Thursday, August 01, 2013


I haven't shown you the apartment building for a long time.
They seem to have been mostly working on the inside because there aren't a lot of changes to the outside of the building and it's been much quieter. 
I do love this shiny little copper colored car that I see once in a while.  Always makes me smile! 
Last week I was watching this mom cleaning their garage.  If I ever wondered where the children's bad habits come from...I am no longer mystified.  The boys smash, kick, and throw things because they watch how Mom treats their possessions.      
There were clothes, pillows, and quilts on the garage floor.  I don't know how she could find anyplace to walk in there.  Toys came flying out of the garage door.  She'd decide what was going--threw and tossed--and then the oldest boy dragged clothes baskets full of stuff to the dumpster.  The entire time mom was sorting the boys were, for all intents and purposes, trying to destroy the toys that they no longer wanted.  Stomping on them.  Smashing them as hard as they could onto the ground. Mom could have cared less.
When did people become commonly violent?
On a brighter note.  Leah and I have been watching the freecycle posts to see if anyone was giving away a recliner.  I saw someone listed a comfortable, cat-damaged recliner lift chair...but it was out of town in Hope, ND so I didn't mention it to Leah.  But when Leah saw the posting she replied to the post--and then quick got a hold of me.  
Leah was the first to respond!  
Emails went back and forth.
We got a blurry picture.
It's definitely been used as a scratching post (lol!) but I can drape a blanket or something over it or maybe even buy a chair cover for it later.  As long as it works okay I'm fine with it.  Should last a few years, anyways.  
I've wanted two different kinds of recliners here since I moved in eight years ago.  Having different types of chairs helps with the musical chairs routine I have to do for my back.  I've only had one uncomfortable (for me) other chair or a same exact seat I already have available elsewhere (like now or when I had the loveseat), so Karma always had her own spot.  No more!  Miss Karma will have to share with me.  ;)
Which meant I needed to rethink my two little end tables.  Here's how they were (I didn't post this picture because the light washed out Mom, but it shows the end tables better). 
I spent a while yesterday switching them out (which Karma found most fascinating)... 
...and trying to figure out what to have where.  Neither of the tables are very big.  My new recliner is small, too.  I mean--the chair on the right is one from my dining room/craft table, after all. 
I'll need to have all the important stuff on the middle table so I can reach it from both chairs--like the phones and remotes and pens.  I emptied, cleaned, and refilled my spinny-thingie...moved things, moved them again, and moved them some more.  Guess it will just take a while to sort it out when I am actually sitting in both places.
Anyways, the blue chair will be coming over on Sunday!!  Dagan and Leah are going to make the drive.  Leah asked if the chair came apart and they said it does but it was bolted together.  Bolts don't stop our tool girl.  ;)  How exciting, eh?
  They are so good to me.  :):)
I played with the Lyra watercolor crayons again.  
Then decided to try gelatos--which didn't blend as well on dry paper.  Just playing with backgrounds.  I want to try the gelatos on gessoed paper...and the regular watercolors.  Even though this is drawing paper it still gives me an idea of what will happen. 
Made another loaf of machine bread. 
That first loaf I made with all the detailed instructions--turns out that was a 2 lb loaf.  They also had a recipe for a 1 1/2 lb loaf--so this one isn't as unnaturally high.  I am going to go have some toast as soon as I finish this post.  ;)  I've been having toast a couple times a day since the bread machine began doing the work for me--LOL!  ;)  They may be goofy looking, but they make the best darn toast!
The weekend is coming.  Do any of you have any special plans?  Hope you have nice weather and I'll leave you with a quote, of course.  Still haven't actually had my second day, but I do so love the quote.
"There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why."
William Barclay


  1. So glad you are getting the chair! I hope Miss Karma will like it- I"m sure she will want to sniff it out when it gets there. Your bread looks great---now I'm thinking of toast!

  2. I haven't discovered why either. :)

    That chair looks pretty nice - maybe Karma can "channel" the cat that scratched it up and discover why. I mean, why DO they do that?

    :) Last recliner chair I assembled "snapped" together - the backrest went into the bottom part that had the seat and the arms in one unit.

    I suspect the person that didn't care to pass the toys along to others that would enjoy them - got them for "free" (that is some poor taxpayer got to buy it for her.

  3. Love the quote--enjoy your new stuff!!

  4. Did Leah go to Hogwarts? She seems to be able to do anything. I hope the chair works out.


  5. glad you're still enjoying the breadmaker. hope you like your new chair!

  6. I have made some machine bread using cornmeal I soaked in water first (otherwise it is too gritty) this really is an experiment. It hasn't baked yet so I dont' know what it will be like, haha!
    Recliners are sooooo comfy!

  7. Sounds like that mom needs anger management courses. My son would have been very upset.

  8. How nice that you are getting something so useful, even if a little loved on by a feline!

    That mother is doing the world at large a huge disservice!!

    Loving your backgrounds!

    We are taking a last minute, day trip to Prague on Sunday! It will be a very long day, but I'm looking forward to it!

  9. You are SO lucky to have Leah. She is the BEST. And she takes such good care of you. You and your son are SO lucky to have her in your lives.

    I hope the chair works out for you. I'd hate it if you had to give it up after all they are going through to get it.

    I simply don't understand some people. I can't fathom people throwing things away when there are collection sites that will more than gladly accept toys and clothing. How incredibly sad those boys seem so angry and uncaring. It's time someone taught them the gift of giving back or paying forward. Or maybe channeling their anger and frustration in other, more productive areas.

    As for the weekend? I was going to mow my yard, but it rained again last night/early this morning, so I'm not sure when the yard will dry out.

  10. Maybe my hubby and I should only get furniture that's already been cat-tested. After we've had things for a little while, our girls will make sure it gets well-scratched, anyway. So what if my new leather desk chair got a teensy bit shredded? It's still comfy.

    Nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It was my pleasure to return the favor. Count me in as your newest groupie. Have a super weekend.

  11. The chair was a good find. Leah is quite handy to have around, isn't she? :)

    Everytime I look at your bread pictures, I feel hungry. :p

    The weekend is coming, but for me, the weekend doesn't start until I get home from work on Saturday afternoons. Then there is always the work around the yard and other projects we have started, or need to start. It's already August and there is much to get done while the weather is still warm. Terri might be home this weekend but I'm not sure. He's been gone out to the boy scout camp every night this week, and was out there all day this past Sunday. :\

    I think that's a nice looking little car, too. ;)

  12. Your new chair looks really comfy and with a cover thrown over it, it will look like it belongs.
    Hope it's as comfy as it looks!
    Sue xx

  13. If a cat loved that chair, then it must be a good one, right? So glad you are getting the chair. I agree with you about the destructive children. They seem to have learned by example. So very sad.

  14. I am so delighted with you as a new friend. Thank you so much. Beth brought us and several others togeter, didn't she?

    This is a delightful blog posting and I liked the pictures too.


  15. Ooops, I am still in my cat's blog. I am Ramblingon. Sorry I forgot to log out of Katie Isabella's blog and go back to my own. I help her blog. :-) She dictates and I type for her. She is a Tuxie kitty.

  16. Hi Rita - you are a keen observer of people and your surroundings. I sure agree with your observations about the mother and her boys - sounds like there is little respect in that household. Hope your "new" recliner works out well. You have inspired me - maybe I will get my bread machine out today and bake some bread! Have a great Sunday.


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