Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Okay, don't worry.  
I'm not up in the middle of the night because of pain.  I had one of those weird dreams that are upsetting enough you don't want to go back to sleep (and I don't want to say out loud what it was about because I don't want it to come true, you know?)  Just didn't want to go back to sleep and dream about it any more.  I can continue dreams off and on all night between my potty and stretch breaks--and have even been known to have dreams continue on subsequent nights.  Does anyone else do that?  Anyways, I decided to get up and show you my new art table instead--LOL!
Caroline ended up asking if she could switch to today to clean--no problem.  But I was all geared up to get the table I decided to do it myself.  The glass top was fairly heavy, but I was able to drag it over near the art spot with my good arm.  (And--yes--I was careful about my back, hips, and knees--lol!)
The red legs were easy as pie.  Just get all the packaging off of them and screw them in. 
I figured if the table was too heavy to tip upright I would have left it for Caroline today, but I managed with the leg leverage and all.  TaDa!!
It's quite a bit narrower than the old folding table I had been using... 
...but I LOVE IT!!! 
It is so much sturdier and less wobbly...and has a GLASS TOP!! 
Of course, Miss Karma was supervising and inspecting every step of my work. 
I am so excited to have a flat surface that should clean easily and not stain.  Did I mention it has a GLASS TOP!  ;)
Once we get the long black shelf under the wall unit it will be just perfect with supplies easily within reach and I will have a place to set a lot of small things to get them off the table while I am working.  You know how we like to spread out...and this table isn't as wide...but the shelf will make up the difference.  Leah will probably get that up next Tuesday.  :)  This is how it will look now when not in use.
When I am using the art table the taboret will now have to come out from under the table so my chair will fit... 
...but that will give me a little additional surface space.  That black glass top looks so barren, right? 
I put everything back that I had been playing with. 
Love my new little IKEA art table!!  
Can't tell I am excited or anything. 
I guess it is Karma approved, too. 
Oh goodness!  This is just like yesterday.  Duh!  It's Wednesday--and I could actually do What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday for the first time.  So...I'll be right back.
Okay, I have my little art desk, but I also have my craft (and everything else) table--so I went and took a picture of what is on it right now.  
  Yup!  You saw the enticing videos yesterday!
 I dug out the crayons, glue gun, and canvases.
Melted crayon art is going to be in my near future.
Well, not today.  
Unless I can manage to get some more sleep I am going to be nothing but a walking zombie all day.
Does anybody know how to get a glue stick out of a glue gun when you can't grab the end anymore?  Or do I just have to use it up?
And now I will have to apologize to any of the participants of WOYWW who happen to stop by (please let me know your number) for not keeping this short.  (Although this is actually on the short side for me--LOL!)  You can go here and see what other people have on their workspaces today.  :)
I'm not too tired to ogle my new art table all day.
Happy Wednesday!!  :):)
"The next message you need is always right where you are."
Ram Dass


  1. Your new desk looks great, happy crafting on it.

    Sharon#92 x

  2. Isn't Ikea fab? My entire stamp room is from there now. I have a similar art bin where I keep my inks and punches and mediums. Enjoy your lovely desk! I had a glass made for mine and boy does it make it easier to clean! Rest well tonight! Winnie#85

  3. Very cool desk and your room looks wonderful - all those neatly arranged goodies :-) That is one portly but pretty cat too :-)
    Thank you for letting me visit :-D

    Happy WOYWW

    IKE xxx #99

  4. You will find your glass top table fantastic. I loves mine. Also from Ikea! Enjoy your desk and that wax technique sounds exciting!
    xx 50

  5. Love the new art table, and I'm impressed you put it together. It would probably take me and an army to put even something simple together!

    I love how Miss Karma is studiously inspecting it- I guess she likes the red, too!

  6. Lovely desk and so practical too. How did we manage before Ikea? LOL!

    Happy WOYWW. Susi #105

  7. the table is really cute.

  8. Love your new desk, also love your chair much better than the usual plain ones.

    great journals, and looks like your melted crayon works will be a lot of fun.

    Lynda #89

  9. I had this in an old blog--I never thought people could really do it:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could dream in chapters? Then, if we were awakened in the middle of a good dream, we could just program it in & continue enjoying it the next night. If the dream wasn’t so good—we could just delete it & open a new “book”!

    PS--I love your red-legged table!!

  10. Oh my goodness. I have so many things I want to dotoo and I allow the lack of work space to stop me. That looks wonderful, Rita and indeed you did happen to mention that you were taickled to have it. LOVE those red legs!!

  11. Anonymous12:24 PM

    That is a very nice table!

  12. I hate it when those weird dreams keep me up. Love the desk. happy crafting #2

  13. Anonymous1:03 PM

    What was the top made of? ;). I like the red.

  14. I was on my way here, anyway, so was surprised that you joined WOYWW. Quite a fun experience.

    Loved the table. This new art space is simply PERFECT for you. And yes, this IS a short post for you. Probably because it's the middle of the night (grin). Happy WOYWW from #1.

  15. Yes I have dreams that flow from one night to the other - and return months later - sometimes good ones, sometimes not ! I was awake at 3am last night - but trying to get back to sleep though not building furniture ! The new desk look great - mine has a glass top too - but I have a messy mat on it to try to keep the paint & ink & glue at bay ! Looks like your works supervisor Karma did a great job of ensuring you got the table together successfully - and she stayed to make sure you use it right too I see ! Ali #49

  16. Your new art desk is the perfect fit for that spot!!! I love it and I just know it's going to make you very happy . I'm loving the fall like weather we are having here this week. Getting lots done inside and out :)

  17. It's great to see you made it to WOYWW Rita. I love that table and how good does your set up look. It's a perfect work space. I hope those nasty dreams go away, I can't say I ever remember mine. I always leave the glue stick in my glue gun, I've packed it away in a tight box before and when I've gone to use it the glue stick is all bent but it still works. Good to see Karma is acting as foreman on the job :)
    Have a great week and I hope you get to play with your art things.
    Von #13

  18. I like those red legs! Sorry about your bad dream. Hopefully you won't have another one of those any time soon.

  19. It is a great table. Sorry you couldn't sleep - I hope since you put up your table your dreams have been happier. April #120

  20. Surprising that the new glass top table is more sturdy than the old one. I would have thought it wouldn't be. I know you'll enjoy using it!

  21. Your new glass top desk looks right at home - and cant wait to see your crayon art!!! Have a great week - Happy WOYWW Mxx #70

  22. Anonymous7:03 AM

    I am loving the shelves above your work space! I want to come over and riffle through your stuff and then play! lol

  23. Your new glass table looks lovely, please tell me how you get on with glass... I looked at one two moves ago and rejected the idea because I thought I might break it! I always leave the glue stick in and it has never been a problem, it goes cold and you warm it up the next time. Happy WOYWW Annette #9

  24. Oh, that IS a nice table!!! You didn't get a close up of the "Approved By Krazy Kat #1" sticker :)

    And yes, I too, have dreams that go on for several days (nights)... and some of them aren't "Directed Dreaming" ones either. You might find directed dreaming helpful -

  25. I love your new Ikea table Rita! What a wonderful surface, easy to clean too! I'm new here at WOYWW and would love for you to visit me #139 Suzy.

  26. Just leave that glue stick in the gun and push it trough with the next stick. I used to glue my two sticks together..but I have OCD some days. Nice table! :)

  27. Your new art table looks great. (and it has a glass top, too) :) Hope you enjoy it for many, many years to come.

  28. New stuff is always so exciting!! :) I am so glad you're happy with it!

  29. and besides, I think we all knew the top wouldn't stay barren for long anyway, heehee


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