Friday, February 03, 2012


Lots of pictures today.
(Karma could care less--LOL!)
Dagan and Leah came over Wednesday night. After we ate, I had Dagan move the boom box for me from behind the loveseat on the cabinet (found an old picture of where everything used to be)...
...onto my headboard in the bedroom. I know. I know. Quit laughing! It's a humongous old boom box, but it still works. Used to be in here till my other old boom box I had in the living room died a few years back. You can see why people prefer iPods--LOL!
Leah switched the plants for me so the big philodendron has a permanent home and can claim the entire top of that cabinet. The fern will go back outside in the spring, anyways. Of course, that's if it survives me this winter--LOL!
Leah was still working and on call until 8pm.
She set herself up by the craft table with her laptop.
Dagan settled into the loveseat to watch a defunct TV series about Robin Hood.
We have a pasta machine dedicated to polymer clay. Easier way to soften the clay and get an nice even sheet to work from.
We decided to use terra cotta clay.
Leah insisted we write "HEAVY" on the two polymer clay supply boxes so that I wouldn't try to get them down by myself--LOL!
We decided on the smallest oval cutter and Leah cut me out a whole tray.
Okay. Now maybe some of you have figured out what we were making for Tori? Many of you know that Tori has lost both eyes from glaucoma. Well, she won a set of runes, noticed that I used my set of rune stones on New Year's Eve, and wondered if Leah and I could figure out a way to make some kind of a chart she could use to identify the symbols by touch.
We thought of raised symbols first. Tori has a braille typewriter and a kind of braille labelmaker. Raised symbols wouldn't go through the typewriter then we were wondering how to space them for the labelmaker. Suddenly occurred to us--polymer clay!! We could carve the symbols (the clay is very lightweight) and she could glue them on to whatever type of chart she wanted to make. Tori liked that idea--so that's how we got to making little rune stones out of polymer clay. ;)
I planned to use a stylus to carve the symbols.
It got late, though, because of Leah working. I decided to wait and carve on Thursday.
Since we needed the craft table, the cat grass planter went down on the floor earlier than I would have liked...
...and Karma grazed away. Trouble is, she yanks on them and pulls them out of the ground! I guess I need them to be even taller.
Anyways, Wednesday it was so warm! Got up to 40 degrees! So Thursday morning everything was icy and covered with frost. I went to take a picture and saw...
...this lady was walking around her van spraying the windows...
...with a spray bottle? Now have I missed something? Is there some new product designed to clear ice off windows? Or is she just trying to use windshield wiper fluid or something? I've never seen anybody do anything like that. Does anybody know? Well, I take that back. I did see a dumb guy at this factory I worked at take hot water in a small bucket to pour into his locks because they had frozen up when it was 20 below. Of course then they REALLY froze solid--ROFL! If anybody has an idea what this woman is spraying on her windows, let me know. ;)
So--Wednesday night after Dagan and Leah left for home we all apparently realized that Dagan had forgotten to bring in the things for me that were in his car (like toilet paper and I was on my last roll--lol!). Dagan called when they got home and said he'd stop by after work on Thursday.
Thursday--I set myself up to carve. :)
I know there are different variations of rune symbols.
I used the ones that are on my two sets of rune stones.
Was a little trickier than I expected, so I was glad Leah had made me all the extra blanks. A few of them are oddly shaped and I'd get the symbol so off center...well, you know how anal I am. But I finished them.
Then I thought I'd add one tiny hole at the top so that Tori would be able to tell right side up from upside down. When they are read traditionally I believe there's a difference in the reading. My Healing Runes don't differentiate and always read positive. (Another reason I like their interpretations.)
Then I baked them. I used the oven thermometer and waited patiently (those toaster ovens really run hot!) for it to settle at 275 (150 on the dial!). Did the 15 minutes for 1/4 inch thick. Maybe they were a little less than 1/4 inch thick? I watched with a flashlight through the glass and they looked perfect--but I guess it is harder to tell with terra cotta clay. Some of them got a little dark, but they didn't burn. I think they turned out okay. Dagan and Leah did, too. :)
Dagan stopped after work. I had him put our dedicated to polymer clay toaster oven...
...and the two heavy boxes back up in the hall closet for me. (See, I'm being good!)
An exciting thing Dagan forgot...a box that Leah picked up from freecycle!! She had noticed somebody offering a box of lace and ribbons, emailed me to see if I wanted them--yup! And she was lucky enough to answer first and picked them up.
My goodness!!
I haven't even pulled everything out yet.
Just pushed things aside to see what you see here.
Wow! I'm going to need to separate my lace and ribbons--and find some larger containers! ;) Whoohoo!
I sent the package for Tori with Dagan. One of them will make a trip to the post office as soon as they can. I sure hope you like them, Tori! You can glue them down in any chart form you decide on. I hope they work okay for you!! We had fun playing with clay again! :):)
This morning--Friday--it looked like it was snowing again...
...but the white out is basically just fog again. Frost and fog.
I guess this is what you get when it's 23 degrees and 100% humidity. That almost furry, crystalline frost is actually quite delicately pretty, though. :) Well, that's enough for catching up today. Have a good one!!! :):)
"There must be always remaining in every life, some place for the singing of angels, some place for that which in itself is breathless and beautiful."
Howard Thurman


  1. In the distant past, I would throw a glass of warm water on the windshield of my car to defrost so I could leave sooner since warming my car up wasn't going fast enough.

    Of course, now, I know better. If you had a crack on the window and it was frozen like that and you threw hot water on it, the crack will grow bigger. I didn't have a crack, but someone warned me. Now I take the time to scrape the ice off my windows before I go to work.

    I think there is a product, a de-icer. Maybe that woman is using that or she hasn't been told not to put hot water on a frozen window!

  2. the set of runes for your friend is such a thoughtful gift! really nice! and you scored a bounty of 'stuff' in that box. :)

  3. You really do have lots of pictures today and they are all good ones.

    Our snow is all gone and it is 46 degrees right now with sunshine. Makes me happy. ;-)

    I hope you have a great weekend.

  4. Bravo to you and Leah for coming up with an ingenious plan to create those rune stones for Tori! I think they look great!

    That first pic of Karma is so cute!

    My dear friend, you seem to always be busy rearranging things in your home...that's not a bad thing but it certainly keeps you busy. I love the philodendron in its new spot!

    No clue on what that woman would be using on her car windows.

    Have a great weekend!

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  5. I love all the pictures of course, your little fern is looking pretty good to me. I love how you make your rune stones that is a wonderful idea and I can just imagine how thrilled Tori will be, happy weekend to you and Karma Hugs!

  6. That was such a nice thing you and Leah did for Tori. I'm sure she'll love them. :)

    I've heard of the de-icer you spray on door locks but not sure about the windows. My car door was frozen one day last week. Had to smack on the top to get it to open.

    Looks cold out there. I don't like cold. LOL

    I hope the rest of your Friday was a good one. *hugs*

  7. Lots of photos today - love that!!!

    I love the clay runes - fun project for Tori!

    Your frosty, foggy photos look like it does here in Italy. It's been soooo cold, dark, foggy and COLD here lately!! We got a dusting of snow last Wednesday, but Bella was super sick and now it's all gone. It wasn't enough to really play in anyway. But she was bummed!

    LOVE your box o' lace! Lucky!!! You really fell into the honey pot on that score!

    Stay warm and hug Karma for me!

  8. Awesome, you got them done! Thanks so much! :)

    Yeah, sometimes it matters which way up they are. I think it depends on the kind of reading you're doing though. Still, I think that it's best to know which way is up either way. :)

    Anyway, thanks again! :)

    My guess would be that she's got some de-icer. I know my Dad sometimes uses some de-icer stuff on his windows when it gets very icy.

    It's threatening to snow here; people have told me there are great big snow clouds in the sky. I hope it does snow more!

    Someone also told me this morning that there's usually a decent snowfall here; even if it takes until March to arrive some years, but that it only sticks around for a couple of days before becoming a slushy icy mess. I said that was fine as long as it was snow for long enough for me to play in it. ;)

  9. Nikki--Yes, I've heard that, too. Any little nick and you could create a crack doing that--LOL! When it's cold enough the hot water just freezes into ice anyways in nothing flat. Of course, if it's really cold you can throw a bucket of hot water into the air and it will disintegrate before it ever hits the ground! ;)

    Theresa--Thanks! Yes, we did score! :)

    Beth--Your snow is all gone again. Well, I know you're happy!! LOL! ;) Glad you liked all the pictures.

    Serena--Seemed like the perfect solution and she can arrange her chart any way she wishes! So cool when you hit on a good solution. ;)
    Yes, I am constantly rearranging. Too much crammed into a small space so every time I add something it can create an avalanche shift in the Rita cosmos--LOLOL!
    I hope you have a really good weekend and feel good, too. xoxo

    Lynn--Dagan and Leah think it's so funny I have so many pictures for somebody who never leaves the house--LOL! But everything is interesting to me. ;) Thanks, lady!!

    AliceKay--Ya! I know about the lock deicer, but I've never seen a window de-icer spray. I'll have to ask Dagan and Leah. I'm afraid she was out there with water. And even some of the cheap windshield wiper fluid freezes up on you.
    Have a good weekend! :)

    Jeannie--Sorry Bella fell sick. Hope she's feeling better. Lots of germs going around here, too. :(
    Ya! Quite the honey pot! I love freecycle! (Even though I mostly use it to give things away.)

    Tori--Did you get your rune stones yet? I forgot to ask you that. I sure hope these work for you. Glad I thought of the small hole/dot on the top for you before I baked them. A lot of readings count whether it's right side up or upside down. I hope you like them!! :):)
    We all use windshield wiper fluid in the cars up here. I hope she was using that in a spray bottle. (We do have a lot of foreigners in the building.)
    I hope you get at least one good snowfall this winter so you can go out and play and play in the white stuff with the dogs!! :):) Happy Saturday!

  10. I think it was a brilliant idea to carve the runes into the clay, Iam sure your friend will appreciate them. I thought at first you were making pendants...the next thing perhaps??
    Have fun.

  11. I read this much earlier but had no time to comment. I had to come back this evening to say Hi and to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed visiting. I always do! I think you're amazing tackling a project such as this and think you've done a marvellous job. Please tell Karma I absolutely love her to bits.

  12. Dear Rita,
    As "Gwen" said, your idea to create rune stones for you friend Tori was "brilliant." That boom box fits really nicely on the case at the head of your bed. And I'm so happy to hear that Leah labeled the boxes as "heavy" and that you waited until Dagan could move the boom box. It has to be hard to be aware all the time, but it's what you need to do to take good care of yourself.


  13. You are so thoughtful, and creative, too! I am very impressed with those runes. And you are also a good friend to many. I'm glad you are not out there in that fog and ick, but home and cosy with Karma! :-)

  14. I always like to check in and see what you're up to. Hand made runes? That's a very nice gift! and you scored with the box of ribbon and lace. Can't wait to see what you do with that!

  15. How thoughtful of you to make the runes. You did a great job. You are so talented. I'm sure they will be greatly appreciated. My mother kept boxes of lace and ribbons. Your picture reminded me of hers. I hadn't thought of it for years. It was a nice memory - thanks for bringing it back to mind.

  16. The runes turned out so nice. This will be a very thoughtful gift.

    I don't know what the lady is spraying? Anti-freeze? Who knows.

  17. Rita,
    You are so crafty! I admire you for that, as I don't seem to have the patience or the skills for projects like that.

    That was very nice of you and your friend to make those runes for Tori. I loved the pictures and your witty observations.

    Karma is so cute!!!!


  18. Nope, I didn't get them yet; was about to e-mail her and ask if she'd been able to sort them yet (you know how it is when you can only order things at certain times of the month, etc).

    Guess what we have today... Snow! About 2 inches of it! I've been playing with Willow with snowballs. Kero's sticking firm to the choice he made last year about being too old for such things though, and agreeing with Kelly that Willow and I are mental to be out there in the snow. LOL!

  19. Wonderful photos ~ Love Karma ~ so loving and all your crafts ~ Love runes! You are so good to be making them for your friend ~
    Don't know what the spray thing is (maybe a deicer of some sort) ~ Well ~ what else ~ weather is crazy in MA also ~ loving it ~ as it is a gentle winter so far ~ (probably pay this summer ~ who knows) ~ Well ~ my dear I am aghast at all your photos and how creative you are being ~ Be well and happy creating ~ namaste, Carol ^_^ (Share the Creative Journey) and A Creative harbor) thanks for all your continuing supportive comments ~ ^_^

  20. Gwen--Thanks! Years ago we played around with making pendants, but I never thought of making rune pendants. Hummm... ;)

    Desiree--Wow! You actually came back to comment?! You are just the sweetest!
    I love old fussy, sweet, cranky Karma to bits, too!! ;) Hope you had a great weekend!

    Dee--After putting my wrist out for a couple of days I'm trying to be extra good. ;) Getting boxes down is easier to do kind of one-handed. It's kind of an assisted fall--LOL! But putting them back up is a whole 'nother story. "Heavy" on the box warns them, too. ;)

    Djan--Thanks so much! A good friend to many is a great compliment. I think there's no better honor than being a safe place for people, you know? Souls are precious things. :):) Have a great week and, I hope, good weather for your adventures, sweet lady!

    Carol C--Yes, now Tori can glue these down and have her own chart she can use when she's going to do a rune reading. I'm glad I could help! :)

    Rae--That's cool that your mom kept a similar box of ribbons and lace. Glad it triggered a good memory. Sweet!! :)

    Sally--Thanks! Anti-freeze--could be. Doesn't seem like anybody knows of a new product on the market, so who knows what this inventive woman was using--LOL! ;)

    Doris--And yet you have endless people patience! :):) My friend who helped me is my treasured daughter-in-law, Leah. She and I enjoy crafting together--and just enjoy each other's company. I am blessed. :)

    Tori--Snow! Playing with Willow in the snow! To heck with Kelly and Kero--play on, woman!! :):)
    Let me know when the set you won arrives. I hope it is carved!!

    Carol L--Yes, we'll probably pay for this gentle winter. Fog is something we don't usually have mid-winter up here. Geez!
    LOL! Yup! Who knew a shut-in could have so many pictures!! ;) Keep playing and having fun!

  21. LOVE your runes! Such patience you have as well. I remember the joy of deciphering the runes in all of JRR Tolkiens books.

    Karma looks like she is enjoying her side salad. Our Catnip patch has gone crazy. We ahave been inundated with hundreds of seedlings from last year. The cat is in heaven...

  22. Love what you are doing for Tori. I think that will be so nice for her.

  23. Rita, you are one busy lady! I just love what you are doing for your friend Tori. How loving and creative. Imwould have been all over that box of lace. Nice find. Xoxom Terah

  24. Those runes look incredible! Once again you and Leah have demonstrated your mad craft-skills and big hearts of gold!

    Window De-icer is a big thing in these parts - someone made a batch of it and it made the local news. I think it was 3 parts vinegar and 1 part water.

    This website explains more:

    Sorry I've been so slow getting around to comment - I'm a worn out dude.

  25. Don't worry, I told them they could just stay indoors and closed the door with me and Willow outside in the snow. LOL! We've been out there on and off; Willow can't stay out too long at one go any more because the cold bothers her more these days (her hips I think it is).

    Yeah, I'll let you know when the set arrives.

  26. I love the variations in the runes...the slightly different colors look much more natural especially in terracotta.

    I really need to go through my studio and get rid of some things I no longer use. Perhaps I'll send a box your way. : ) If I find anything interesting. When ever I can actually get to it.

    I wanted to thank you for all the love and encouragement you give me through the comments on my posts. You are such an angel.
    love and hugs

  27. I used to have a big stereo like that that had a large speaker on each side. I even had a special stereo cabinet for it. It had a CD player and a tape deck LOL When the CD player broke I got rid of it and I really like having the room where it was. Now I just use my ipod or play music on my laptop. I do miss the nice sound the stereo had with those big speakers. You're rune stones are neat. You could make some sets and sell them. Can you paint clay?
    You know I saw some stuff at the store for spraying on car windows that keeps them from fogging and makes rain run off of them without streaking so you can see better. I wonder if that was what she was doing.

  28. very nice and thoughtful gift...the Runes!

    as far as your boom box...oh, go ahead, give in...get an ipod! just think of all the xtra space you'll have on your headboard!! and you can fit HUNDREDS of songs on there instead of 15-20 on a CD. it's worth it!!

    have fun with all that new lacey stuff!! and give karma an eskimo kiss from me!

  29. Cindy--I never read Tolkien's books. Might have to check into them. ;)
    A catnip patch! Karma would go nuts!

    Autumn--Hello! Thanks so much! I really hope they work well for her. :)

    Terah--Been feeling better recently and been getting some things done while the sun shines, as they say. ;) You'd know what to do with this box of lace. I'm tickled but a bit overwhelmed. We were expecting may a shoebox! LOL! ;)

    Iggy--Coming from someone possessing a heart of gold, that's quite a compliment. :) I have to check out this link!! Homemade window de-icer!! Now that's the ticket! I hope that was what she was using. ;) Leave it to you to google and discover something new!!

    Tori--I wish your snow had stayed longer for you and Willow, but at least you had some fun for a little while. :)

    Wendy--True. The terra cotta variations make it a bit more rustic looking. :)
    Don't tease me, woman--ROFL!!
    You're so very welcome. I am amazed at what you live with on a daily basis, lady! :):)

    Donna--The speaker detach on this old boom box, too. It plays CDs and cassettes--and you can record. I'll miss it when it finally dies. It used to be Leah's before she and Dagan got married.
    Yes, I know you can paint polymer clay. I'm sure if I googled it there'd be a list of what types of paints to use. I've only used Radiant Pearls.

    Laura--When this old boom box bites the dust then I'll have to learn the world of iPods and such. But then I'd need a machine to transfer all my tons of cassettes and my few CDs over to the iPod. *sigh* I go quite reluctantly into the new techie world, I guess. Just ask Dagan and Leah--LOL! Took them two years to talk me into my "free" smarter phone...but now I love it. ;)
    Eskimo kisses to Milo, too.

  30. The rune stones turned out so well. I like the natural look of them and the precision of the marks.

    I use de-icer in a can like the lady is using on her car. It comes in handy when there's a light covering of frost or ice on the windshield. Often times, I still have to scrape the ice off the windshield, but it makes it a lot easier since it is partially melted.

    As for the thicker ice (say, 3/16"-1/4" thick), nothing except old-fashioned, hard work with scraping and cracking the ice is going to get it off the windshild.

  31. Ann--Thanks re:the rune stones.
    Spray can of de-icer. I haven't driven much at all (for years at a time) since 1999, so I wondered if there was something new on the market I hadn't heard of. I'll be danged! It figures a Minnesotan would know--LOL!
    Yah! I remember that thicker ice very well. ;) Thanks, Ann!


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