Monday, September 24, 2012


We had a few more of those sunny mornings...
...turning into cloudy afternoons.  No rain that I ever saw, but that's probably a good thing because it's been cold enough to snow with it being 30s overnight! 
Pretty soon it will be time to store the fans for the winter.  Feels cold enough right now, but I don't trust fickle Mother Nature.  I haven't been using the fans for some time, but Karma has. 
Yes, she's using the fan cord as a mid-air pillow. 
Karma and her hard pillows. 
I got a surprise in the mail from Linda, my oldest friend.  Well, not oldest in age--LOL!  I've known her since we moved in next door when I was five years old.  
I was talking about wanting to make paper again this winter... 
...and she went right out and picked tiny flowers from her yard... 
...pressed them... 
...and sent me all these beauties!! 
Linny!  Linny!  That just tickled my heart to pieces!  Thanks so very much, girlfriend!!  These tiny flowers are just perfect!  And taping them inside the tagboard in the wax paper sandwich worked perfectly.  They arrived in beautiful shape, as you can see.  :)  Many thanks!!
Meanwhile, Karma and I have been being lazy bums.  (This photo really isn't upside-down...Karma was.)  
Other than writing four letters, making up meals that can be nuked this week, washing clothes...well, all the usual...been staying away from the bedroom, moving carefully, and watching Netflix.  But today it will be back to cleaning and organizing.  I am hoping to finish up this week and be done-done-done!!  Even this stubborn Swede has had about enough.  Going on two months now--geez!  Years ago I would have finished all this in one weekend.  But talk about feeling like I have accomplished something when I am finally done.  Wow!
Oh, and I did another marathon catching up online this weekend, too.  Read everything, even if I didn't comment on every blog.  :)
I'll be so glad when this project is done and I can spend some of my good hours actually playing with some of these art and craft supplies I've been moving around for lo these many weeks--LOL!  My goal was to be done before October and it looks like I should make it--whoohoo!!  Wish me luck!  Then things can get back to normal around here...well, my normal--LOL!  ;)
Say!  I've been meaning to do you like my only posting on Mondays and Thursdays?  I'm thinking of trying to keep it like this, but maybe throwing in an additional post once in a while.  I know I am chatty and always have pictures.  Maybe this takes up less of your time, you know?
Anyways, have a fulfilling week with lots of giggles!  :)
"Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another."
Walter Elliott


  1. Anonymous9:22 AM

    Karma looks so comfy! I didn't realize you were Swedish. I'm a Brit living in Sweden!

    It's cooled off here a lot too.

  2. what a great friend to send all those beautiful pressed flowers! awesome!

  3. Post as often as you want, Rita. People will read and comment as they can. How sweet with your friend sending the pressed flowers! I'm sure you'll enjoy working with them on your crafts!

    Wow, cool temps already!!

    have a great Monday!


  4. I like the Mondays as a nice catch up to what you have been doing. But I love hearing from you whenever.

    Have you had a chance to play with your new cards or try some ATCs?

  5. My dear, you may post as often or as little as you like. I'll always be by to visit (unless I am having a computer meltdown or have gone somewhere).

    Lucky you with those flowers. For the second year in a row, my flower garden didn't produce a thing. Nary a nothing! You got lucky that a friend was so thoughtful and generous.

    I hear you on "enough is enough." I remember procrastinating when they brought all those boxes to my basement, didn't know where the shelving was, and left me in a lurch. I was sick. It took SO long to sort and get that basement back together. Had I been given the organization tools I needed, I'm sure it would have gone smoother, but I'm not sure it would have gone much better or faster, since all the things were just dumped into boxes, with no regard for putting anything back. I finally got tired of waiting and procrastinating. So, I can totally relate to your predicament. I'm a neat freak, too (in case you hadn't noticed).

  6. That is funny, Karma sleeping on the fan cord! She might be a bit narcoleptic. My mom had a friend who would fall asleep mid-sentence or while driving.
    It is great that you can set a goal to get something finished and then fulfill it. I am still working on that. When you have a treat to look forward to when you are done, it makes it easier.

  7. Dear Rita, I'm happy for you that you're going to meet the October 1st deadline for clean-up and that you won't be overly exhausted when you cross the finish line!

    As to your posting. I enjoy the twice a week--Monday and Thursday--posting schedule you now have. When bloggers post more often than that, I find that keeping up is difficult and so I miss important postings. So thank you for making my life easier!!!! I hope posting just twice a week is making your life easier now.

    I post only once a week on each of my two blogs. (Thank you for suggesting a second one.) And that feels right to me. Peace.

  8. I love all those pressed flowers!!

  9. You could post daily and I would love it! LOL So 2 days a week works for me or more!

    Ok so made a full pot of coffee this morning and forgot to put the grounds in if that explains how my day started! LOL Go ahead and giggle lol I did..

    We are moving fans to! BUT We move them from the windows (summer) to different parts of the house in the winter lol Moves the heat around better with them so we can heat the whole house just off the pellet stove. So fans year round here!

    LOVE the air pillow ROFLMAOOO to funny!! I used to just laugh at my Bear Bear (gone this past may *sigh*) as he would always sleep strange too. Whole body comfy on the bed but his head always hung off in weird angles lol. Oddd dog but I loved him!

    I am so excited for you being almost at the end ( though is it really ever done? I mean half the fun is moving it around from time to time lol). I am ready for Winter and some down time to just sit and play. Seems like all we do is go go go *sigh* tired...

    Yikes look at me talking your eyes off ( get it? sorry strange mood today).

    Hope you have a WONDERFUL week! Feel good vibes comin your way!


  10. Hi there, Rita! I've missed your visiting my blog - if it was because of word verification, I did not know that I even had it. When I found out, I got rid of it - so if you'd like to visit me again, I'd welcome that!

    Your cat looks quite comfy in the sun with the fan cord. And wow, what a long-distance frined you have to send you the beautiful pressed flowers! Can't wait to see what wonderful creations you'll make with them.

  11. Brr ~ you have cold weather ~ Karma is a sweety ~ Lovely pressed flowers your friend sent ~ what beautiful creations you can make with them ~ Posting 2x a week is working ~ trying to think about cutting down myself ~ Glad your 'cleaning' is winding down ~ getting ready to create? ~ always enjoy your post and having you come by ~ enjoy the day ~ (A Creative Harbor)

  12. You need to make time for making things and for being creative with all your supplies, so if by posting two days a week that helps, then thats the way to go.
    When you start being all arty again you will be so wanting to show what you have you'll be blogging very day.

  13. Oh- forgot to say the flowers are just heavenly and if you make paper, they will be fabulous additions.

  14. First of all let me say that Karma is darling. And I'm glad you are getting all your work done. There is not enough hours in the day it seems. Weather in Va. is gorgeous! I just returned from vacation in San Diego and it was HOT so I am enjoying the beautiful fall weather. Take care and enjoy fall before it turns cold. :-)

  15. Now as far as I am concerned, you could do a posting about Karma everyday! Glad to hear you are almost finished with your organizing!! Relax and take care! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  16. What a wonderful long-time friend you have in Linda! Such a thoughtful thing for her to do.

    Cody isn't like Karma as far as laying on hard 'pillows'...he prefers the soft and cosy kind. LOL at Karma resting and sleeping on the fan cord.

    I wish you well in getting everything done by your goal date. Slow and steady wins the race so, as long as you don't overdo things, you will make it.

    As for Monday and Thursday postings...I like it! Like Dee, I find it hard to keep up with bloggers who post practically every day.

    You have a lovely week too, Rita ~ xo

  17. Those flowers are so beautiful, and Karma is always adorable. I'm happy any time that you post. You aren't taking up my time. I love your news-filled posts and the photos of Karma. You always add a tough of "pleasant" to my day.


  18. Looking at your pictures and seeing what you are doing with your days is always pleasant. I feel like we are old friends, and I enjoy reading what you post whenever it's convenient for you. I know I enjoy posting less often but that's just me. :-)

  19. Good Morning ~ Tues~ wishing you a healthy and creative day ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    thanks for coming by and commenting ^_^

  20. Love the photos, especially the one with all the clouds with golden light on the background buildings. And the pressed flowers - wow!

    Rita, you could post twice a day and I wouldn't consider it taking up too much of my time,


  21. I always crumble them up when pressimg flowers, after some time

  22. Yoikes. Karma looks like she's trying to hang herself - don't you wish you could sleep at all angles and postures like that? (even upside down?)

    Hugs - you sound good - I'm pleased you are feeling well(er).

  23. Hello friend..what a fun cheery post! How gorgeous ..those flowers from your friend are very special!
    And woah..magnificent cloudscapes..totally magical!!

    Enjoy the rest of week!

  24. Those flowers are going to make some great paper!! You do what ever you want with your blog Rita..this is your "room" and you can do what ever you want here! It is always fun to visit here..hope you get your project done before October!! Two more days and I am done. Yippy Skippy! :)

  25. Those flowers are absoltuely gorgeous and that Karma is still a cheeky monkey!

    Post when the mood takes you. Make art everyday.

  26. I love when you post no matter what day it is... the visits into your day are always a highlight... glad you are starting to feel better... and more mobile... maybe the cooler weather will helps... and those pressed flowers were special...xx

  27. such beautiful flowers from your friend! that was so thoughtful of her to do that! ... and congratulations on coming into the home stretch of your organizing!

  28. Wow, those pressed flowers are amazing!! what a nice thing to do....a true friend:) I can't wait to see what your papers look like with them!
    Thank you so much for coming over to my blog and all your kind comments! Take care and loving the photos too!

  29. It's raining outside as I type this. Not cold enough for snow, but it's chilly out there. We had temps in the 30s a couple of nights. The weathermen predicted a possible frost, but thankfully, it wasn't cold enough for that. I covered my flowers just in case, tho.

    That was really nice of your friend to send you those flowers. They look great to me. :)

    Karma gets herself in some pretty awkward positions, doesn't she? lol

    Good luck finishing your project before October. Not too many days are left in September.

    Post as often as you feel like posting. I'm sure your friends will read no matter when you post.


  30. Ouchie on the cold temps, but YAY on the sunshine!!! Looks like you and Karma are happy and well. LOVE your pressed flowers - what a nice surprise! Everything is looking quite tidy now!!!! Take it easy and big hugs!

  31. Rita, if you want to blog only twice a week, blog twice a week. We all tend to ease of as time goes by. I thought those pressed flowers your friend sent you were great. Glad you are feeling well enough to catch up with your chores - Dave

  32. What a beautiful thoughtful thing sending you those flowers! That's a special friend you have there Rita ;D

    Karma has me in stitches...I love to hear from you no matter what day it is :D
    Its good to hear you're nearly done with all your organising...I could do with you here!
    Have a wonderful weekend ;D

  33. Hi Rita, it is me again.
    A Rowan tree is also called a Mountain Ash if that helpd.
    I know you always email after comments and that is lovely of you. I don't usually have theenergy for that though i might make an exception for you:)
    It is easy just to come her to talk to you.
    Take care!

  34. You can see that I'm late getting to the Monday post but usually I check every morning.

    How nice of your friend to supply you with pressed flowers. Can't wait to see what you do with them.


  35. Earlier this week I found your YouTube channel. I've been watching a few videos every night and noticed I was getting to the end. This morning I decided to do some investigating and, one link led to another, and I found your blog. I'm so happy! I absolutely love your optimistic approach to life and the pleasure you find in art projects. You're an inspiration and I now look forward to regularly reading your blog no matter how often you post. Please do more YouTube videos, also. God bless!

  36. Anonymous8:17 PM

    How sweet to get the dried flowers I love little dried flowers. I need to gather some too. They retained their colors too. Thanks for your sweetness over at MorningDewdrops. We're starting an event Oct 1. Join if you like. Thanks Terri

  37. Hello again sweet friend..wishing you a happy day full of sparkles..and wanting to thank you for all your kind thoughtful visits..yay!
    HUgs and happiness


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