Thursday, January 08, 2009


Yesterday was a Tudors marathon! Sooo good! I watched the entire second season--Ann (wife number two) got her head chopped off in the last episode! I wonder how they are going to make this young handsome actor into a fat older Henry?
Anyways, I did work on birthday cards a little, also.

Leah was going to stop over last night after she ran errands, but her car wouldn't start--and then the hood was frozen shut, too! She had some kind of an extra set of jumper cables that work through the cigarette lighters. (Never heard of that! ??) I wonder if they got the car going last night? If she is out and about today she said she'd call to see if I wanted to come with to a couple of places (I still don't feel up to it--at least so far) or she'd stop by after.
Somebody asked me about the fibromyalgia and how I'm feeling. Well, sometimes (like lately) I feel kind of like I have the flu--without the tossing my cookies--hehe! Ache absolutely all over, physically weak, and just feel like you want to crawl under a blanket somewhere. I guess they call them fibro flares? Never know how long they will last. But the severity does pass--eventually. Patience. My body is teaching me patience. :):)
Anyways, I am glad I am all set up for making cards so I can just go over and work a little bit here and there. Another reason why I like using the carpet tape. Not messy, no clean-up--can stop at any time, come back, and pick up right where I left off. :)
Beautiful, sunny day today. Might get a smidgen above zero today. Supposed to snow again tomorrow and I haven't even gotten out to shovel away the last snow from in front of my garage door. I'm sure it's not going anywhere--hehe!! Patience, right? :):):) Have a great day.


  1. I've never heard of jumper cables through the cigarette lighter either.

  2. One of my other blog friends lives with fibromyalgia too. It sounds like you have learned how to handle your condition fairly well though the 'flares' sound dreadfully painful.

  3. When they tried the cig lighter jump--it didn't work, BTW. I'm not sure if I said that in my blog or not? They had to push the car into the garage and put on a space heater and when it warmed up it started. It was just plain frozen to death--hehe!

    The fibro flares can get me down after while. They can last for weeks, actually, and then they really wear on me. And interfere with my plans--so annoying--hehe! But they go away eventually--thank goodness! :):)


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