my table. Too many things she could ruin or mess up. Was funny tho when she stepped on some wet handmade paper and left a paw print indentation for me to find in the morning--hehe! Good thing she hates stepping in anything wet so she only left the one. I made a card out of it and sent it to my cat-lovin' friend, Ruby--ROFL!
Anyways, I added some textured red yarn to the bookmark instead. Still interesting to Karma, so I decided to put the bookmark inside the workbook journal instead of the book itself because I always keep the workbook at the table or on the cabinet behind the table. Ahhh! Living with cats. One must be adaptable, correct? ;)
Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous! Spent quite a bit of time on the porch reading about the Magi. Still trying to wrap my head around it. Halfway now. Still winding--hehe! ;)
My chair was blocked to Karma (she usually steals it as soon as I get up) with my pillow props that I need because I can't hold a book for any length of time with my bad arm. She likes to lie on the ottoman between my feet but, as you can see, there is barely enough room left for my feet.
So I finally decided to lay the fluffy throw over the ottoman--much easier on my ankles (duh!)--but Karma wasn't sure what to think about it and took forever to finally jump up there. For someone who has to investigate every single new shift or object in her home, she can sometimes be very weird about change--seemed put out with me. Go figure.
Anyways, not of any consequence today--raining again. And they have predicted scattered showers and thunderstorms for the next four days. And it is only 60 degrees. Chilly enough to have the windows closed.
Today I have no particular plans.
I really do know how to live!! :):)
"If you can spend a perfectly useless afternoon in a perfectly useless manner, you have learned how to live."
Lin Yutang


  1. I can't wait to get into scrapbooking again. All of my supplies are downstairs, and I really don't have a place upstairs to get things out and leave it out - so everything is on hold for the time being. I'd be pretty excited with the supplies you got - funny names and all.

    I hope you have a great week ahead of you.

  2. Looks like a lot of ink. I'm sure you'll find good use for all of it, tho. I thought the color names were kinda cool.

    Karma seems to enjoy herself doing lots of things, or nothing at all. Just like humans. :)

    I'm glad you had a nice day out on your porch yesterday. Today didn't sound very good out there.

    Weather is iffy here, and you never know what the next hour will bring. We got 1.75 inches of rain last night. It poured and poured. :( I worked out in the yard today. Finished mulching the rest of the flower bed, pulled weeds here and there, and then whacked down weeds for awhile. The sky gets dark and sprinkles for awhile, and then it straightens up for awhile, just to do it all over again a short time later.

    Nice quote.

  3. I'm glad your new crafting stuff arrived; enjoy it!

    I'm also glad you were able to have some porch time.

    Maybe it was because it was fluffy that Karma was unsure? *Shrugs*

    Yes; always got to adapt things to "try" and keep one step ahead of the cat(s). ;)

    Love the quote!

  4. I really do know how to live too, Rita. Uselessness is my life!! Your inks and pens have me so intrigued. How beautiful and different to me. I just love that Karma. Last week my I let my momma kitty in for a spell to give her a break from the heat. Then promptly forgot about her. I wandered upstairs to my studio and she had made herself at home on my work table in the middle of my quilt project. Gotta just love them. They love us. Terah

  5. when I grow up, I want to be just like Karma...lounging around, playing with packaging...ok, maybe not that part!
    Your "table" with its journal and papers makes me jealous, makes me want to have a cozy corner like that!

  6. Deanna--Ahhh! A scrapbooker! I've never tried that, but am a dyed in the wool card maker. They are very similar addictions, tho. We drool over a lot of the same supplies--LOL! ;)

    AliceKay--We've also had it go from rain to sun to clouds. I hope you are taking care of your back with all the work you've been doing outside. Rest up! Hope you have a good week. :)

    Tori--Silly Karma! That is the same sage colored fluffy throw that is draped over "her" chair and she lays on it all winter--ROFL!! She is so strange. ;)

    Terah--I'm such a pen addict. Those are just my fountain pens! ;) I have 6-7 cups of pens in various spots around the house (don't ever want to be too far from a pen, scissors, or my Puffs)--several containers with my crafting pens--another jar with dip pen holders--it's really quite sad. There are much worse addictions, tho. ;)
    Had to laugh at Mama Kitty. They sure do know how to find the best places to snooze--and who wouldn't LOVE your new quilt project! ;) Yup--gotta love'em!

    Sandra--I don't think I'll ever grow up, so I want to come back as a spoiled pet cat in my next life. ;)
    You too can have a great table to do with what you want and leave it filled with whatever project you're working on for as long as you want if you live alone--ROFL! There's always a catch to certain freedoms, eh? :):)

  7. :) I had read this post before I had commented on the other one too, so I left on the other one how I loved the red you added. I confused myself because then I was like how did I know that cause it wasn't in that post. lol I am sad I missed this sale @ JoAnns about the ink, I cold so have taken advantage of that one!

  8. Desi--So funny! ;)
    JoAnn's has great online sales that have nothing to do with the store. I found out because you can't return an online item to one of their stores. And our JoAnn's doesn't have an tenth of what they have available online. They run sales regularly. So if there's something I'm interested in purchasing I actually bookmark it and just check on it randomly because over the years I have found that, if I don't need something right away, they have some of the best sale prices when I have comparison shopped. And they do seem to rotate around what goes on sale in the crafts department.

    Hobby Lobby recently started up their own online store, too. So I'm going to have to get more familiar with them online, too.

    Of course, for art supplies I always check Dick Blick, Cheap Joes, and Art Supply Warehouse. Dick Blick also has a lot of craft supplies, too.

    As you can probably tell, I never pay full price for big ticket items and seldom for any art & craft supplies, for that matter. I'm an online comparison shopper--LOL! ;)

  9. Yes, silly Karma!

    I'd like to come back as a spoiled cat next time too!

    And what's this about growing up? I don't have to grow up, do I? I'd miss my cartoons! ;)

  10. I snorted my drink out my nose when I read "Tea Dye, and Victorian Velvet....Pumice Stone, Antique Linen, Scattered Straw, Wild Honey, Rusty Hinge, Bundled Sage, Black Soot, Tumbled Glass, and Stormy Sky"

    Okay.. what color is tumbled glass?


  11. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Love all of your goodies :o) I would love to have one of those white chairs like you have on your deck it looks so comfy if it had a cushion on it.

  12. Iggy--LOL!! Believe it or not, Tumbled Glass is blue! I even thought that was an odd name. Not often you see light blue glass? ROFL!! ;)

    Lynn--That white and sage chair and small table are metal (cool in the summer without a cushion). I bought the chair because it is a glider chair and reminded me of the big old metal glider my grandparents had on their porch when I was a kid. It's like a cool swing on a very hot day. But since I can't stand the heat, it doesn't get used as much as I thought it would--LOL! Even tho it's actually not uncomfortable to sit in--maybe you're right--could maybe try some cushions. ;)


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