Thursday, September 06, 2012


Good Morning!!
It has dropped back to wonderful cool nights.  It was 80s during the day, but now is supposed to be in the 70s the next few days--ahhh!  With 40-50s at night!  
One day I moved Karma's cat bed out on my patio chair.  She loved it, of course.  She heard me come stand by the door, looked up, but pretended she didn't see me.  (Her way of letting me know she didn't want me to notice her and kick her out.)  
I didn't come outside.  Ha!  Made you look--LOL! 
She saw I had the camera and was making no move to come take her spot so she shut her eyes... 
...and went back to snoozing. 
I have puttered out here in the main room up until yesterday.  The desk is cleared of stacks and boxes again...  
...and the art table... 
...and the craft table by the windows, too.  TaDa!! 
This bookcase is almost settled. 
This one has a ways to go... 
...and this one also still needs some tweaking...along with the wall shelves.  Once the clear tubs arrive from Amazon I can do some more sorting with these. 
I decided to add several jars and cans that were in the hall closet and had to move some things around again...and there will be a little more shifting, but it is getting close to done in here!
We won't talk about the bedroom.  (I have pathways in there.)
The September Ink Drop arrived.  They each picked their favorites of the new inks they carry.  
A colorful assortment. 
Dagan and Leah worked late yesterday, but Dagan said he would probably make it over tonight.  Not sure about Leah as she's been putting in overtime, too.
Karma's still been chummier than normal since the chime alarm incident of 2012.  I've decided that I need to buy a different alarm clock.  Not because of that, but because the high pitch of the chime alarm somehow sets off my tinnitus.  When I hear something that sounds similar in pitch--well, I suddenly will hear the chime alarm going off in my head--ears?--and I can't shut it off.  It only happens once in a while, but when it does...I can see why it drove Karma crazy.  My ears are listening for that alarm every evening, I guess.  And the high chiming is close to the tinnitus ringing in my ears.  I only started using that old chime clock a couple months ago, but I've noticed a general amping up of the normal, all-the-time ringing in my ears.  Not a good thing.  I need a new clock.
For those of you that asked and were concerned about me...I take breaks all the time.  I can't not take breaks.  Can only work an hour or less at a time and then have to wait 2-3 hours until the next session.  But, even so, it's what I'm doing--all the lifting and bending.  No way to get around it being extra painful.  But I just try to walk that fine line between needing a day or two reprieve or knocking myself out of commission for a week or so.  I pay attention to when I am done for the day--even if it is noon.  ;)  And so far I have managed quite excellently.  So, thank you so much, but don't worry or feel sorry for me.  Things have been going swimmingly.  I may be slow and sore, but that is totally, totally expected.  (I could hardly walk the next morning after seeing Dagan and Leah's house that night.)  I don't mention my body and it's foibles because I'm complaining or looking for sympathy, but only because it's just a plain and simple fact of my daily life that I work around and to explain why it takes me soooo long to get things done--LOL!  Please don't worry about me.  I'm doing really well considering all I've gotten done so far.  In fact, I am really proud of myself to have accomplished all this and not once flipped over the line to totally non-functional--hurray!  (Knock on wood!)  This is an accomplishment!  In fact, I am smiling just looking around in here.  It's so nice to know you care, but please don't spend any time worrying about me, okay?  Karma and I are just fine and dandy!  :):)
And on that note, today is going to be a wonderful recovery day.  I can gaze around me and see that I am really, really close to being done in this room.  Ahhhh!  I shall shut the bedroom door, cuddle with Karma, and watch Frozen Planet today...and probably get to visit with Dagan tonight.  (And ask him to move some boxes for me--LOL!)  Life is good.  Believe me.  Life is very, very good.  :):)
If I am ever really whining and complaining--have no doubt--you'll know it!  And then please remind me:
"A thankful person is thankful under all circumstances.  A complaining soul complains even in paradise."


  1. congrats on the cooler temps! i know that has got to be so refreshing for both you and karma. still hot here. 101 yesterday. 103 and 104 expected today and tomorrow. *sigh*

  2. LOL...I think you've just written my blog for me today. Can I just cut and paste????

    I must say--your organization inspires me. I need to get busy here...for an hour or two.


  3. I'm thinking about the glory of such low temps and opening windows at night. Maybe that will happen here in January. Ah, the beauty of organization. I've started work on my closet. It's better already.


  4. I'm glad you're handling your reorganization so well--it's EXHAUSTING me!!

  5. We have cooler temps coming tomorrow!

    Love those pics of Karma!

  6. Yay for cooler temps! We've had to turn on the central air the last couple of days and nights, but I'm hoping for a cooldown soon. :)

    Hope you're having a lovely, relaxing day!

  7. The rain we had brought the cooler temps but raised the humidity. I am not complaining but I am looking forward to opening some windows and airing out this house!
    Karma looks delighted to sleep on the chair IN the bed. Cats like heights, my mom's used to sleep on top of the fridge!
    You are really doing an amazing job making your home space organized and beautiful. You are an inspiration to me!

  8. You are making great progress on all that organizing, it really looks terrific, and I can tell my Karma's reaction as to how impressed she is with all your hard work! lol Here's to cooler temperatures, we will be getting some too, looking forward to turning off the air conditioner for a few days. waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

    1. Hi Rita. I am on my phone. Tried to send you an email but it would not let me. I am about half way on my trip. I am taking my time and spent a lot of time in NY. I went to Niagara falls...on the maid of the mist boat. This trip could have been depressing but I decided it was going to be amazing and I am enjoying every second of it!

  9. Anonymous11:50 PM

    You must be feeling so much more comfortable with the cooler weather.

    I'm tired just looking at all that tidying you've done.

  10. You are the least complainful (is that a word??) person I know! It's usually the people with the least to complain about that do it the most. Like me sometimes, lol!!!

    Wow! Your room looks amazing!!! Just think - soon you'll be creating art again instead of organizing things!!! I can't wait to see what you'll come up with next! HUGS!!!

  11. Boy you've been busy! Wish our weather in Va. would get a bit more seasonal, but I guess I must be patient! :-)

  12. You know I care, that's why I ask. But I also know that you have learned to manage with what you have been given, Rita. I am always concerned but know you will make it through, your spirit is so strong! :-)

  13. I just noticed you had this antique typesetting typerwriter. I LOVE THAT!

  14. Wow! Great progress ~ I just did too much cleaning out of storage room in basement of house and now lower back is talkin ~ resting ~ Glad you take rests ~ Karma know how to live ~ Hugs to you both ~ enjoy ^_^

    Thanks for coming by ~ always good to 'see you and Karma' ~ ^_^

  15. You do know telling us not to worry won't in fact stop us from I don't think you are looking for sympathy you are just saying how it is......

    Yes get a new clock, you don't need anything setting off your tinnitus, I do not know how people manage to live with tinnitus my husband has it and he says it is just something he had to learn to deal with....

  16. Yep, perfect weather, glad you have such an positive outlook! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  17. Your place is looking great. Lots of things getting all settled in place.

    Karma reminds me so much of my cat, Boots. He went to cat heaven many years ago, but he was always my favorite. Karma has that "expression" he used to give me. :)

    The inks look cool. Hope you enjoy their favorites they chose to send.

    It's good to know you take rests when you need to. By now, you know your body and what it can and cannot handle. Sometimes we push our bodies beyond that point and pay for it later. *hugs*

    I hope you have a great weekend.

  18. oh, how observant of Furry Bottoms...i had to go back and look!! and yeah, there it is...and OLD...antique typewriter! cool. do you have it for show...or do you ever use it? i LOVE how those old typewriters LOOK!! (i could easily end up with a collection of them...IF i had the space!)

    well, rita...luckily you're cooling off up there...i'm looking forward to the cooler weather here, although we'v e been pretty lucky...hasn't reached 100!! when u feel up to it...take a deep breath, open your porch door & BLOW some of the cool down this way!! THANKS!

    you look so organized! not just look, you ARE...and i know how hard it is to STOP when you still see disarray around you, like in the bedroom. well, u know your limits...u know how you'll feel later on, or the next day...sometimes i guess we ALL push ourselves beyond the limit. just do it gently! =)

    happy saturday!
    meow meow to karma!

  19. Dear Rita, I am relieved to learn that you are listening to your body and taking the breaks--whether they be hours or days--that you need. Organizing a lot of "stuff" demands that we make so many decisions and that, too, can really wear us out.

    Thank you for that lovely comment you did yesterday on my blog. I always look forward to your comments because you usually share me and the readers of my blog how the posting relates to your life. And that gratifies me to know that my story sparked one in you.

    Take care. Be good to yourself. Peace.

  20. It has really come together! :) Also cannot wait to see those silks and what you will do with them. I just cannot splurge on one more thing art supply wise lol but I really think I may try those sometime! lol

  21. OK Rita, we won't get too anxious for you. I liked the quote you used from Baha'u'llah - Dave

  22. Karma is such a huge cat! What do you feed him?

    You have also made so much progress since the room looks more organized. By the way, are you an artist? You seem to have so many materials for crafts... I hope I could see all your stuff coz they really excite me. You have a great weekend Ms Rita! :)

  23. The sorting/organization queen strikes again.. or still. Glad to know you're coping well enough with all that you're doing. I'm sure your cooler temperatures help some.

  24. LOL....too funny about Karma pretending or hoping you didn't notice her. My dogs can be like that at times too.

    How lovely and organised your place looks! talking about....the bedroom (said in a whisper).

    Yep, a new clock is needed for sure. Bradley suffers with tinnitus, mostly at night when it's all quiet...which is why he listens to music through his head-set all night while he sleeps. It disguises the tinnitus noises.

    Glad to hear you're doing much better, Rita. I understand all too well how life is when dealing with chronic pain. I had to start taking the anti-inflammatory medication again as my hands were so painful over the past couple of weeks. But regardless, life IS good!

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  25. I know you take breaks, but for me it's more understanding how frustrating it is when your body won't cooperate--knowing there are things to do and not being able to do them... :(

    It's cooling down here, but not as fast as I'd like--altho I will say that since it's very dry here, 93 is really quite pleasant.

    I went as chaperone/driver to Katie's big tennis tourney this weekend, so I didn't get to answer emails--I made chicken vegetable soup today, tho, and thought of you!

  26. Monday AM: I know I'm late getting here. My computer woes are worse than your sore muscles!

    This room is really ready to party. I so love what you have done with it. I bet you are working on that bedroom as I type because I know you are like me and refuse to accept clutter. No one will ever call YOU a hoarder!

  27. I will know you are alright as long as you tease and "torment' Karma! :)

    Hope the ears have stopped the ringing... I don't know what blissful quiet means, myself - today I have a fog horn and a small church organ "going at it" in my head.

  28. Everything is so nicely organized. Wish all my spaces looked like that. Karma looked like she had more important things on her relaxing and sleeping. You capture her moods beautifully through photos and words!


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