Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Yesterday I did move in all the assorted paint brushes....
....and finished clearing out the other bookcase.
Which means I have huge piles and stacks everywhere!

Karma is down to one chair to watch her CatTV--hehe!
The American Journey paint set came yesterday!
After they thawed out I set up another tiny palette!
Yummy looking, eh?
I can check off something else on my list for 2009--hehe!
Leah emailed me to call her while I was uploading pictures here. She wanted to know if I would like her to come over today instead of tomorrow--and she could shovel out the snow in front of the garage for me! Yes!! Wonderful! And she will help me organize all the satchels--tada!! Yes!! Yes!! Thank you, Leah!!! Happy, happy me!! :):) Later....


  1. Anonymous5:18 PM

    Oooh, lots of fun art supplies!

  2. Yes! My toys! I have many interests--and then, of course, you need the supplies. Such a delight to rotate thru them over and over. :)


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