Saturday, February 11, 2012


A surprise for Miss Karma came in a box from UPS yesterday!
AliceKay sent Karma a fat bag of cat grass seed for a belated birthday present--LOL!
I had already cleaned out what little was left of her grass and had put it out on the porch because I didn't have enough seed left to plant this bigger planter full. As you recall, I was going to search and see if I had a smaller planter that was heavy enough. Well, I took the planter back inside, let it thaw all day, and replanted it with lots of seed! Karma will have a feast coming next week. Thanks so much, AliceKay!! Not that Karma understood what the package was, but she'll be thrilled with the grass when it materializes later--LOL! And you know you'll see pictures! :):)
I got the trusty old sewing machine set up yesterday.
You can really tell it is 37 years old by the pictures in the instruction booklet--toaster covers, lampshades, aprons...
...removable collars, and "fancy works"--LOL!
Just in time because my big order from JoAnn's arrived today!!
I think everything was on sale. I was so I pulled things out of the boxes I took pictures...that I , obviously, couldn't wait to post. ;)
These are silicone stamps.
Have never seen these before. Very detailed...
...and you can even pour hot wax on them and they won't melt.
Cool! Saw a video on youtube.
A Spellbinders Nestabilities lacy ovals set of dies ($10 off!!).
I've looked at these sets of cards many times. On sale for $6.99...
...four each of all these designs on the sides of the box.
40 cards and 40 envelopes!
Could use them as is or add something to them.
Soft, pretty designs!
Here's Karma sitting on bubble packing next to the four different small packaged pieces of heavyweight fusible interfacing (plan to use when I make the journal covers) and the black and white photo box with flowers (use them to store all kinds of things).
My very old nicked up pins are being replaced by some new sewing pins. See the cool ones with the flat flower heads?
Got an extra set of needles for my sewing machine and a set of large tapestry needles (use those for sewing bookcards together and for the next item).
The new smocking attachment for my Sew Easy. It pokes the holes in the paper and then you use embroidery thread to fill in the design.
Karma was checking everything out, of course. Packing material and empty boxes are totally irresistible and exciting to the curious. ;)
The last item...a set of green storage boxes with blue, green, and white on black polka dot covers.
Here they are next to the black and white photo size box. The big bottom green one looks like it would hold 12 X 12 paper.
For now I slid the empty boxes under the art table. You know who was wondering "steps?"--but I knocked that out of her mind right away.
Goodness gracious! What a haul! Not that any one thing was expensive, but...whoohoo! All set for puttering with the sewing now, too. Guess I should try to get to the clothing repairs this weekend.
Last night I couldn't get to sleep till almost 5am and didn't sleep long at all, so I am on the zombie side today. Hopefully I'll sleep well tonight. *she says as she yawns* I may be tired but I just had to show you Karma and my goodies!! ;)
Have a really wonderful weekend!! :):)
"Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present."
Jim Rohn


  1. Wow, Rita, that is quite a haul all right. Lots of things to do and play with, create, mull. Karma is doing her part, it seems! I look forward to seeing the cat grass being attacked. :-)

  2. What a wonderful gift from Alice Kay... not every day someone sends ya a baggy of grass.... umm.. seeds!

    :) And what a haul indeed!! I see why you need some rest , just organizing all that stuff would have tired me out!

  3. How nice of AliceKay to send Karma some cat grass seed. She will be in her element when the cat grass is ready for the picking.

    More goodies for you to play with! You're all set! They use silicone in cooking utensils now...egg lifters etc. Michelle has some and swears by them.

    I LOVE those green storage boxes!

    I had a terrible night with back and abdominal pain. Actually, passed out for a moment...came too in a cold sweat and feeling drained. I ended up taking prescription pain medication which eventually helped. I think it was mostly due to the fact that I stopped taking my Progesterone with doctor's approval. I think I may have to go back on them.

    I hope you have a good night's sleep tonight.

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  4. I kept waiting to see your new material, but it's not here. Not sewing anything new? Just repairs?

    Karma would love her new grass.

  5. Looks like both of you will have something to enjoy for a little while! :)

  6. Dear Rita,
    Like DJan, I look forward to your photographs of Karma "harvesting the crop"!!!

    I remain amazed at how you find these bargains. Your creative imagination helps you realize all sorts of possibilities for what you can do with things. And then when you share with us your creations I oooh and aaah and the cats looks at me and wonder. (I bet you know what they're wondering!!!!)


  7. Karma will be really thrilled when her birthday present begins to grow.
    What a thoughtful gift.

    You did indeed get quite a haul!

    I hope you get a good night's sleep.

  8. You're welcome. :) I'm glad it arrived when it did. Seems to have been timed pretty good. LOL I hope Karma enjoys the grass when it's ready to eat. *eyes Iggy* LOL

    Wow, what a haul. You got yourself a lot of neat things in that delivery. The silicone stamps look interesting. And those cards (Linen Closet) look really nice. I can see why you would want them.

    I hope you're able to get more sleep tonight than you did last night/this morning. It's not easy getting things accomplished when you're a zombie.

    In answer to your comment on my blog post...we received only a dusting of snow last night, and even with it snowing on and off all day and night, there still is only a dusting out there. The pictures I took today will show you what it looks like (once i get them posted...maybe tomorrow).

  9. Oh Wow! ~ You will be busy, lady ~ creating, creating and creating ~ Karma will be delighted with her 'grass' ~ enjoy the day ~ It is very cold in New England today ~ warm sun though ~ so ArtMuse Dog and are stayin in ~ and being cozy ~namaste, carol (Share the Creative Journey)

  10. I love those images associated with the sewing machine...very 'now', very collectable, if you know what I mean!.
    You have got some amazing stamps are going to be very well employed with that lovely lot.
    Where do you start??
    Have loads of fun...I can see that you will:)

  11. wow, you got some really fun looking stuff! I have some of those flower pins and I love them. Just be careful because you can sew them down. I missed removing one and it was the same color as the cloth... the needle went right through the head and it was nice and secure :OP

    I've never heard of a sew easy before. Do you use them for making cards?

  12. i get such a kick out of karma enjoying herself. glad she got some new grass growing!

  13. Djan--Yes! Lots and lots for me! And Karma will attack her gift, no doubt! :):)

    Iggy--A baggy of grass--LOL!
    Yes, my zombie self managed to get everything put away, of course. :)

    Serena--That really was sweet of AliceKay!!
    I really hope that you can get through the next weeks without too much pain to deal with. I hope being back on the progesterone will help. Have a good week. *love and hugs*

    Rubye--LOL! Okay, now you can see the fabrics. The next post is especially for you!! :):)

    Tori--Yup! Two happy old ladies! LOL! ;)

    Dee--I'm a comparison shopper online and do a lot of searches. I need to get the most for my money. ;) Some of the youtube crafters post videos about what they buy and where, too. I've heard of a couple new websites that way, too. ;)

    Beth--Yes! I'm going to wait until the grass is long and thick this time, too. :)

    AliceKay--So very happy for Miss Karma. Thanks again!! She'll love it and I'll post pictures, of course.
    Those cards are really nice as is. I've already used two of them--LOL! :)

    Carol and AMDog--Yes, too many plans and projects and ideas for one snail--ROFL!! Stay warm, lady! :)

    Gwen--My life should be very "now" and collectible, then, too!! LOL!
    Where to start--yes--where to start, that is the question. ;)

    Donna--Good to know about the flower pins. I want to try to remember to remove them first and not sew over any of my new ones so I don't nick the heck out of them--but not sure how long that will actually last in practice--hehe!
    Yes, the Sew Easy is a tool for making various hole patterns in cardstock so you can hand sew designs evenly. You can google it. Simple little idea, but cool! :)

    Theresa--Yes, siree! Miss Karma believes in enjoying life to the fullest and gets quite annoyed with or scared of anything that interferes with her goal. ;)

  14. What a pile of will have fun with all the new stuff:)

  15. Connie--Yup! A big pile of loot!! Funny how a lot of small pieces can add up to a big pile. ;)

  16. Wow so many goodies! What catches my eye though is that old sewing machine. The older ones are made so much better than the new ones. Hang onto it!

  17. Barb--Oh, don't worry. I don't ever plan on getting rid of the old sewing machine. No way! ;)

  18. I wish we had Joanne's in Australia... that is one huge box of goodies... I would be in heaven with that lot to play with and now we will all expect some amazing posts of what you make with all that... how great are those stamps... they look like they will be fun...xx

  19. Love all your new goodies! Those stamps look divine!!! Have fun with everything!

  20. Tracey--I suppose they'd charge an arm and leg to ship to Australia. :( I wonder if would charge as much, too. They also have great prices.
    I always wonder where you get all your awesome painting supplies in Australia?

    Jeannie--I already found out that it is harder to ink up a silicone stamp, but these are very detailed and really pretty...remind me of centuries past. :):)


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