Saturday, August 10, 2013


Reading on the porch...
...on one of our gorgeous fall-like days... 
...Karma was snoozing on the ottoman... 
...when suddenly she saw something... 
...that moved about over my head. 
There was nothing there.
No bugs.
No shadows.
No floating seeds.
That I could see, anyways.
But she watched her invisible entertainment for several minutes...

 ...with quiet intensity.
I got a surprise book from Janie Junebug! 
What a sweetheart!  I suddenly have a lot of books to read, don't I?  Thanks so much, Janie!!  :)
Oh, and speaking of books...I was forgotten by the outreach volunteer.  Nobody showed up yesterday to pick up my books...and one of them was due.  Not fair if they charge me the quarter a day for the book fine, you think?  I sincerely doubt that this is a plot to make money off of the shut-ins--ROFL!  ;)  I emailed the lady in charge, but by that time it was after 6pm on a Friday, of course.  I'm sure they forgot me because I didn't email more requests because I thought I should have enough books coming in that I already mentioned.  But I was forgotten by my book buddy.  *sigh*
This month I didn't have anything too interesting coming in my orders.  Leah had suggested the bread machine needed a new paddle.
I found one on Amazon.  Thinner, but looks really nice. 
Leah and I needed button batteries for our timers.  These are the timers I have all over the place here to keep me from sitting over an hour at a time so my back doesn't throw a hissy fit.   
Got a cheap date stamp to use with art journaling. 
Got another red food tray to cover the other porcelain palette, another 40# bag of kitty litter (the UPS man asked what I have been ordering that is so heavy, poor guy), and a case of Halo canned cat food (the brand Ellen talks about but I can't get in town here that Karma loves).  
I also have an odd assortment of very cheap "nail art" supplies coming from many different places.  Nope.  I don't plan to put crystals, pearls, fimo flowers, or foil on my nails.  Plan to use them for crafts.  It said that it could take up to a month for them to arrive--and a couple look like they are even coming from China and Japan.  Now how can they mail something from Hong Kong for a dollar--total--including shipping?  We'll see if these little things arrive--LOL!  I was just curious. 
This is the lumpy sky this chilly morning (54 degrees).  Not expected to rain, though.  And these clouds do look like they are just passing through.  :)     
Dagan and Leah are heading down to Minneapolis for Joel and Jozette's wedding today (Dagan's cousin).  Funny thing, I just sent Leah an email yesterday about picking me up some other things at IKEA when they go down to pick up their desks this fall...and she emailed me to tell me they are going over to IKEA when they are in Mpls today to pick up the other mirror they couldn't fit in the car last time and did I want them to pick up my new art table!  OMG!  It was like we were tuned into the same frequency or something!
So--we confabbed on the phone about my storage idea for over by my art table.  I took measurements and we discussed pros and cons of a couple systems...and I ended up going with a skinny shelf.  I am so excited!  I'm getting bathroom towels, too.  Red, baby!  I guess I am going red accents all over the apartment.  :)  Anyways, can hardly wait to have an art table with a flat surface!!!  Whoohoo!
Meanwhile, I am on a grand comparison-shopping search today for Leah for empty containers for lip balm, deodorant, and lotion bar sticks...and grease resistant paper for wrapping lotion bars, too.  That will keep me busy today.  Hope you have an exciting weekend.  :):)
"What a wonderful life I've had!  I only wish I'd realized it sooner."
Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette


  1. Karma is so attractive, what a photogenic cat she is, to be sure.
    I think they sometimes see dust particles floating, not that I am implying your place is dusty :)
    I love your DATE stamp. It will be handy for journaling PAGES.
    Have a good weekend!
    Sue xx

  2. Karma makes everything seem so unique. I wish Bleubeard would let me photograph hum, but he's even shyer than I am in front of the camera.

    Love that date stamp. I used to own one, but it was outdated, then the rubber rings started getting old and fell apart.

    As for the grease free paper, Deli Paper, which can be purchased at places like Sam's or possibly at the grocery store, is a great thing and relatively inexpensive. My box I got at Sam's and has 500 sheets.

    I have a LOT of red in my bathroom because I have cardinals decorating the room. But I can't find red towels anywhere, anymore. Seems they are so last decade! And NO, there's not an IKEA within 1000 miles of my home.

    Enjoy your weekend, dear.

  3. You will LOVE Susan's book!!

  4. i'm SO jealous on the cool temps and being able to sit outside! have had 102-105 all this week, here.

    really loved karma watching all over the place! maybe she was watching the angels hovering over you.

  5. Oh, how I loved the photo study of sweet Miss Karma! You know she's got your back and won't let anything, seen or unseen, attack you.

    You've got some good reading ahead of you- and refuse to pay the fine if they impose it!

  6. Karma does keep us entertained :) My cats are always watching invisible things...makes you wonder what they think they see. Yesterday I tried my hand at dyeing wool yarn and a wool jacket. Didn't seem too hard at all and today my arms, hands and shoulders are screaming at the different movements I was making.... :( Sometimes I just can'y win !

  7. Our cats do that, too. Sometimes, they both stare at the ceiling oh-so-seriously, as though they see "something" up there we don't see. (Probably a cat joke of some kind, just trying to make US look.)

    Hmmm, that book looks verrrrry familiar. That was very sweet of Janie to send it to you. I hope you enjoy it.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  8. Hi Rita -
    You weather sounds so nice and cool - Reading on the porch sounds great. That book you got in the mail looks interesting. I love IKEA stuff - we have some IKEA furniture in almost every room! Their bookshelves are great. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. Anonymous7:00 AM

    At first I thought you said, "I got a cheap date!". Haha

  10. Karma was on the lookout to protect you from whatever it was she thought might show up. ;)

    Looks like the new bread machine paddles will work well.

    Sounds like you and Leah think a lot alike. That's really cool. :)

    I've gotta get a move on and get ready for work, but wanted to take a few minutes to read your blog. Hope you have a good day and a good week.

  11. Karma certainly looks focused on something - whatever she could see that you couldn't.

    Re: library books - just a thought but if you can go online maybe you can "renew" your book/books so they won't be overdue. I have to do that sometimes when I have library books but don't have time to take them back right as they are due.


  12. I think Karma was messing with you - trying to make you look around at things that weren't there - and laughing every time you did!

    :) Krazy Kat Karma. :)

  13. You know cats and dogs can see things that you cannot. So you may have had a visitor that was playing with Karma. You took great photos!

    I am SO sorry about your book buddy! Say, I have bags full of books that we need to get rid of. I don't know if they're your type, but I could send you a few if you like?

  14. Dear Rita, those are delightful photos of Karma. I wish I knew how to use a camera well. And, I wish I knew how to transfer photographs from the camera to the computer. One of my nieces is going to help me with that when she has some spare time.

    You are such an accomplished shopper! And you find things that make your life more enjoyable and also easier. Like those timers. Take care and I so hope that the IKEA items will fit and serve you well. Peace.


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