Monday, September 17, 2012


The sky is clouded over this morning.  Chilly again up here.  Only 48 degrees right now and not expected to reach 60, but it made for excellent sleeping weather.  I was in bed early and up late.  :)
When it's really chilly in the morning I crack the door open and, even though she doesn't want to go out, Karma will sit there in bit of fresh air and listen... the beep beep beep of construction equipment.  To the left of the new connecting road they have some big new project going on with graters and dump trucks and a lot of noise.
And off to the right beyond our sister apartment building there's a lot of digging and dump trucks and piling of dirt going on.  From what little I can see, those are a huge couple piles of dirt!
So, we have it coming from both sides.  I imagine till the snow flies, at least.
When I called about the two missing reams of linen business paper this nice young man tracked the package information down and told me it had been delivered a couple days before--"left at the front door"??  I told him nothing had been left outside my door, this was a security building, and if he left it downstairs anywhere that was ridiculous in an apartment complex.  They still owed me two reams of paper.  He said he would find out from the subcontracted delivery company.  (The other 32 lb cotton ream came FedEx from Chicago).
Well, I found it before they did.  The office didn't call until Thursday, and I didn't see I had a call on my land line until after they were closed (my recorder is in the bedroom which I am trying not to look at, as you know, and I rarely get anything except nuisance calls on the land line)...but I went and picked up the package with my little green cart on Friday morning and called Office Max back to let them know.  
It never occurred to me that anything would ever be left at the office because they have sent out notices over the years that they will not accept packages for residents and I have never had a package left there in the entire 7 1/2 years I've lived here.  They must have taken it because they either had another new person in the office who didn't know any better or because they know me after all this time.  So, the office either didn't call for two days or the delivery company lied about when they delivered it.  I didn't ask.  Because I wouldn't doubt the office forgot to call because they're not used to taking packages and weren't exactly happy about it in the first place.  I just thanked them and rolled away.  
Anyways, the case of the wandering paper is solved.  The three new reams are now with my parchment ream in the new bookcase.  Not even sagging much yet at all--LOL!  I finally have a specific spot of my reams of paper.  :):) 
The shelves that were emptied actually look like they straightened out amazingly well.  Might be able to use the wood for something else after all.
And the TV computer with the MSMediaPlayer problems...well, I was thinking that since all the current recordings show up in the center or to the right (they're all arranged horizontally across the screen), I always moved the cursor to the right and then it would crash.  So, I wondered if I could move it to the left?  Computers are strange, touchy and often illogical creatures, right?  Sure enough!  I can move the cursor to the left (the oldest recordings) as long as I don't go past the big arrow...or it crashes.  Which means I can go the long way around from the left and go through all the recordings to get to the newest ones.  So, I can manage to finagle my way around carefully to watch my recorded shows!  TaDa!  So far.  Knock on wood!  (I don't mean to sound cocky in case that MS program is listening.)
I also checked and I can get into the TV scheduling spot with no problem so far...the place to pick what you want to record.  So I can live with this.  Can't really afford to replace anything right now and maybe Dagan might find some way to get it to think straight again, you know?  But for now, MSMedia Player is like a crazy, touchy relative you learn to live with and know which buttons not to push--LOL!
Karma and I have been lazy bums since we last spoke.  I've only been doing what I have to--laundry, cooking, and such--but I caught up online!  I also caught up on watching the programs I had recently recorded (of course, did you doubt it?) and yesterday I spent the day watching people run away from and splat zombie brains all day--LOL!
  (Netflix: The Walking Dead, Season Two.)
Oh, and finished a couple letters and started a third.  Nothing "extra"...didn't play with any art stuff.  Been draggy tired the last two days...even though I've been sleeping okay.  Just another aspect of fibro (chronic fatigue) that can increase or decrease like the pain does--sometimes for specific reasons and sometimes just to mess with you.  Last night I slept 10 hours!  Yet I've been yawning ever since I woke up and my eye lids are at half mast--LOL!  One of those days.
But I think I can manage to do some puttering in the bedroom and get back to the organizing today.  My back has been feeling better and I told myself I would return to the cleaning project on Monday.  Better to do a little bit of something than nothing at all.  Tiredness is easier to push through than pain.  Pain will stop you cold.  Exhaustion eventually will, too--but it doesn't hurt--LOL!  You can just take a nap or go to bed...or fall asleep sitting up in your chair.  Hard on the neck, true--but on the whole it's just much less physically painful to be noodle tired.  ;)
So that's the plan for this week.  
Back to the organizing project.  
The tortoise wins the race, right?
Baby steps.  Baby steps.
(Remember that silly movie, What About Bob?)
I don't remember where I saw this quote years ago or who said it, but I still love it.  Have a fantabulous week!!
"Blessed are the cracked for they shall let in the light."


  1. Sounds like you are feeling better, and even have your media player under "control."

    When I saw your first line, I looked and it's already close to 85 here today. Wish I had YOUR weather. But I won't let the heat deter me from a visit with you.

    Have a super week, get those shelves straightened out (so to speak), tape your shows, block out the construction noise, and kiss Karma. It could all be worse.

  2. I'm glad you aren't in too much pain - like you said, tiredness you can deal with! Hugs!

    I hear you on the lazy days, sounds like my entire weekend, lol! I have to get busy though because I leave in three days!!!!

    Enjoy the cooler weather and give Karma a kiss!!!

  3. Does anyone know how hot hell is? I'm pretty sure it's hotter than that here! The A/C repairman (bless him!) is here even as we speak. Don't overdo--we worry about you!!

  4. I need to be more like you and get organized :)

    Oh and Karma is always so darling. I love sitting inside and feeling the fresh air coming in.

  5. I LOVED that movie... What About Bob! That was terrific!!!

  6. Groucho Marx was responsible for the crack about cracked.


    I'm glad you found the missing paper. Sounds like a whodunit would be interesting... :)

  7. Glad to know you solved the mystery of the missing paper. Who knows why they didn't call you and let you know? But all's well that ends well, right? Love to hear you got all the rest!!!

  8. I remember the movie "What About Bob?" Great movie...very funny!

    We've been having the cooler weather also here in Minnesota. Actually had to put on a coat today. Felt comparison to those 90-100 degree temperatures with high humidity.

    Karma sounds like she enjoys the comfort of home which getting a sniff and hearing the sounds of the outdoors. She knows where the best place to be is...home! :)

  9. I remember What About Bob. I thought it was hilarious. I wish I could say that it's chilly here. I would open my windows and sleep under a blanket. But it's warm, humid, and raining on and off. Here's to you finding your paper!


  10. That does sound like nice sleeping weather! After our 103 degree day on Saturday, I will definitely take some of your cooler weather indeed! Glad the mystery was solved about the paper and it is safely in your apartment now. It is sad that the office doesn't take deliveries. I know it can be a bit of an inconvenience, but it doesn't seem like it would be that complicated for them to do so, but I guess to each their own with their policies.


  11. Love the bottom quote ~ light through the cracks ~ good one ~ Wow~ cold where you are ~ bit of a nip here ~ You have been busy 'investigating' and being successful at it ~ Love Karma by the door ~ Lots of healing hugs to you both ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  12. The linen business paper sounds it for art or are you going to do office work from home;)
    Cooler nights are certainly sleep inducing.
    Have fun and don't kill yourself tidying shelves;)


  13. "is like a crazy, touchy relative you learn to live with and know which buttons not to push" ROFLMAOOOOO Girl that sounds like my whole house!! TO funny!

    OH OH the weather is amazing over here too! FINALLY cooling off. Highs in the low 80s high70s and the nights cooling down to the 40's I LOVE IT! About time the weather got back to normal sheesh!!

    Man they are building like crazy over there arent they. That beep beep beep of construction would drive me to drink. I feel for you!

    Hey did I tell you I found a printer to work with the MAC wirelessly? LOL Canon Pixma MG6220. Got it on an insane sale thankfully but still expensive but prints beautifully and WORKED right out of the box with my MAC lol YIPPIE! Finally something worked easy with this darn MAC hahaha

    Love how the shelves are looking! I gotta find a new plan for mine as the room I have moved into is a dust zone! Boo

    Keep on keeping on!!

  14. Dear Rita, I love that quotation. I'm one of the cracked among us and so I'm hoping that my "cracked-ness" really does let in some light!

    And I'm so glad to hear that you are sleeping better. That can make such a difference to the day. Peace.

  15. It's been pretty cool here too. We've gone from sweltering heat to sweaters. Craziness! I know what you mean about baby steps. We do whatever works, though!

    Glad the wandering paper finally made it home!

  16. What a great quote. Cooler weather? A good nights sleep? Sounds great to me. The construction noise on the other hand... well one can only hope they work fast and it goes away as soon as possible.


  17. My furnace just kicked on for the third time tonight. Chance of frost in some valley regions, but I don't think we're supposed to get frost here. (i hope not..i didn't cover any flowers tonight)

    I'm glad you found the missing paper. Sometimes we're being "tested". For what, I don't know...wished I did.

    I'm also glad you figured out you could move your cursor to the left so you could see your shows. All of that stuff is mind boggling to me, tho. I have cable TV hooked up to an older style television.

    Oh, and by the way, I loved "What About Bob?" :)

    Loved that quote. Have a great weekend. *hugs*

  18. Loved your quote! It has turned cool..almost too cool. Glad you found your paper! Pat Karma on the head for me:)

  19. Perfect sleeping weather!

    I wonder what they're planning to do with those huge piles of dirt?

    What a relief to find your ordered reams of paper even if it was unexpected that they would have been at the office.

    It sounds like you've been having restful time which is good.

    LOVE that quote!

    Enjoy the rest of your week, my friend ~ xo

  20. This is a nice newsy blog Rita. I liked your quote - Dave

  21. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Wonderful drama in that first shot.

    Love that last quote too...

  22. congrats on the cooler weather! i know it will get brisk there soon enough.


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