Thursday, September 13, 2012


Okay, I am going to put the two challenges first thing since short posts are preferred and I'm still going to chat a little, of course.  That way anyone just looking for those can peek and leave.  I won't be offended.  Just happy that I felt well enough to take an art break and play this week.  ;)
The template this week from Erin at The Bright Owl was supposed to be a monodala (a word she made up meaning you would only use one kind of zentangle doodle). 
Well, how about none?  Sorry.  All I could see were a tangle of those big Christmas bulbs that used to get so hot you'd worry the house would burn down--LOL!  Maybe the fact that it was 37 degrees when I woke up this morning might suggest the holiday mood a bit more?  LOL!  ;)
 The challenge from Jennifer for the Artist's Play Room over at Just Add Water, Silly this week was JUICY!  I'll show more below, but this is my unfinished offering.
 I unsealed the new Silks, stirred each one with a toothpick, and got one picture before my battery died yesterday.  Then I closed them up and shook the heck out of them.  Not a good shot of how shimmery they are in real life. 
 Karma knows I am doing interesting things up at my little art table and commandeers the chair whenever I take a break.
What am I doing up here?
Who me?
 I'm just resting here.
Way too tired to climb on your table.
Just look at me.
Do you see how tired I am?
I'm not even looking at your old table.
You can just look away.  
Look away. 
You can trust me.
 Cats are notorious liars.
 Anyways, I had no plan for what I was going to do for "juicy" (and I don't think this is finished) except that I wanted to use the new Silks somehow and be a loose woman.  ;)  
I started out with acrylics and a bit of water for the background.  Took some kid's brushes and blobbed on some red and blue paint along the bottom.  Was thinking of flowers in a field.  Dripped yellow paint.  Splattered yellow paint.  Took out my extra-fine, carbon-black fountain pen and scribbled flowers, stems & leaves...
...and then started blobbing on several of the Silk acrylic glazes..., there, and everywhere.
 Looks pretty juicy to me all along the bottom where I used the new Silks.
 Couldn't resist a bit of shimmery misting all over, too.
I am very pleased that I had minimal trouble blobbing and scribbling.  :)
Obviously, I was able to chop veggies for soup (the back test) and then take my art break this week!  Whoohoo!
Yesterday I asked Dagan to stop by and remove all the books and magazines from the top two sagging bookcase shelves.  (They were seriously beginning to worry me.)  He managed to fit them all on the shelf between the kitchen and main room and on the end of my desk.  I covered the ones up on the ledge with an old art towel so they won't get spattered by droplets since they are right above the sink.  
Here I thought I was finally free of having a mess in here, at least.  Well, that was short-lived, wasn't it?  Now I not only need my bedroom blinders but had to dig out the heavy-duty main room blinders again--LOL!  Harder to ignore when you look at it all the time.  If I don't have to actually see it or only catch glimpses...well, I have a tremendous capacity for evidenced by my former love life--ROFL!  ;)  
At least with all that stacked where it is my desk, craft table, and art table are still free and clear--tada!!  Needed to figure out a way to keep them open and useable since I have no idea when Dagan and Leah will ever be able to make it over to Lowe's.  They are busy with picking out light fixtures and such--and are going to wire the whole house for the internet themselves--pretty soon, too.  Dagan thought maybe even this weekend.  :)
Oh, I forgot to tell you that I won second place in Goulet Pens ink drop contest with the mandala!  
Won a ten dollar gift certificate!!  Nice!  I knew when I saw somebody had used the inks to kind of watercolor paint a picnic scene by the water that they were going to win first...and they a landslide!  I purposely didn't vote.  Didn't want to influence the outcome.  Thrilled to get second.  :)
Meanwhile, yesterday afternoon (before Dagan arrived) I turned on the TV to watch something I had recorded and MS Media Player crashed to black screen.  I waited till Dagan got here.  The TV would still switch over to the DVD player, so the TV still works.  It's MS Media Player in the TV computer.  But I could go online and get to Netflix to watch streaming, so that's something.
This morning I wanted to try it again when I was on a painting break.  It doesn't want me to try to move the recorded selections over or it gets really upset and crashes to black screen.  Then I have to manually shut down the TV computer and reboot it.  As a matter of fact it doesn't even like the cursor to move too far from the middle of the screen or it crashes.  But if I picked a selection from the very center of the screen it would let me watch it...twice.  
But then I made the mistake of picking something a little right from center and it crashed.  I'll deal with rebooting when I am done blogging.  For the rest of the day I'm going to stick with Netflix streaming.  I don't think it is good for its metallic brains to keep crashing like that, so I guess I will be recording the TV shows but not be able to watch them.  Unless Dagan figures out how to fix MS Media Player or (if I have to buy something) until I can afford to fix or replace whatever is broken.  Such is life these days with all the electronics that aren't made to last.  ;)
Oh, and everything seems to have glitches lately.  I ordered (in a buy two get one free deal) business paper from Office Max.  First I got an email telling me the 32 lb paper was backordered.  Next I got an email saying they were all three coming.  Then FedEx brings me one box of paper yesterday--the backordered 32 lb paper. Huh?  I sent them an email, but I am going to try calling them now since I haven't heard anything.
Saggy shelves, flukes, crashes, boxes of paper roaming the streets, and lying cats.
 I think I will play with paints...or doodle...or write letters...or throw a little black TV computer box out the window...LOL!  
Only kidding.  
Have an uneventful weekend.  ;)
"The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it."
Jean-Baptiste Moliere


  1. this made me laugh: Saggy shelves, flukes, crashes, boxes of paper roaming the streets, and lying cats.

    congrats on 2nd place! and i love the christmas light tangle. :)

  2. :)

    Tells the lying Kat to "Knock off the fibbin' it isn't working!"

    Wooohooooo!! a $10 gift cert!!! You done great!!!!!!!!

    I really like that blobbing green "thing" (sorry, I know not what to call it!) - the colors and textures are so cool!

  3. I think the lying cat has a very forgiveable face. Yuh huh.

  4. Anonymous3:13 PM

    I'm so glad you are enjoying your art. It is such a relaxing thing to do. I miss it horribly. As for annoying TV boxes... They are great when they work? I love netflix though. have a great day lady

  5. Hi Rita, I really like what you did with that mandala! it came out great making it look like xmas lights! you can use that for a holiday card:))

  6. I know that you will forgive Karma anything!

  7. I love your Christmas bulbs :)
    It reminds me a little of an inkblot test "what do you see?" and it tells you a little about yourself - you must be a kid at heart - someone who loves Christmas :)

    Wonderful paint play too - I love the colors!!!

  8. Congrats on your second-place finish!

    Those colors on your painting are gorgeous. :)

  9. I'm so happy that you were able to get some crafty time to play for a change! Congrats on the 2nd place win, that's awesome! Keep the blinders on, I'm a queen of Denial too so I understand! Kiss Karma baby a stroke and a kiss from me!waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  10. How wonderful to win a prize. It sure is a lovely mandala. I'd really watch that cat if I were you, even if the name were "good Karma"! I am so glad you got to experiment with your new silks. I still have a whole weeks worth of homework to catch up on in Dion's Silks class. There never seems to be enough time for all I want to do! I love the sheen in your painted flower garden.

  11. if it's not one thing it's five, lol. Your painting is gorgeous and I'm absolutely loving the texture of it too. Twinks and silks are becoming so popular with artists, I gotta get in and try mine. You've inspired me.

  12. That was a short post? Hah! I love the pictures of Karma being, well, Karma. And your glitches are accumulating, it seems. Congratulations on winning that $10 prize. Cool! :-)

  13. Congratulations!!! So awesome that you won AND got a gift card too!

    Karma is awesome, even if she's a liar, lol!

    LOVE your new painting style! Those silks are very cool.

    Sorry you had to re-make a mess. I was lucky in my German closet to have a separate "shelf closet" too for my heavy paper and books. Had the same problem as you had.

    Have a good weekend!!

  14. That is quote a post... glad you are better and feeling creative... love the look of the silks... I love the twinks and it is hard to capture the shimmer... they are just so wonderful in life... hope the tv thing has stopped crashing... nothing worse than things like that... they drive me nuts...xx

  15. i liked your shimmery painting Rita. It looked very effective - Dave

  16. Your painting/s are just gorgeous. You can't beat flowers. Those silks are sumptuous.I am sure I have caught my cat telling little porkie pies too....must be the 'need-to-get-my-own-way' attitude that cats have.
    He has to go on a diet, and that is difficult as he is very demanding.
    I am not surprised you won a prize...the mandala is stunning!

  17. Boy, I thought the bookshelves sagging was a big thing but you've really had a lot of things happen this week. I so love those paints, will have to save up and get some. Do they make the texture or have you put something on first? Your painting is gorgeous. Congrats on the second prize, you do such beautiful mandalas. Bummer about your tele computer thing. We just have a regular tv, can't record or get anything but tv, less to go wrong. Hope everything gets fixed soon for you.
    Enjoy your art and don't look at the mess.
    Have fun.

  18. You're an artist! :)

    Ahh I wish I had the skills you had... I can only be that creative in my mind, hahaha...

    Oh Karma is just so hugable. We have cats at home too but not as cuddly as him.her. Happy weekend!

  19. Love your artwork ~ and Congrats on your mandala ~ Wonderful to hear! ~ Keep playing ~ and hugs to you and Karma ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    Electronic world will drive us all crazy if we let it!

  20. LOVE your Christmas bulbs, your "loose" silk piece, and that fibber of a kitty!!

    Mine stretches the truth all the time....

  21. i thought...a lotus flower...before i saw your xmas light tangle! ha! it DOES look like that now!!

    i LOVE those shimmering silk acrylics...the 'blobby' look...ha...i've been wanting to try them myself. maybe one day i'll splurge and pick some up. where do you order them from online? your painting is beautiful rita!! i really really like the textured look!!

    congrats on your win! you deserve it for sure!!

    lying cats. ha. they like to stretch the truth a bit from time to time.

    you take care rita & have an uneventful weekend yourself...and if you DO have an it a good one!!

  22. Congrats on the win! You've come a long way baby!

    Karma the king of fib. Gotta love tje sneak.

  23. Your cat kills me. OMgosh I love the photos! HAHAHA Saggin shelves sounds like around here. All my "high dollar" shelves are complaining. Eh they work so they will just have to groan for a while lol. Congrats on your win!! That's wonderful!! Love all your creations. So happy and cheery! Hope your day is great! *huggles* =0)

  24. Dear Rita, I've admired you for many reasons ever since I began reading your blog. Now I've added another reason--the zillioneth!!!!--you understand all these technology gobbley-gook words and processes. I don't even know what "Netflix streaming" is. But I do know that I'm overjoyed that you won second place in the contest. Your entry was a real winner with me when you first showed it to us on your blog. I'm glad the contest organizers felt the same! Peace.

  25. oh Rita, you always crack me up... ;-)

    Your flowers in a field painting is beautiful. And your Christmas bulb mandala had me laughing!! Great minds think alike - as SOON as i saw that template, the first thing in my mind was "old christmas lights"... hehehee. Nice to visit here, girl! xox

  26. I am commenting on the monodala challenge because that is where I come from....however, everything is wonderful on your post. I just have to say that I love that you did the Christmas light theme because I saw that in the monodala but didn't go that route. I love how it turned out!

  27. hahahahahaha! what a great post!!!!! and your artwork is wonderful, too :)

    p.s. if you ever need a new home for karma, i'm totally ready for that - what a great cat!

  28. Wow..your entry for decadent..exquisite..vibrant and really pulsing with LIFE! I love it's energy and your expressive nature is vibing from it! powerful and very beautiful! it!
    and i LOVE Karma..I love when you share photos..I totally think your kitty could have it's own Blog..LOL!

  29. Your art is AMAZING! If you ever make youtube videos about your artwork, I would watch them every day. :)

  30. How frustrating to think you have at least one little area organized and finished and isn't. Sigh. Well you'll have it back in shape in no time. Meanwhile those shimmery colors are so delicious looking - great painting.

  31. Ok reading this made me laugh in bits and go ohhhh in other bits why because the artwork is awesome and Karma is so adorable. I don't know what a MS Media Player is but can tell just by reading the post that it is not something we want NOT working..........

  32. Anonymous11:31 PM

    Those cat pictures are hilarious!

    And your paintings lovely and vibrant.

  33. so good to laugh sometimes. I mean really, if things didn't go wrong how would we get through the day?!

    great about your win and I am curious to see how the painting goes. there sure are a lot of neat treasures out there to play with.

    so hoping your weekend is fun. Gracie and I were almost but NOT quite caught in a gigunda thunderboomer this morning. we headed back early after the big lightning and thunder, and 2 minutes, MAYBE, after we were inside the sky opened up and poured. Now it is playing with the sun but I am sure it is going to rain more... good time to wander through APR and PAF and see what all everyone's been up to!!


  34. Thanks for 'coming by' ~ will definitely show you when the Sketchbook is complete ~ maybe next week ~ or two ~ LOL ~ enjoy ~ healing hugs to you and Karma ^_^
    (A Creative Harbor)

  35. I love the luscious colors in your painting for APR. congratulations on your win with that intricate mandala. Blessings!

  36. I too see C37 bulbs in the Monodala! Perfect coloring, reminds me of when I was a kid at Christmas. Congrats on your second place! LOL at Karma. Cats can never be trusted to tell the truth!

  37. So it hasn't been all bad Rita...a fantastic prize surprise!
    I'm glad you sorted those shelves out because I had visions of them crashing in the middle of the night! Karma would have had kittens!!!
    A great painting using things I've never heard of never mind tried.
    I must expand (other than my waistline :$)
    Have a super Sunday and good luck with getting everything sorted.

  38. Christmas Tree lights LOL..all I saw was eggs. Congrats on your win! I love the aqua blue color of your juicy painting. It is good that you did some art this week! I am going to do some art soon..maybe. Karma does not seem the lying type..she was just testing you:)

  39. Congrats on the mandala, and also love that unadala of christmas bulbs!

  40. Love the paintings and creativity and Miss Karma! Just dropping in for a second to say Hi!

  41. do you really think cats are liars? I think they are honest. they don't bother making you like them like dogs. They are more "take it or leave it" creatures.
    Your art is fascinating. I have no talent, but I can appreciate talent.

  42. I love your mandala! My daughter is a religion teacher and she just had her students make one...they are posted in the classroom and are SO cool! The option/colors are endless. I continue to be amazed by your beautiful work, and that crazy Karma! I love the cat in the chair. Makes me chuckle. :-)

  43. I'm really late getting here because of my computer virus, which is much like your media player. The computer dies at the most inopportune times.

    I don't think I've heard of silks before. They sure look shimmery, though. And lovely, of course.

    Congrats on your win. Second place is still awesome. And cats don't lie. They just see how far they can test you and your willpower (grin). Like little kids, they explore their boundaries.

  44. I hate it when electronic stuff acts all pissy and won't do what it's supposed to do. And cats are notorious liars. My dogs said so.


  45. Your mandala is gorgeous - I'm in awe of all the lines and details you draw to embellish the design. Love the Christmas lights one as well.

    Was happy to read that you think those bulbs get ultra hot also. I thought I was the only one who felt those lights are get excessively hot and border on being a fire hazard.

    Your work is so inspiring, Rita!

  46. Your Christmas lights are super creative - love it! I also like your take on JUICY - very beautiful.

  47. I loved the Christmas lights. Such a colorful creation.

    Lying cat, eh? Tell me it ain't so. lol

    Congratulations on winning second place in the ink drop contest. Very nice mandela.

    Yep, there is always something. I lost count of my "somethings" the past couple of months. I may never post about them because they just keep coming. :\

    I hope you had a good weekend. I'm sorry I'm so behind in reading your blog posts.


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