Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Today is T for Tuesday over at Elizabeth's Altered Book Lover blog.  You just need to show whatever it is you are drinking somewhere in your photo/photos.  This morning, as I was preparing to journal, I snapped a picture.  Letters to reply to on the table and coffee in my thermal mug--all set to go.  The wire rack thingie just beyond my mug on the table is my laptop holder.  I often either watch craft/art videos or listen to Pandora in the mornings, but not today.
I wondered what Karma was complaining about when I was busy switching loads of laundry.  Apparently, she wanted me to cover her with the throw--LOL!  Finally crawled under the folded throw by herself, I see.  (I did cover her with one layer after I took this picture.)
We had a rainstorm during the night. 
The proof is always in the puddle.  ;) 
Oh, remember that plastic platter I ordered that came broken from "Your Party Delivered"...an affiliate of Amazon or whatever they call those companies?  Well, they only reimbursed me $11.56 when the platter cost me $13.60.  So I emailed the company to ask why.  They told me they charged me a 15% restocking fee because I hadn't contacted them.  I wrote them back and said that I had gone the normal refund route through Amazon for the return and didn't know I also had to contact them personally--plus--how can they charge a restocking fee for a broken item, in the first place.!? They quickly reimbursed me the additional $2.04.  But I was not reimbursed for the cost of mailing it back to them.  I had asked about that, too, but got no reply.  Geez!  What a hassle.  But I do not like being cheated.  Even for $2.04.  If I knew what it had cost to mail it back (Dagan and Leah can't remember who mailed it back, let alone how much it was) I would make a stink about that, too.  It's not my fault it came all cracked.  (Maybe it had been restocked--LOL!)  At least I got my full refund.  ;)
What kind of day is it going to be up here in Fargo?  Well, I just walked over and took these pictures.  This one I faced to the left... 
...and this one I faced to the right.  Anybody's guess.  We have dark clouds blow by rapidly quite often without a drop of rain.
It's 80 degrees and humid.  I am going to have to close it up for a few hours and turn on the AC.  But it is supposed to be back down in the 50s again tonight.  It was so chilly last night that I had to shut the place up in the middle of the night.  Feels like October!  Weird!
Have a productive day!!  :):)
"Happiness always looks small while you hold it in your hands, but let it go, and you learn at once how big and precious it is."
Maxim Gorky


  1. I love that your cat is named Karma !
    I also smiled when I read that you are in Fargo.
    I'm sorry but I loved the movie.
    And.... I am also smiling because I am not the last one to link to
    T stands for Tuesday this week.
    Please stop by if you get a chance.

  2. Hello! So glad you decided to join the fun. I'm just 4 hours down 94 from you. I even went to NDSU briefly right after high school.
    Love your kitties name and that she wanted to be covered. In the Winter our cat comes and touches my shoulder in the night wanting me to lift the covers so she can snuggle between Mr. G and I. :)

  3. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Your cat picture cracked me up! they are silly.
    I use to live in Minot. My husband was stationed at the Air Force Base there (not gonna lie, I don't miss it). We live in Tennessee now.
    That is quite a puddle in that parking lot! I would hate to get stuck in that spot on a rainy day.
    Happy T to you

  4. jealous of your cooler weather! 103 right now.

  5. I loved this phrase: "The proof's in the puddle." Little things like that amuse me immensely.

    Your Karma looks a lot like our Dash. The most cuddly kittie, and she's still small enough to look like a kitten. Our other cat Dot is a month younger, but much larger.

    I'm very boring. I'm drinking water.

  6. Good for you, Rita, don’t let them walk all over you, stand up for your rights.

  7. I have two cats like Karma that love to crawl under throws but don't crawl between the sheets on the bed thank heavens! My friend leaves her door open at night and her cat loves to crawl in bed with her... I have had similar incidents with companies that Amazon partners with. Amazon told me to come directly to them and they would take care of it and they do! Have a great week. Vickie

  8. So glad you joined us for T today. I had a good laugh at the proof in the puddle. So funny.

    It sounds like you and that company have had a falling out. I had no idea Amazon partnered with anyone, but it's good to know, even though I never buy anything online.

    Again, thanks for stopping by for T. I was taking a nap when you joined in today.

  9. Miss Karma just has to drop hints all over the place to get the things done she wants! Lol!

    If you leave feedback for that company that sent you the broken platter, are you going to mention the hassle?

  10. What a cute name for your cat. My cat likes to crawl under the kids coats that are left on the floor and into shopping bags and used to get under the covers in the kids beds too. They can be quite amusing can't they.
    Your weather sounds just like ours, it's hard to figure out what kind of day. I love the cloud pictures that's what I do too.
    Sorry for your troubles on your cracked item, glad you did get some of your money back.
    I had a friend that lived in Fargo and moved to Florida last fall. She is enjoying the hot beach so much. Take care and see you next Tuesday!

  11. Looks like some serious writing and drawing may go on at that table, with all the writing implements there are! Love the dramatic sky photos you shared too...

  12. Two posts in two days!! You must be feeling better!

    Our weather has been like that too. We finally DID get some rain last night and for the first yesterday I felt cool. These longggg, hotttt days are quite draining. I think I'm almost longing for winter again. I probably should be smacked for even typing that, lol!

    We have a new kitty! Her name is Molly and she's quite the "talker". Drives Thomas nutz, and she seems to like HIM best, lol! Always wants to cuddle him, and only him. Weird.

    I'm hoping for a drama-free day today. The only way that is going to happen is if I can stay off the computer. Internet is NOT my friend!!!

    Hugs and stay cool! Hi to Karma!

  13. Just a flying visit for T for Tuesday - late but happy to see everyone this week... Cheers Mxx #23

  14. I love those dark clouds, but don't envy you your heat.
    You still seem to have good views from your window despite all the construction that goes on.
    Stay safe
    Sue xxx

  15. When I saw those dark clouds, I was thinking, thunderstorm, and that Karma had the right idea under that blanket!

  16. I think Karma secretly wants to be a Jedi warrior like Yoda...


  17. Dear Rita, I just finished reading your last five or six postings so as to catch up with what's been happening in your life. I'm so glad your folks came to visit and other members of the family also. And that everyone got to see Leah and Dagan's new home. That IKEA book case or holder or whatever it's called certainly looks made for the spot. Did they plan all that? And did they order it or did they go to the Twin Cities to buy it?

    Your chairs look comfy. I, too, am considering getting a recliner. A friend with whom I stayed while on my recent trip to Minnesota had two. She sat in one, I in the other as we chatted and had snacks and watched a little television. So comfy!

    I hope your health is good and that you are not experiencing a great amount of pain in the midst of all the weather changes and humidity. Peace.

  18. Good to see you are able to get to your desk, hope the pain is better this week. Your sure get big puddles after the rain, it must have bucketed down.
    I noticed your chair where Karma has been a little bit naughty!! Did she get under the blanket because you had the air conditioner on? What stinkers that company was not refunding all your money for a broken tray. Good on you for insisting on getting it all back.
    Have a great week.

  19. I cracked up at Iggy's comment about Karma. LOL

    We've had skies like that lately, too, but then I've also taken some pretty colorful sunset sky pics. Will get them into Flickr one day.

    There are a lot of companies out there who like to take advantage of people. I'm glad you were refunded the full amount paid, but you should have been reimbursed for the cost of returning it to them. It wasn't your fault that it was broken when you received it. :\

  20. You have a nicely organized desk. I don't think I want your dark grey skies though. Look threatening to me.


  21. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Those are some great skies!

  22. Happy T Day a wee bit late...well it is still a T day I guess ;)

    Love your quote and shame on any business nowadays with so much competition and ways for customers to share their experiences...they should do all they can to make sure you are happy...what a hassle indeed.

    we are waiting for rain here in N VA on a very muggy and sticky day


  23. Hello stranger!

    Yes, I'm finally getting some time at the computer to catch up with some blogs but only a small amount of time....better than none.

    I'd have been angry too about no refund on your postage costs. That just stinks as it wasn't your fault the item was damaged. That restocking fee is ridiculous too.

    So nice to see pics of sweet Karma again...I have so missed catching up with your blog.

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xoxox


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