Sunday, January 04, 2009


Good Morning from Fargo! This is what it looks like right this minute.
We had over three inches already I heard last night before I went to bed. This is a shot of the maintenance man snow blowing the sidewalk--using a light to see in the dark. Looked like he was blowing out a lot of snow. I noticed that the sidewalk had totally drifted over again yesterday. It's 14 below right now--supposed to be sunny today, but wind chills of close to 30 below. Warnings out again. Sometimes you'd think we lived at the North Pole--hehe!
I've been on a low-energy swing. Read all day yesterday. Might do the same today? Not a bad thing to do when it is this cold out, I guess. :):)


  1. WOW....what time does the sun come up?

  2. Closer to 8am--hehe! It's winter up here and our days are short. :)


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