Monday, January 05, 2009


This is the sidewalk below my window that was being blown out yesterday.
15 below and crispy this morning. :)
Today I start on the Soul Coaching book. I picked out a beautiful journal to use.
She suggests two separate journals, but one is quite enough for me. She has one for writing and one for what sounds like collage? A joy journal? Well, I have no problems combining the two or starting up another one later if I feel the need. For now--this will be my journal. If I feel like drawing or sketching--I already have a Moleskine going and have made a few sketchbooks, as you know. :)

Like I said, I am aiming for 28 weeks--but I am not too concerned with time since I have much less control over it these days--hehe! When I feel done with one lesson--then I will go on to the next one. I also have other interests, as you know, that take up my few productive hours a day and I am not going to give up the rest of my life--chuckle! This book will be more worked into my days.

The Overview:
1-7 Air--mental
8-14 Water--emotional
15-21 Fire--spiritual
22-28 Earth--physical

"A proverb from India states that each of us is a house with four rooms--mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual--but unless we go into every room every day, we are not complete."

Today I will work on writing up my own personal Sacred Contract and starting on Lesson One. :)

Yesterday I made my order to Office Max. Ink for my printer--one of the double packs with color and black. I was shocked that it is up to $70! Whew! Too bad that when I tried their cheaper refilled/recycled cartridges I had so much trouble and they didn't work for me. And I ordered some banker boxes and the first ballpoints I have liked in decades--hehe! I've been a gel girl. The orders usually come quickly from Office Max.

The banker boxes are for me to pack up some of the books/magazines in the bookcases. That means I can start on the big cleaning/reshuffling/reorganizing project--TaDa!!! And so it begins.... :)


  1. I just used the one journal too and it worked great. Your journal looks beautiful!

  2. In a way you had two--a journal and a sketchbook. You drew beautiful pictures every day! :)


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