Friday, February 10, 2012


I think Miss Karma is pretty used to the loveseat now.
She seems to be able to sleep more deeply.
What she loves is being close enough to reach her paw over (which startles me now--LOL!) and ask for a little scratching under her collar.
That's one of her favorite things in life. She pushes her head and ears hard right into my fingers. Looks a bit silly, but Karma would tell you it feels glorious!
On Wednesday Caroline came to clean. I had ordered new vacuum cleaner bags for my little canister vacuum. The surprising thing was that I ordered them on Amazon, but it was through another company and usually they add shipping and maybe I'm sure a lot of you know. But this company added nothing. I even checked what came through my bank. I don't know if any of you ever need those kind of supplies but PRB Products was the company and they were fantastic! Not only didn't charge shipping, it was here in just a couple of days!
I got my Ink Drop for February and we got a little surprise inside--LOL! (I actually gave the little package of candy hearts to Caroline.) Forgot to take a picture of the ink samples. I already had two of the inks and poured the samples into my bottles already. But you know how I love getting my ink samples, regardless. :)
Dagan and Leah came Wednesday night. I made spinach and mushroom quiche for dinner. I was working on cards when they got here and they were nice enough to chip in and help me add the ScorTape to the backs of the card parts. They did all the cupcakes while I finished up the blue layering piece. Leah cut and Dagan stuck them on. :)
We really didn't have anything planned--just hung out. Dagan and Leah had both been up late and were tired, so they left early. I just love those two so much. Always a joy to see them. :) Karma's been occasionally and temporarily friendlier. Rubbing on Dagan's legs, not hissing as Leah walks by...but then she finally did end up under the bed. It's almost like she momentarily forgets she's antisocial--ROFL! ;)
Thursday I finally got the cards taped together and finished--TaDa!!
I've never even gone into January before. Geez!
Simple. But I like them. :)
Let's see...I called the Senior Bus Ride place and am set up for pickup on Monday. I had thought Friday, but then decided against it. That would only give me one day to not eat and be on anti-diarrhea pills. This way I'll have the whole weekend. I know. I should have a TMI warning--LOL! ;)
I am also set up for pickup for my dentist appointment on the 29th, too. And I found out you can pay them for both ways when they pick you up or not--whichever way you want to do it. And there is no scheduled pick up time. You call when you're done. So now I have a better idea how it works.
What's nice about that arrangement is that if you get dropped off at one place and you wanted to walk to another store or a coffee shop you could do that and get picked up at another location. More freedom. Nice. I am used to bus stop patience. I come prepared. I always have a book with me and paper to write letters. Actually, since I started making the bookcards--they are just perfect for letter writing on the go. Bus stops, waiting rooms, benches...self-contained...almost as easy as reading. ;)
Oh, and the DeIcer spray! Iggy posted a link on making your own. (The one made with rubbing alcohol sounded pretty effective.) And Ann, who lives in Minnesota, said she had purchased de-icer in a spray can! So I googled it and found a whole slew of them! Man! This shows you how long I've been without a car and/or hardly driven at all OR how unobservant I am in a gas station. They may have had these for decades for all I know. Duh! So--they do make de-icer in spray cans (although many of them say they are flammable, just so you know) and you can make your own! I learned something new. :):)
Well, as you know, I was complaining about the SOAR information being late every week...and the more I thought about it...what was I thinking?! I already have my writing/diary-type journal, an art journal, a doodle book, a watercolor and ink journal (haven't touched for ages), a sketch journal (also haven't touched in ages), my mandala I'm still working on...what was I thinking!! Duh!
So, I decided to drop the actual SOAR journal. I can still read the prompts and guides and can use them in my own regular writing journal if I want to. I can be inspired to work in my new art journal. But I am not doing any more in the actual SOAR journal. I don't need yet another one around. Oh--and I never did start anything in that other group--the Art, Heart, and Healing--was the acrylic painting of those big-eyed, cartoon girls with the botox, cupie doll lips that seem to be the modern day version of Betty Boop. They're all over the youtube crafter videos. Can be kind of cute and fairy-like, but just not something I've been wanting to learn how to do.
The one thing my OCD self really did like about SOAR was having a weekly ToDo list. So, I thought--easy enough to keep doing just that on my own, right? I grabbed one of the pretty little journals I bought just because it was pretty and I never had any idea what I would actually do with it...
...and just wrote down the dates of the week on the top of each page.
I went Monday-Sunday so it matches my desk calendar.
I am all set now through the end of 2012.
If there IS a 2013, I am ready--LOL!
Also this week I set up some letter writing...eleven cards and bookcards. I get things picked out and addressed...ready to start. Two of the eleven already went in the mail today. This will take a while. ;)
I've been going to bed between 12-1am and sleeping really well till like 9-10am!! So nice! Today I am washing the sheets and towels that I postponed last time I washed (wasn't up to bed making). The plan today is to get the sewing machine all set up at the craft table. It's zero degrees and sunny at 1:30pm. (Takes me a while to post with my breaks.) Stay warm or cool, as the case may be--and safe and happy!!! :):)
"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."
Thomas Alva Edison


  1. You have such pretty handwriting!! And I love the look on Karma's face... she totally loves the scritches!! I remember when my cats used to press their heads/necks/ears hard into my hand for deeper massages or scratches!

  2. Karma is living a life fit for a queen. She is such a cutie pie.

    You are involved in marvelous crafts. Makes me want to get busy and just do something.

    I hope you have a great weekend.

  3. Karma is enjoying pure bliss when she gets to push her head and ears into your fingers! :)

    Neat about the company not charging postage. A few online book stores don't charge postage either...their way of drawing in more customers I guess. You used to have to spend $50 on books at Fishpond before you could get free, there is free postage on all books, any amount. Not bad at all.

    Spinach and mushroom quiche sounds delicious!

    LOL at Karma forgetting she's antisocial for a moment.

    Do you ever have a problem with the cards falling apart over time? I ask because I once used acid-free, double-sided tape which was specific for scrapbooking in one of my journals and after about a year, the pieces just fell out of my journal. The tape had lost it's adhesive power. I ended up using glue and so far, so good.

    That's great about the pickup...they seem to work the same way taxis do. You can be dropped off at one destination and be picked up somewhere else.

    Aaron and I did some of the Art, Heart and Healing classes on those big-eyed, big-lipped girls a couple of years ago. It was fun but not really my cup of tea. The class we did was by Tamara LaPorte. Didn't know there was a recent one with falling behind again.

    To Do lists are a great idea, weekly or daily.

    I've had a busy week with a few migraines in the mix. I have one trying to get a hold of me at the moment but I'm putting up a good fight.

    Anywhoo, I hope you have a lovely weekend, my friend,

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  4. You are probably going to think I am mad, but Karma actually reminds me a lot of Heathcliff! She must be his kitty soul mate :)
    I love your cards and you do have a very attractive handwriting! It has been great catching up on all your news, Rita.

  5. You know things like the vacuum cleaner bags -- it is so cool when things go well like this. The thing is we forget this is the way things are supposed to go. It's just so often nowadays that companies mess it all up.

  6. I just loved these pictures of Karma. Her face beams with total and complete contentment. :)

    I love those birthday cards, too. It was nice of Dagan and Leah to help you with them. The finished product is a gem. Sometimes simple is so much better. :)

    That was cool you were able to get your vacuum cleaner bags without having shipping charges added to the order price. I buy ink cartridges for my printer from and they don't charge shipping charges either. Always a plus. :)

    We're getting a little light snow tonight and then will have temps in the low 20s over the weekend. It was really busy at the feed mill this morning...people picking up feed before the "snow storm" hits. Hopefully, we won't be so overwhelmed tomorrow morning.

    Nice journal. Pretty good quote, too. Hope you had a good Friday.

  7. That Karma is just the cutest thing! She is so regal, and I can imagine what a good companion she must be.

    You are one busy bee! I was tired just reading about all you get accomplished. Great ideas, and maybe I'll get into my sewing room this weekend! I'm feeling slightly motivated from reading your post.

    Thanks for your sweet comments on my thoughts lately!

  8. Glad to hear you are working out the kinks of getting around with that mobile service. I used one in Boulder when I was recovering from a pelvic fracture and was on crutches. It worked great! And those pictures of Karma? Priceless! What a sweet cat.

  9. You sure have been busy... I think I should get my cat Scooter a bed like Karma's. I bet he would love it. Nice cards you made.... stay warm!

  10. OMgosh I love that journal! I have a habit of buying journals because they are pretty too... and I know I will use them eventually. I really like the to do lists too and I love your idea. She posted some journal cards that I really like in lesson 3. Did you see those? I think I'm starting to feel better now, knock on wood but I still have a fever. It's been a good week now so I'm wondering if the fever could be a side effect of the tramadol? The fever started out at 100 point something and now it only gets to 99 but sometimes it's 99.99 lol I do think it's getting lower but I'm sweating up a storm here. I'm loving the overhead fan in my living room going full blast. Anyway, I am really liking the SOAR journal but I know it isn't for everyone. I am getting a lot out of that class and I've met some great people. I haven't finished the first class of Art, heart and healing because I got stuck on the negative thing and stopped the video right there. I've talked to her about it though and she helped me to understand so I can move on. I've just been sick. Have you ever done Artist trading cards? Just be yourself does a trade every month and last month was really fun! I signed up for this month too. There is a theme and you do two cards to send to your partner. Karma just warms my heart. I love the picture of her wanting happy scratches. Blue always wants tummy rubs. You even look at her and she rolls over.

  11. I wish my handwriting was so beautiful. No matter how hard I try it comes out as an illegible scrawl.

    I was glad to see that Karma has taken to the love seat now. It was just a matter of time.

    Those cards are beautiful!

  12. That is one happy (anti-social) Kat!!

    I wonder if she's anti-social because of the grass and ice she's on...

    :) I love those cupcakes!

  13. I always found it cute when my cats did that head thing for chin and ear rubs; Megan especially used to do it a lot!

    You have been busy! I'm tired just reading this post!

    Great quote!

  14. Dear Rita,
    The bus information makes me feel glad for you that you will have more freedom--to walk to another store, when to pay, setting up ahead of time. All of this is important.

    Today (Saturday) two people commented on my blog that I had a lot of self-discipline. All they need do is to read your daily schedule to know that I have little. You get so much done--when you've gotten your sleep. I greatly admire your keeping yourself busy. I think that may be part of the deep contentment that comes through to me in your writing.

    The cats meow to Karma.


  15. Nikki--Thanks! Yes, cats can get down right greedy about scratches and a deep rub!! LOL! I've had some dogs like that, too. ;)

    Beth--Being creative in some way is just a part of me and so satisfying. I'd be lost without it, now--ending up housebound. Makes me so happy. :):)

    Serena--I know companies that with a minimum of $25 dollars they don't charge shipping--like Amazon and JetPens, off the top of my head. That may be just within the US, though.
    Yes, some of those rolling tapes, even if they say they're permanent, don't last over time and come apart. We've had better luck so far with the ScorTape but that's a bit spendier. I'm wondering how out new ATG gun tape will hold up over time. We used it on a lot of the Christmas cards and time will tell.
    Those big-eyed, pouty lipped girls are cute enough--but not my cuppa, either.
    Hope you are feeling well and had a nice weekend. xoxo

    Desiree--Heathcliff sounded familiar, so I googled it. 1984-87--my son was too old to watch the cartoon and I don't get the newspaper so I missed out. He sounds like a real character from what I read on Wikipedia. Karma would probably like him. LOL! ;)

    Rubye--Yes, I agree. it is great when things go smoothly--and if you can get a deal or free shipping, that's a bonus these days. :)

    AliceKay--Thanks! I'm going to check out, too. Glad you didn't get the storm they predicted. Stay warm!! :):)

    Sandi--Karma is most definitely good company. Not a dull boring cat, that's for sure--LOL!
    Aha! I hope you are heading for the sewing room. And if you do that you show pictures of whatever you create, too! ;)
    You're very welcome, lady! :)

    Djan--I'll know more after Monday but I am thinking positive. I expect the Senior Bus experience to go well. I'll let you know. ;)

    Karen--Karam likes the high enough sides to push or lean against, but being able to see everything. I don't know if she'd like one of those enclosed ones unless it was huge enough for her to sprawl out--LOL! ;)

    Donna--Tramadol never gave me a fever. I took it for years--before it did nothing anymore for me because I had gotten so used to it. Got like taking aspirin.
    I've never done ATC cards. I have so much to do already, that's why I quit the SOAR journal. Plenty to keep busy. Too much to keep up with, actually--LOL! ;)

    Jenny--Hi! You're so sweet-Thanks!
    Karma's adjusted alright. Sometimes she doesn't even wake up anymore when I leave the loveseat--which takes some acrobatics--LOL! ;)

    Iggy--I've been wondering why Karma's anti-social for five years now--ROFL! ;)
    I do believ e you have a cupcake in your future. I'm psychic like that. :)

    Tori--Karma really presses hard, too! Of course, you know how she loves her hard pillows so it's no surprise--LOL! ;)

    Dee--Ha! I've never thought of myself as have self-discipline! Adaptability--deep contentment--yes. But I've never been accused of having self-discipline--ROFL!! ;)
    Meow to your feline tribe!! :):)

  16. All caught up now... *happy face*!

    You are always so organized and it makes my OCD so happy to see lists and neat piles of organized stuff!

  17. Jeannie--I've been behind lately, myself.
    Makes my OCD very, very happy, too! LOL! :) :)


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