Monday, August 05, 2013


Where's Waldo?  
I mean Karma--LOL! 
Sleeping in the grocery bags.
She made a cat nest in there that she kept going back to--so I let her keep it for an extra day.  ;)
This was a morning shot a couple days ago.  I do so love the sky.
Quick post to show you the new-to-us blue chair. 
Karma checked out every inch of it... 
...especially the scratching post area.  She even tried to add her effort to the damage despite the fact she has no claws--LOL!
Her tail was flicking violently sometimes. 
I think she was wondering where the cat was... 
...that she could smell. 
I was surprised by how little the chair is! 
It's as small as my other baby chair! 
In fact--smaller in the seat depth and the footrest.  
My feet hang over the end of the footrest!  
And I am not much over five feet anymore. 
Used to be 5' 1 3/4", but I'm not sure I'm even 5'1" anymore. 
Karma's a little leery of this new, cat scented, slowly moving chair...but she was finally up for a cuddle on it last night.  For some reason it looks a lot better in person than it does in the photographs.  Where it's not cat loved, the fabric is in good shape and a lot newer then I thought.  But I am planning to buy a chair cover for it next month.  What do you think of red?!  :)
Dagan and Leah told me last night that they decided I don't have to pay them back for my new recliner!  To consider it a Christmas present from last year.  They wanted to wipe the slate clean, but I insisted on paying them back for the fixing of my sewing machine--goodness sakes!  (And I still owe them for various other smaller things...I keep a running tally.)  But--wow!  I am truly blessed!  And thankful...and grateful that they love me.  What can a person say, you know?  :):)
No sun this morning.   
 Just a gray blanket of clouds.
We're back to "chance of rain" off and on through the week...but basically the fall temperatures are supposed to continue.  Looks and smells like rain right now, but I don't think there has actually been any yet.
Oh, and to answer the people who mom is 84, my dad is 92, my brother is 59, my sister is 58, and I am 62.  Oh, and Dagan is 38 so Leah must be 34.  :)
I've been reading again and just finished The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult yesterday.  (Thought provoking, to say the least!)  Since that was marked as a new book, I figured it should be the next one I read so I could be sure it got returned because people are usually waiting for the newer books.  For some reason I seem to be saving A Tree Grows In Brooklyn like dessert after a banquet.  ;)
Even our bizarre early fall weather has not managed to kick me out of my summer vacation state of mind.  I am just reading and writing letters and watching movies...and seem to have little or no creative mojo.  Having a wonderful time, though!  And today I even have a new chair to add to my musical chairs rotation--whoohoo!  Take that, cranky back!  LOL!
Here's to a great week, people!
There are a couple bloggers out there to which I send healing prayers and wish...
May God hold you gently in the palm of His hand.
"Prayer is an act of love, words are not needed.  Even if sickness distracts thoughts, all that is needed is the will to love."
St. Teresa of Avila


  1. No, no, no... Leah is 29!!! :)

    The new to you chair looks like it fits in well! I think whatever color cover you get will look nice (your eye for the artistic is dependable!)

    I hope the rainy weather doesn't make you stiff and achey - although the cooler air is a blessing!

  2. glad you got the new chair. hopefully you will like it - karma, well...

    silly cat...

  3. Oh yes most certainly red! Silly have been keeping her entertained for bags and a new chair:)

  4. The chair looks great! I can almost see the wheels in Miss Karma's mind churning as she tries to figure out where the "other" cat is! Too cute- glad she settled into it, though-

  5. I think red would be great for the new chair!!

  6. Who cares about age? Now you see why I tell people that only God and the IRS know my age!! Age is so personal, and I don't think people need to know.

    Karma is having the time of her life checking out that new chair. I'm sure there's something you can spray on it that will remove the cat scent. But it IS a good looking chair.

    Glad you are missing the rain. We had over 7 inches in four hours last night. Floods everywhere, and basements are flooded, too, including mine. Well, not flooded, but there is water in it. Hope the rain stays away from you.

  7. You know, Katie and I want to say we love it here. Karma, you are a lovely girl and your mamma has a beautiful spirit, and that makes me happy. Love to see the pictures too. So glad we have found one another's blogs.

  8. The chair looks great. Red is not my favourite colour, but if it
    is yours, then go for it girl!

    Looking forward to seeing the transformation!
    Sue xx

  9. Don't cats have a good sense of smell or whatever it is that lets them know another cat has been around? Glad Karma figured out that she was the only cat who was going to use the chair so she could accept it. A red chair sounds nice but you know I'm partial to blue.


  10. Good report. I enjoyed the pictures of Karma and to find out the age of the protagonists

  11. Your children are really a blessing. Your children, including Leah. They help so much more than a lot of other adult kids I know. I'm glad you have them in your life!

  12. I like the new chair. Hope it's comfy for you and Karma.

    Dagan and Leah are great kids. :)

    It was so cold here yesterday morning (50 or less at 6:30) that our furnace was running when I woke up. It felt good to get the chill off.

    Loved the quote. Hope your blogger friends receive those healing prayers of yours. *hugs*


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