Friday, June 03, 2011


I had Karma's cat grass growing behind the porch door. Didn't have it open this far and thought she had enough room to go back there and chew away. Either she didn't have enough room or out of sight, out of mind.
I moved it out yesterday in front of the screen door and Karma has been happily grazing away ever since.
It got so awfully sticky in here (90% humidity) last night that it woke me up at 3am. I closed the place up and put the air on. So, of course, Karma has already asked to go out half a dozen times--ROFL! Does this mean summer is here already? ;)
I ran across ~Pieceful Art~ on youtube. She was recycling an old book into a journal and using her sewing machine to bind the new pages together--neat idea! I started following her blog, too. One day Desi showed some bookmarks she had collaged and asked if anybody wanted one! Tada!
I had no idea that this multicolored thread for your sewing machine that Desi used for the zig-zig border even existed. Just shows you how many years it's been since I've had my machine out of the closet--hehe!
She added chains and beads and trinkets, too. Handmade things are special to me.
And she sent this pretty card...
...that has a pop-out flower pot inside! Thanks so much, Desi!
I don't know if she peeks at my blog, but thank you so much, Desi!! :):)
It's supposed to clear up a little this morning--to partly cloudy, mid-70s, and humid. I am not a fan of sticky. :( Karma--she's sprawled out on the porch avoiding the AC. ;) The AC and I--we're going to have a good day! :)
"If you plant rice, rice will grow. If you plant fear, fear will grow."
Caine, from Kung Fu (TV show)


  1. Hope your Summer finally is there; enjoy it!

    Sounds like you got a really nice package there!

  2. My dogs would devour Karma's grass in a heartbeat. What is it about grass?

    We're supposed to get into the 80's this weekend, which will be the absolute first summer-feeling day we've had in a long time. I just hope it doesn't go over 80!

  3. Tori--I think we may have sprung from a cold spring right into the heat and humidity. Oh well. ;)
    Desi made the bookmark with cloth and paper chunks--a collage bookmark. And then has densely rainbow colored thread zig-zagged all the way around the border. She has an eyelet at the top and hung two chains with a few beads and a star charm on them. It's bright and cheery. You'd like it! :)

    Nikki--My dogs ate grass, too! And all my cats. I think it settles their stomachs? That's what my grandpa told me, anyways. Who knows, tho.
    I don't like it when it gets into the 80s, either!! On third floor you can be sure it will be at least 5-10 degrees hotter. I don't like the heat and humidity. I don't live this far north for nothing--ROFL!!! ;)

  4. I always peek at you blog and comment too! :) Glad you got the happy mail. Love that multi colored thread. :D You are very welcome!

  5. That's a good crop of cat grass. I bet Karma was in grass heaven for awhile. :)

    That is a beautiful bookmark. Desi is very talented. The card is beautiful, too. I'm amazed at what people can create with their own hands and imagination. (i have very little creativity like that)

    We had a couple of days in the high 90s and very humid, and then it got chilly. My furnace ran yesterday morning and again this morning. We had thunder and a rain shower a little bit ago, but the sun is trying to peek out again. I'm heading outside to work on one of my flower beds, unless it starts to rain again. There's a party going on at a house down the street. The music stopped when the thunderstorm went thru, but I hear it playing again. (it's way down the street, too)

    Love the quote. You sure do find some excellent quotes to post.

  6. Cool bookmark! Love the beads. Thanks for vivisting over at the Blockheads blog.

  7. Anonymous5:33 PM

    LOL Karma is so funny with her face planted in the grass. Love the bookmark it is just beautiful. I have seen the multi colored thread but it is a tad expensive for me to try it, maybe one day I will find some on sale because it sure is neato. Hope you have a good start to your week HUGS

  8. Desi--Yes, it was definitely "happy mail" and thanks so much!!! I knew you popped by here and there, but wasn't sure if you read all the posts or not. Nice!! :)

    AliceKay--Karma's been doing a lot of grazing--LOL! Yes, Desi is talented. :)
    Crazy weather to go from using the furnace to 90s. Thanks on the quotes, too. ;)

    Karen--You're welcome!! I am always looking, but don't always comment. Glad to see you pop in over here. Thanks!

    Lynn--Yes, Karma will really dig down into the grass for a good jawful--LOL! Hope you have a good week this week, too. :)

  9. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Yes, that is a very nice bookmark! And handmade things are definitely special!!

  10. Yikes: being in dry California which is taking its time with becoming Summer, 90% humidity is frightening and then some...

    I have never even heard of cat grass before and now you are inspiring me.

    I am glad I found you today via Creative Every Day!

  11. Karma seems very pleased with her grass stash. :) sounds like summer is there. We get very high humidity here too in our summer months...I hate it!

    What a lovely bookmark and card! I must check out Desi's YouTube and blog when I get a chance.

    I used to LOVE watching Kung Fu starring David Carradine....good quote!

  12. Kow-ma thanks you for mooo-ving her grass. She is utterly pleased that you have put it where she can graze.

  13. *Nods* Yes, I think I would like the bookmark! Sounds like she did an awesome job on it too! :)

  14. Anna--Yes! Handmade things are so special. :)

    Julie--So glad you stopped by! I will go check out your blog, too.
    90% humidity and high heat makes it so sticky and hard to breathe. Each area has it's own good and bad points. I'd pass on the earthquakes--LOL!
    You should be able to find cat grass at the pet shop. It's actually seeds like barley and oats, etc. Karma loves it--and every cat I've had that I've grown some for. :)

    Serena--I agree! The humidity sucks!
    Desi makes me want to drag out my sewing machine--hehe!
    I loved Kung Fu, too. Loved all the "grasshopper" words of wisdom memories and how he tried to find peaceful ways to solve problems and avoided seriously injuring or killing anyone...and how he'd poof-disappear. ;)

    Iggy--Just shows you how spoiled Miss Karma is that she waited until I made the grass more conveniently accessible. ;)

    Tori--Yes, the bookmark is textured and really colorful. You'd like it. :)

  15. Hi Rita!!

    Great gift from Desi....I'm gonna slide on over to her blog and have a look!

    Good morning form down south (near St Louis, across the river and out in the country!)

  16. Annie--I knew you were a lot farther south--LOL!! ;) Have a great weekend! :)


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