Thursday, June 23, 2011


Beautiful out today! Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, mid-70s.
Karma mistakenly thought it would be a good day to lounge on the porch--but the carpeting is soaked out there from days of rain. She wanted right back in.
The amazing duo were here again. Dagan fixed the remote! He pushed two buttons at the same time! The mistakenly pushed one and the function button. I never thought to push two at once. I had pushed them one right after the other--many, many times. Anyways, Dagan got it working again in just about a minute. He really does have the knack. :)
He got my laptop to recognize my printer again, too. For some reason the McLap seems to lose the printer connection altogether when the printer goes to sleep. So now I turn it on just before I want to print something. Saves electricity, too. I'm happy.
Leah put a screen protector on my new phone and I think she got my blue tooth to work again, too. She reconnected it. Said sometimes you have to do that when they are acting up--disconnect and reconnect them. Computers seem to consistently have trouble with brain glitches--more than I do even. ;)
Dagan and Leah will be back in two weeks. :):)
I have been in a cleaning out and throwing away mood. Been in the bathroom shelves and medicine cabinet tossing away. Started to haul out some of my files from the file cabinet...plan to do a lot of shredding. Leah said I can take their shredder since we've wanted to buy a cross cut shredder for our papermaking anyways. I know--a little late for spring cleaning, but as long as I am feeling pretty good...well, if I ever feel like cleaning I never worry about what time of year it is--ROFL! I go for it. ;)
So, I think it is going to be a chaotic mess around here for a while. I have put off cleaning the files for a couple of years because it is going to be such a humongous project going thru all those papers one by one--arg!! Wish me luck! I'll save one end of the table for my books and journals every morning, but anything else will be on hold till this task is completed, I think.
My days and nights have be doing the flip again. Only takes one sleepless night (a while back before the fans--hehe!) and my hours get crazy--LOL! So, during the night tonight I will continue to haul out files and pile them all over my desk, table, art table, TV trays, wherever...
We're supposed to have another day of sun before the rain and storms return on Sunday. Have a great weekend!! :):)
"Cleanliness is next to godliness."
Ancient Proverb


  1. Yay! The sun came out for you!!! I hate it when days/nights switch. I hope you get back on schedule really soon. Good luck on the organizing!!!! I have some of that to do too, but I think I'll procrastinate a tad bit longer....LOL!

  2. Anonymous5:36 AM

    Im so glad you got your remote fixed, your son is a very smart fella :o) Im so glad you are getting sun, I have been seeing on the news where ND is having all that flooding, it is so sad with all these weather problems and people are just losing their homes like crazy. I sure need to so me some cleaning out also, but Im so lazy LOL We live back in the woods I wish we lived next to a road so we could have us a yard sale but oh well, every now and again I just pack up a bag and take it over to goodwill. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and your sleeping works itself out for you.

  3. That is a great photo of the blue sky and puffy white clouds. Such wide open spaces. ;)

    I'm glad Dagan and Leah helped with the remote and phone. They sure are nice to have around. :)

    Good luck with the cleaning. I hope you take it a little at a time and don't overdo. I was thinking about cleaning out our medicine cabinet/cupboard in our main bathroom the other day, but I'm still in the thinking mode. Haven't done it yet.

    Sorry to hear your days and nights are flipped again. Hope it flips back soon. Have a good Friday and a good weekend.

    I think I've heard that quote at least a million times over the past 55 years. LOL

  4. Poor Karma not being able to relax on the porch.

    Glad Dagan got the remote and printer connection sorted, and that Leah helped you get your phone sorted. Mine has to be turned off then back on from time to time. Annoying, but there you go. I swear as technology becomes more advanced it has more glitches!

    Spring cleaning, Summer cleaning... Makes no difference! ;)

    I know what you mean about the sleep thing. I had that sleepless night last night, and had a nap this afternoon... I'm in trouble now! But youu've got to sleep some time, right?

  5. Jeannie--I've done waaaay too much procrastination on this project--hehe! ;)

    Lynn--The flooding isn't here in Fargo--another part of the state--but it is record breaking horrible. We have just had so much rain.
    I hate to throw away anything that could be used, too. I've given to Goodwill and Salvation Army a lot in my day. These days I found a local outfit that helps the homeless get on their feet and will come and pick up, too. And for one or two things I use FreeCycle--and they come and pick up or you can meet them in a town if you live in the country. One man's trash, right? ;)

    AliceKay--I missed all the trees, birds, and squirrels soooo much when I moved here, but I think I have become quite the enthusiastic sky lover these last years here. ;)
    Yes, I have to do things a little at a time. I'll be using my timer, for sure! LOL! :)
    Ha! Me, too! Since I was a little toddler, I think--ROFL!! ;)

    Tori--Yah! That Karma has such a rough life--ROFL! ;)
    Yup! Glitches-glitches-glitches. I have noticed how the people who have grown up with technology are so impatient in some ways but, on the other hand, are accepting of all the quirks and glitches of their devices--hehe! I'm the opposite. Patient with most things, but easily frustrated by the constant hiccups of the devices. LOL! ;)
    I hope your sleep doesn't go haywire, too!

  6. Seems like the gremlins are in North Dakota too, messing with the computer innards. They make it all seem so easy when they fix it. Rain, rain, I forgot what you felt like. Have a nice weekend Rita. Terah

  7. I knew I would be in trouble... Took me until 6 am to get to sleep! Still, at least I did sleep 6 hours!

    Yeah, Karma's got a hard life... About as hard as Kero and Gwydion. LOL!

    *Nods* people who've grown up with techhnology tjust take it as part of dealing with it. People who haven't are used to things lasting a decent length of time before you have issues with them, so don't take it so well.

  8. I thought it was funny that Karma got fooled. Silly cat.

    Good luck with the cleaning project. I've put things on hold here until my perpetual guest moves out... then all hell is going t break loose!

  9. Terah--Those little techie gremlins have spread all over the friggin' world--ROFL!! :P Hope you're having a good weekend, too. :)

    Tori--I hope you get some decent sleep and are on day hours soon. I know well how annoying that can be. :)
    Yup--our critters have it rough--LOL! ;)
    Funny--it took Dagan and Leah over a year to get me to try my free new phone. Why get a new one if the old one still works? That's another thing about the techie-world I don't quite understand--hehe!

    Deanna--I did, too--but cats don't take it all that well when they are fooled--ROFL!!
    I hope your guest issue will be resolved. Then you can tear into everything and anything you want or need to. You are a most patient woman. :)

  10. Three Cheers for the Amazing Duo!!!!

    Hip hip huraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    Hip hip huraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    Hip hip huraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    :) Silly Karma...she doesn't like a damp "behind" huh?

  11. Iggy--Yes! Three cheers!!! :):)
    No--Miss Karma doesn't like a damp "be-hind" or wet feet or any part of her body to touch water except her tongue--ROFL!! ;)


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