Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Did some reading on the porch while watching the clouds roll by.  (That just reminded me of the song Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay--lol!)
Karma sat in her Cat TV chair...which has smell-o-vision... 
...and watched the kids play and the swallows swoop. 
What a gorgeous day--again!  I'm sorry for those of you who are freezing or roasting.  It was 79 degrees by late afternoon, little humidity, our normal good stiff breeze, and dropped back down into the 50s last night.  Absolutely perfect weather.  We have to appreciate these days when we get them up here and I am absolutely loving it!
Karma was fussing over trying to climb inside of the chair cover that I fold and stick under the porch chair, so I brought it inside and she climbed right in to spend the whole afternoon napping in there.  Crazy cat! 
 Pam, my book buddy, arrived with eight more books!  And I still have my "dessert" book from the last batch to read--A Tree Grows In Brooklyn.  But I wanted to get all the newer books back first.  This time I shall have to read the Call The Midwife books first.  They are very popular right now because of the wonderful PSB series.
I was having a really good day yesterday and I have to appreciate those while they last, too--LOL!  So I decided to just play on the last few page spreads with the gelatos and finish the journal backgrounds.  Scribbling and using gesso with a brush... 
...scribbling and baby wipes... 

...scribbling and using a water mister with a brush...
...and, lastly, scribbling and a wet brush.  Which turned out way too yucky pale. 
So before I went to bed I scribbled on some more orange and smeared it around with a wet brush.  Even streaky I like the deeper color. 
So, done with those backgrounds.  Only has taken me forever and a day--LOL!  I learned that I probably should have used watercolor or mixed media paper and not drawing paper.  But it was fun to play with, regardless.
What to experiment with next?
Leah found these videos!
You do not need to watch them with sound because they just have music playing.

She could just picture a big canvas in fall colors (like the first one with maybe some brown in it) on the wall of the landing on their upstairs staircase.  Which means we would have to try out the glue gun technique and practice.  (I already have a box of 96 crayons, a glue gun, and some smaller canvases.)  Would also like to try the dripping technique with the heat gun.  *rubs hands together smiling*  I foresee melted crayons in our near future!
Oh, goodness!  I just realized that it is Tuesday and I could do Elizabeth's T Stands for Tuesday if I include a picture of what I'm drinking (which will be the same boring thermal mug every week I manage to participate--LOL!)...be right back...
You can see the manilla envelope journal I was working on and that my hockey tape stuck down on butcher paper is becoming quite colorful.  (Homemade washi tape technique.)  I apologize to the other "T" participants (you can see what they have been doing and drinking here) for making you scroll all the way down here to see what I was up to, but I totally didn't think of it till right now.  :)
Anyways, Caroline is coming this afternoon and my plan is to see if she will help me put my new art table together!  Whoohoo!  I bet she just might.  Doesn't that sound more fun than cleaning?  That would save Dagan and Leah an extra trip back and then Leah can just bring her tools with for the wall shelf the next time we planned to get together--which is next Tuesday.  That's my plan.  If it works, I just may have to post pictures again tomorrow--whoohoo! 
Have a fabulous Tuesday!!
So sorry, I can't remember where online somebody was recently talking about truth and had the wonderful quote from Mark Twain...
"If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything."
I also love this one from Oscar Wilde...
"If one tells the truth, one is sooner or later to be found out."


  1. I have come across crayon melting before. I even stocked up on several packs of wax crayons, but I have not tried it yet. So there is something to look forward to for both of us!
    Sue xx

  2. glad the book lady came this time!

  3. Happy T day Rita and Karma! Animals can be so funny, well cats can!

    Home made washi tape, yep I could go in for that, I don't know hockey tape, is it repositionable, or do you cut the paper afterwards round the tape and stick them both? I'm wondering about masking tape, mine is so wide I would have to cut it down anyway!

    The table sounds more fun than cleaning, I hope you get it done! Then it can be in WOYWW!
    Cazzy x

  4. I had a wonderful time looking at your background pages and crayon art. The last photo with your drink has the most interesting background. thank you for sharing.

  5. Your positive attitudes always an inspiration - good to make the very most of good times

  6. Smell-o-vision...love it. I'm going to remember that one. :)
    Hope you get help for the craft table!
    Happy Tuesday!

  7. Always love it when Karma gets a say in things. And of course, your backgrounds inspire me. Those gelatos must be a lot of fun. They are beautiful, even the yucky yellow.

    Looks like you got books, too. I really want to read that cat series. It sounds so interesting.

    Thanks for playing again and happy T today.

  8. I've seen the crayon melting technique with the hair dryer, but not the first one using a glue gun which really intrigues me! I happen to have a spare glue gun and plenty of crayons on hand. Happy T Tuesday!

  9. Hello and Happy Tuesday! What a fun and happy post this was to read. I didn't mind waiting till the end for the mug shot either. How colorful and fun all these pieces are, thanks so much for sharing them.
    Made me laugh to hear about Karma, such a personality cats have.
    LOVE that song, so mellow and peaceful. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day! Oh and I've seen the melting crayons and love it!

  10. Those melting crayon things are fascinating!! Let us know how yours turn out, please.

  11. Glad you remembered it was T-Tuesday :-)

    Didn't realize Call the Midwife was a book - or a book series. How did I miss that??? Better get to the online library site right now.


  12. Aaaah crayon painting.. so fun. If you use the crayons in your hot glue gun, make sure it is an old one that you won't mind wrecking? I did the melt the crayons version with a hot gun and my son actually loved it and has it in his bedroom... now that is something!! LOL Hope you have a lovely Tuesday!

  13. Hi Rita love your scribbling and babywipes - my fave colours - will have to give this a try - cheers Happy T for Tuesday - Mxx #20

  14. Thanks for your Tuesday visit. Your cat is so cute!

  15. Cool, I gotta try this.

  16. You could write a new series of books - along the lines of "The Cat in the Hat" except it would be "The Karma in the Sack" and maybe have even better rhymes (and of course the artwork you do would be far better!)

  17. Karma cracks me up. LOL (i think i've said that more than a few times in your comment section...lol)

    The melting crayons look pretty cool. Loved the second video (minus the music).

    Enjoy the books!


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