Thursday, September 20, 2012


Good Morning!
We've had some sunny mornings where Karma could catch some rays... 
...and some dark days.  Sometimes in the same day--LOL! 
Really cooled off!!  Been 50s-60s during the days and in the 30s at night!  More like late fall/early winter weather.  Despite the dark days there hasn't been any rain that I've noticed and the workmen are busy each morning bright and early.
My order from SuzyScraps finally arrived--all of it!   
I now have all the refills for the discontinued Ancient Page ink pads.  In fact, every ink pad we have now has a refill except one...that isn't discontinued.  ;)  Not bad. 
And what have I been doing all week?
You can see the floor in the bedroom!!  Stop laughing.  Yes, I need a stool to feed the fish up on top of the dresser.  Some of us are short on one end.  ;)
I have made tremendous progress in here, but don't get too excited because I still have all the drawers in another dresser to sort through and neither of these shelves is finished yet and...  
...remember the sliding number puzzle?  ROFL!  Now I have various empty boxes in the bookcase in the hallway and stacked next to it...that I will use as I sort and organize.  It seems never-ending, doesn't it?  LOL!
But, I do think I am about halfway done in the bedroom now--tada!  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...and I am headed for the light, folks!  Ahhh!  :):)
After a break. 
I will be on R&R (rest and recovery) for a while again.  I am about 150 blog posts behind and have 80 emails and comments to go through...which is good, I guess...since I have no TV.  :(   
Yup!  My cursor to the left method only fooled the mentally challenged Windows Media Player for a day.  Then it decided it wasn't even going to open up at all for me--period.  I've emailed Dagan, but I'm not sure if he'll know what to do with it, either.  He'll check online, but they're super busy with the house and I told him I knew he wouldn't be able to do anything about it for quite a while.  
They're wiring the house for internet right now in the evenings after work and then leaving for Minneapolis for his annual heart/pacemaker check-up on Friday.  I told him it looks like it's recording shows, anyways, and I do have Netflix--knock on wood.  [And a ton of books on my TBR (to be read) stack and letters to write].  So, I have stayed away from going anywhere near Media Player (TV) the last couple days because I can still use the internet and get to Netflix.  I don't want Media Player's nasty attitude to spread, you know, and crash the entire computer for good.  *sigh*  TV has gotten complicated in my world.  Oh well, I'd be much more upset if I lost the internet and couldn't use my laptop.  ;)
Meanwhile, the construction goes on.  Looks like maybe a huge building might be going in.  They have been digging out earth and hauling it away. 
Which made me wonder if that is what is being dumped in the other noisy spot--LOL! 
Karma keeps her ears open to all the interesting new sounds... 
...even when she's trying to relax.
But she's no watch dog.  
She's softly snoring next to me in her cat bed as I speak.  The beeping and rumbling may be interesting, but not enough to keep her from her numerous naptimes.  ;)
Well, have a good weekend.  Oh, and my back held up pretty well...but I promise I will ignore the bedroom...and the hallway...for a couple of days or maybe till Monday.  Even though I do see that very tempting end-light...that was a lot of lifting for me, so I'll be good.  Maybe I can manage to catch up online little by little...and see what everyone's been up to while I've been away this week.  So nice of you all to keep me company while I recover--LOL!  ;) 
Be well and happy!!
OMG!  I'm turning into a genius!  ROFL!!  Thanks, Ben.  ;)
"Genius is nothing but a greater aptitude for patience."
Benjamin Franklin


  1. Make sure that light at the end of the tunnel isn't a train coming straight at you!

  2. It's gotten a lot cooler here too, have had the air conditioning off for 2 week snow, but the cooler weather will send the hummingbirds along their way and I will miss them! Yay for your bedroom, looks like it is almost all done? You have been working hard and it is very much like one of those slider puzzles, I understood the analogy right off! lol Give Karma a hug from me, loved the picture of the sun on her face! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  3. Ahh... nothing like the sweet feel of progress made!!

    Yoikes! 150 blog posts? I'll stop for awhile (twist my arm duncha?)

    Ben Franklin was quite the ladies' man... he's flatterin' ya. :)

  4. Dear Rita, the photograph of Karma with her ears open to new sounds is truly lovely. That one you need to frame. Peace.

  5. WOOT WOOT for seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! I know that feeling.. its the one right before your done and the next feeling that sets in as you realize there is still a list lol. I see the briefly once in a while too lol

    We shut off our cable a couple of years ago. Saved hundreds and never looked back. Now most of what we used to watch can be found online now anyways. Sure its not always "on the night it happens" but who cares lol. Netflix, hulu, and my msnbc and I am happy camper. Heck even our local news now streams live. Gotta love it. Then of course there is the never ending ustream shows and youtube videos lol Never a quiet moment *grin*.

    Enjoy your R&R! Sounds like you earned it!!


  6. Make sure the bad attitude doesn't spread to Karma. There's nothing worse than a cat with an attitude problem.


  7. Ink days are always good days!

    I've ordered some micas to mix with my dried walnut inks to make up my own "moonshadow mists".

    "Hi" to Karma.

    And wow! Your bloglist is staggering! I wish you stamina during your "digital walkabout"!

  8. I had a glimpse of Karma again! He/she is really adorable and cuddable too! I prefer cool weather than our usual warm ones. Have a great weekend :)

  9. The amount of stuff you are organizing and sorting through is daunting to me, and I'm only looking at it in a picture! You have done an amazing amount. Hope that TV gets fixed one of these days, but as you said, you've still got the internet and Netflix! :-)

  10. sorry about the tv thing!

  11. Making good progress with your organizing. It's looking good.

    We've had some cooler nights and somewhat cooler days. It warmed up nice this afternoon, but it's supposed to get cold tomorrow night after the front goes thru. Highs for next week here are predicted to be in the low 60s.

    Sorry to hear your Media Player (TV) isn't working yet. I'm glad you have the Netflix and internet, tho. :)

    Have a great weekend and rest up. *hugs*

  12. Anonymous11:35 PM

    What wonderful cloudy skies, and gorgeous shots of your cat.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  13. Seems like you are getting there with the reorganisation Rita. Well done - Dave

  14. I'm amazed at how much you have to do.. but more so at how much you have done. You're far more genius than I. ;)

  15. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Gosh, be careful Rita. I have missed a lot so I'm assuming you over-did it a bit. I've been known to do that too from time to time. I've missed reading your updates and have been wondering what you were up to these days. My oldest son Jared is now in collage but I took him there and led the way LOL At least he is still here with us. He is doing well now. I am making him take the bus though. He's a good kid but I swear he was more responsible at 4. After he refused to get his permit or get a job this summer I told him the city bus is free for college students. I don't think he really believed I'd make him take it. I drove him for the first week until he figured the bus schedule out and now he's on his own. He has a cute hat - like a fadora maybe? He sure is handsome in it. I'll have to post a picture soon. Oh, and Riley is in his first year of high school and learning Japanese. He's doing really well and I'm proud of him. :O) Take care of yourself and enjoy your R&R.

  16. Yes!! I remember that sliding number puzzle from when I was a kid!! I like seeing what you hot in the mail!

  17. I bought some white Stazon about three years ago...I wonder if it is still ok. When you have a lot of stash, it is hard to really is just moving things around and gaining little spare space. Happy creativity and good luck to Dagan with his up-coming checkup.

  18. I hope by now you have seen the light! ;-)

    Love the pics of Karma!

  19. Just a quick visit to say hi and see what's going on in your neck of the woods. ;D
    Had to laugh at Karma finding the sunlight...that's just what Muffy does here.
    I can also relate to the vertical challenges you encounter because both my sister and brother got all the height ~ me being the baby of the litter got what was left!
    I'm glad you hear you're being sensible with the R&R...catching up online will be the perfect thing.
    Enjoy your week :D

  20. You're making great progress, Rita, and it's good that you're doing it in your own time and not forcing things along. R&R is so important when we have ailing bodies. Lovely cloud pic! I'm glad you have all the refills for the discontinued ink pads now. So sorry that Media Player is not cooperating. Hopefully, Dagan will be able to get to the bottom of the problem.

    Enjoy your week ~ xo


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