Thursday, January 15, 2009


Made my trip to Federal Housing for my annual appointment yesterday. This is my view from a chair in the waiting room.
Right behind me thru the window--PitaPaseo!! Got an excellent parking spot, eh?
I love the old buildings in Fargo. This street is Broadway--a main street in the older part of town.
The waiting area. No one else there. Probably because my appointment was right before lunchtime--hehe!
Met my new lady. She was very nice!
Since I haven't driven in years and haven't had the car out since it snowed a couple months ago--I drove very cautiously and kept a good distance from other vehicles. Good thing! I came up to a stop light and hit one of those patches of slick icy snow that you have no traction whatsoever and as I gently pumped the brakes I slowly slid to about a 45 degree angle before I stopped--turning the wheel had no effect whatsoever--chuckle!
If I had been going any faster I would have slid right into the back of a bus! Thank goodness there was no car in the left lane for me to nudge--hehe! I was going so slowly that I don't think there would have been much damage if I had slid into anybody, but thank goodness my fishtailing dance was unobstructed--hehe! I was sure glad to be home! Way too slick out there for me. Everywhere they haven't sanded is slippery because of the extreme cold--so the side streets can be rather dangerous. Makes me extra grateful I don't have to be out in that every day of the week any more. :):)
Anyways, the shovel that Leah bought me works so well for me to push the snow with one hand or my foot--nice! Had to shovel before I left yesterday, too. Was exhausted, sore, and in bed early and slept late. No surprise. :) It was expected to get down to 31 below last night. I imagine it must have if it is 28 below right now--but a sunny, beautiful day to look at--hehe! R&R noodle day for me. Good thing I have some Netflix movies to watch I haven't gotten to yet, eh?


  1. one time, when i was driving in winter in wyoming, i started to slide and, silly me, applied the brakes which made the car like a ski and i ended up turning into the gutter of the road to help stop. it frightened me so much that i made my then-husband drive me where i needed to go. i loved the snow but hated the driving conditions.

  2. You do get used to it, but there are just some days that are treacherous no matter what--so you creep and crawl along--hehe! When it gets that cold it does something to the snow and turns it like ice! I spun around and ended up partially in the ditch once in Wisconsin--hadn't been driving long--hit a patch of ice on the ramp as I was entering the freeway. Had this little car--a Hornet. These three BIG young men in overalls and parkas (this sounds like a movie!) knocked on my window (scared the hell out of me--it had just happened and they had watched my little car dance) and offered me assitance. I thought they meant they'd call a tow truck (these were the days long before cell phones). But they just asked me to get out of the car and the three of them went to the back end of the car and lifted it up and over toward the road! Then plowed thru the snow-- stomped and kicked their way to get to the front end of the car and lifted it up and over toward the road. They kept doing this--kind of like how I've moved heavy pieces of furniture by myself, you know? Back and forth they went--from the back bumper to the front bumper--one, two, three heave ho--until my car was sitting on the side of the road again!!! My mouth was hanging open! I said--"Wow! You guys must work out or something? That was amazing!" All the one guy (only one who ever spoke to me) said was--"We're farmers". Truth be told--the car was facing the wrong way and I was terrified to turn it around on the highway like that. So--he got in and turned it around for me--while the other two stood there like they were protecting me from the oncoming cars. The three of them stood so tall, smiled, nodded goodbye, got in their pickup truck--but they followed me for a while until they knew I was okay. True story! :):)

  3. It's nice to know that there are earth 'angels' out there who seem to show up just at the right time to help. I remember, about six years ago, I broke down in my van on one of the local roads. I called for the Roadside Assistance but, while I was waiting, I was getting abused by passing vehicles because my broken down van was a hindrance to them. I was at the roadside but there wasn't a parking lane which meant the actually had to move over into the next lane to drive around me. Geez, what did they expect me to do??!! Sometimes, people nowadays are in that much of a rush to get places that they forget about showing some human decency. I always feel sorry for people I see broken down on the roadside.

  4. When those guys showed up--well, it really restores your faith in humanity. There really are a lot of wonderful, caring people out there. I think they are all over the place--hehe!! :):)


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