Monday, September 10, 2012


Good beginning-of-the-week morning!
We've had chilly mornings and cool days of sun and clouds. 
Suddenly went down to 40s at night and 60s during the days.  (Still been moving Karma's bed around--lol!) 
One afternoon the clouds looked like a blanket of dirty cotton.  
Sunday morning it was 39 degrees when I woke up!  What the heck!?  And yet today the prediction is 90.  That's it.  I figure Mother Nature is bipolar and has definitely gone off her meds.  ;)
Meanwhile...I have totally been ignoring the bedroom since Dagan helped me with some boxes on Thursday.  
 I have my bedroom-blinders on from the time I open my eyes in the morning.  I was in need of a body break...and it might continue for a few days more, actually.
Scroll!  Scroll!  
Where are my blinders!
Dagan and Leah made it over on Thursday.  Leah didn't arrive until about 8:30pm because she was still working, but Dagan helped me with filling and moving four boxes into the top of the hall closet.  (I had Caroline take a lot of stuff down for me on Wednesday when she was here.)  That was all I have done in there.  
Dagan noticed how the new (cheap) bookcase's shelves are bowing under the weight of all the books.  
When Leah came...well, they decided that they would go over to Lowe's and have them cut some wood shelves like we did for additional shelves for the other bookcases in the living room.  
We haven't ever bothered to paint them or finish them if you noticed that in previous pictures of bookcases in the main room.  AND...the cheapie bookcase came with plastic shelf holders, so Leah is going to pick up some more metal ones, too.  I just have to hope the wood doesn't crack before they can get to Lowe's.  So, I'll have to say I wouldn't recommend this bookcase if you actually plan to use it for books--LOL!  (I got it for $67.00.)
Karma and I have been relaxing and resting these past few days.  
Moving all those books almost set my back off on a kind of fibro-fixation.  I won't do that again.  Have to wait for more help with the bedroom when it comes to moving anything heavy around or putting boxes up in the top of the closets.  I can call Dagan or Leah to stop by and move them for me when I am ready or wait till Caroline comes to clean.  My back is feeling better after a few days a few more won't hurt.  ;)
When I was still in college I took an art class where we had to sit on high, hard stools with no backs for 2 1/2 hour classes.  Somehow the fibro fixated on my tailbone and just stayed there.  (Not sciatica.)  For over two years every time I went to stand up it felt like I was being stabbed with a very sharp knife or an ice pick and I had to sit with pillows.  Constant extra sharp pain because the fibro had gotten set off and fixated on my be-hind!  
The doctor said it could go away or stay forever.  Fibro is just too unpredictable.  He said it could shift to another place, too.  Much to my joy and delight, it decided to gradually subside after a couple years.  
Let's just say my lower back has always been very touchy (old accident) and I don't want the fibro to fixate on it or pay it any additional attention--LOL!  Unrelenting focus...nope!  Don't need that.  Don't want to set it off.  General all-over pain with the usual fibro areas being worse, but fluctuating...that's plenty for me.  ;)  That's why I am careful and try to pay close attention.  But no matter how careful you are--you are still at the mercy of fibro's whims and unpredictability. 
So when the tubs arrived from Amazon I just stuck stuff in them, but I didn't "organize"...which would have meant taking everything down and some things out of the bookcase, moving shelves (well I moved one just to fit something in) and doing a proper and thorough job of it.  I just filled and shoved around.
My new Silks arrived, too.  I never even took pictures yet...or even opened them to gaze upon all that luscious color.  Just being good, doing my stretching exercises, meditation (relaxes the muscles), lazin' around with Karma...confining myself to light puttering...and things I have to do, like laundry.  But I am thinking that after a month of organizing...maybe I should take some art time this week before I dive back in.  Have my back and shoulders be sore from something a lot more fun.  Not that I don't love to organize...but I am missing me some playtime.  ;)  Maybe I can even do one or both of the challenges (zendala & APR)--whoohoo!  We'll see how my body feels about it.  Regardless, I am being good and still on R&R for a while.  :)  
See you Thursday.
I am loving this fall weather!!
Enjoy your week.  :):)
"Welcome the present moment as if you had invited it.  Why?  Because it is all we ever have."
Pema Chodron


  1. the cool changes sound wonderful! we finally got a break here - down from 100s to 80s and 90s since the weekend. woo hoo!

  2. It's actually chilly here today; I sent my son to school with a jacket and long pants. Right now my daughter is all cuddled up under blankets taking her nap, and I'm wearing shorts and shivering here in the house. It's cold! Still, I'll take these temperature over the nineties any day. :)

    Hope you get the rest you need. Have a great week!

  3. It has cooled off here considerably as well, air conditioner has been turned off and I have gone from shorts to warm up pants, even considering a sweat shirt and socks! Our highs have only been in the upper 70's but with the sun shining, it's been glorious! I do think you need a crafty break inbetween all your organizing! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  4. It is lovely here today and was in the upper 40s last night. great sleeping weather.

  5. Anonymous12:42 PM

    What marvellous sky shots! Enjoy the cool weather.

  6. Wasn't I just here (grin)? My arthritis flared up because of the weather change, which is now back to heat and humidity. I would have loved 60 degree nights, but we never got anything as low as yours, that's for sure.

    You asked about using gloves for working with polymer clay. The industry that sets standards for art supplies (I can't think of the name at the moment) claims the polyclay industry is not being as forthcoming with their own tests, especially when it comes to children using this clay. The standards people cite instances where children have gotten sick from placing their fingers in their mouths while playing with unbaked clay. That's why I say if you are going to use it in your art, keep it in your studio. If you want to cook with it, leave it in your kitchen and buy something else for your studio.

    You also asked about wearing gloves. These are thin and keep finger prints off your hands, as well as the clay. They don't however, keep fingernails from poking into the clay. I would need heavier gloves for that! Thanks for asking.

  7. I've had to reinforce some bookcases of mine own. Usually I just screw a small "beam" onto the bottom of the shelf.


    Hope your back feels better -

    This cool morning air is making me sleepy (and stupid - kind of like the reverse of spring fever I guess).

  8. You stay so upbeat in spite of the fibro pain, it sounds like a wearing illness. I love the photo of the morning clouds - to me they look so bright and welcoming!

  9. Loving the Fall weather with you! Although we are not quite into the 40's and 60's yet. But it is sufficiently cooler and I am happy!

  10. My sciatica is acting up, and when I read about all those books and stuff you've been doing, I hurt in sympathy! I love that picture of Karma snoozing away...

  11. I don't know what's wrong, but it isn't incredibly hot and humid here.


  12. Cooling down there, starting to warm up here. Our days have been lovely but I know it won't be long before we're melting and complaining the heat.

    I've had the shelf buckle sometimes too. A reinforcement beam or a replacement shelf sounds like a good plan.

    I hurt in sympathy with you too. Having a lower back injury from way back, I know all too well why you wouldn't want the fibro setting in there. My back seizes up on me sometimes and the pain is terrible.

    YAY on getting your Silks!

    Resting up, relaxing, meditating all sounds good to me. Enjoy and savour it. The bedroom can wait!

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  13. I'm not so sure I enjoy organizing but I DO love the results!!! It just makes my little OCD heart so happy to see things straight, alphabetized, color-coded, arranged...LOL!!!

    Glad you are minding your body and not overdoing it too much. Have some fun and create some art! I'm always going to advocate FUN!!!! Hugs and enjoy your nice weather!

  14. Anonymous1:17 AM

    What a beautiful sky, and your cat is so cute!!

  15. We are having a taste of Autumn with some lovely cooler days and some nice breezes. We work in celcius and we are down to the high teens...very pleasant. Having a rest is good but you need to get creating as soon as you can...have fun, dear Rita!

  16. To rescue a set of shelves when the were sagging from all my supplies we put cut a piece of wood like a tall book so it created a middle support for each shelf. So if I had 4 shelves I would have had 4 tall pieces of wood wedged in each shelf. This created a column running from the bottom shelf to the top one. Then I could even add more weight to it and have zero sagging!

  17. Enjoyed your sky pictures. We are trying to enjoy the last bit of summer weather in the mountains.

    Hope you get to use your art supplies soon and get back into some of the challenges.


  18. Dear Rita, I'm glad to learn that you will perhaps do some art work soon. I miss your creativity on paper. (Of course, I've been seeing your creativity with arranging bookcases with your supplies!) But that art work is so good for your soul--and for mine when I see it. Peace.

  19. Hi Rita,

    The kind of "out of the refrigerator" soup you are planning to make was called slumgullion by my Mom. I think it is an Irish label.


  20. Fantastic photos...don't you just love clouds? :D
    It sounds like you're behaving and being sensible. You've done so much already that maybe its only right that you have a little fun time.
    I love the idea of the shelves buckling because I adore books and the more the merrier for me...I've had shelves do that to me but I never learn I still want more!
    Karma is so cute and obviously knows what's best...lots of rest ^..^
    Good luck with the challenges ~ have fun xoxo

  21. Ink orders - there's nothing better! I made a huge ink order today - all the names are pirate inspired, I can't wait to restock my old ones, and try out the new ones - ink delivery is better than Christmas!!!

    Sagging bookcases - I was too poor when first married to buy bookcases. I used chipboard planks and bricks covered in brown paper. Saggy Central!!!!

    Big "Hi" to Karma!

  22. Karma is a cutie and she definitely know how to liv e~ you, my dear, are working too hard ~ get out all those art toys and play, play, play ~ I have seen what you can create when you want to ~ enjoy ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    Thanks for coming by ^_^

  23. You are a busy lady! all that should have an extra nap! LOL on moving Karma's bed to keep her on her toes...she is some kitty!
    I like the weather too..almost too cold out there today..the wind is cold..don't tell anyone but I think it must have snowed someplace to be that cold:(

  24. Just checking in after a few days away. I'm so impressed by the all the organization you're always working on. I love orderly shelves, bins, bookcases. Everything looks so neat. ;-)

  25. I hope your back starts to feel better quickly, rest is about all you can do. What a shame about that book case, I hope the new shelves work well. You lucky thing, you've got some silks, can't wait to see what you do with them. It's finally getting nice and warm over here, spring has arrived at last.
    Have a great week, and rest up.

  26. I know I'm way behind in reading your blog, so I apologize. Too many things going on again this week and I haven't been reading blogs at all. Whenever I get to posting pictures, you'll see the project Terri and I have been working on since last weekend (actually before last weekend) and what my place looks like at the moment. Hopefull, things will be back in place sometime next week...if all goes well.

    I would have added some upright support boards between the shelves to give them added support for the weight of the books. stuff but that's about all you can find these days unless you can afford to pay an arm and a leg for solid wood. I just bought a little TV cart for Terri's boy scout "office", and it's made of that fiberboard stuff.

    We've had some very nice late summer days this week, but the rain is finally coming down tonight. Heard some thunder, too. We've had chilly mornings with lots of fog, but the afternoons were in the upper 70s and low 80s. Low humidity, too. My kind of summer days. :)

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  27. Looks like you are undergoing some organizational projects there as well. It feels so good to get everything in order, doesn't it?

    The picture of Karma resting on her paw is adorable. She looks so peaceful and relaxed there. Great photo!


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