Sunday, February 19, 2012


Good Morning!
Yah...just got up a 9:30pm. I'm not positive which day I took these morning pictures, but I think this was Friday.
You could see the crescent moon so plainly as the sky was lighting up.
I finally started feeling more back to "my" normal yesterday. Ahhh! :)
What do Karma and I do during those long quiet nights watching movies and TV shows?
Most of the time Karma sleeps in her cat bed next to me...
...or lets me know she wants some lovin' up.
But then...
I noticed Karma had been gone from her cat bed for a long time. Discovered her sitting on the box "steps" in the dark. I used the flash but, I assure you, if I hadn't you could barely have seen her in the dark over there spying on me. As soon as I "spied" her she indicated that she was thinking break the rules thoughts...
...climbed up to the top "step" and started smelling the bowl with the peppermint lifesavers, knowing full well that I am watching her every move and that I know how she loves mint.
"What are you up to?" My voice came slow and deep, with a hint of a growl.
Now Karma knows the difference between the "What are you up to?" with the I am watching you so don't push your luck threat voice (because she knows she's not allowed on the kitchen counters even though I know she does so on occasion while I am asleep--just for the thrill--and even though she tries to be extra careful not to touch anything she sometimes catches the scotch brite pad on her fur as she goes up and over the "window" ledge there into the kitchen and I pretend to miss the evidence lying in the sink) and the "GitDown!" angry you'd better move you butt right this second voice.
She couldn't resist the double check to see if I was rising off the couch--LOL!
I hadn't moved yet, so she turned her back to me--to demonstrate her defiant confidence--smelling the land line phone--but kept her ears on alert for any sound of movement on my part.
"Don't you even think about it", I warned her with the one more move and your a$$ is mine voice--knowing that when Karma is thwarted she sometimes swipes things down off offending surfaces with a darting paw.
So, Karma casually turned around and took her time surveying the ceiling and absorbing the high vista before she casually climbed down off the boxes in her own good time...saving face, as cats are want to do.
The evil Queen decided to place the table easel on the top box knowing that the Princess doesn't like to step up on anything unstable because of the high value she places on her well-being. Too many breakables on that end of the shelf up there...and mints. ;)
The following picture was Saturday, I believe. Hard to keep your days straight on these hours. What little ice crusted snow we had left has been melting away with the 30-40 degree days--that are supposed to linger for another few days. Could have snow, too, I guess.
Miss Karma's new batch of grass was finally long enough--and nice and thick this time thanks to AliceKay! She's been grazing happily since Saturday morning.
Caught the sun coming up this morning... it came over the horizon on a cloudy morning.
Karma basked on the carpet in the warm sun--near her grass, of course. Never know what the unreasonable Queen might take away.
Hope you have a wonderful week!!
"The only way to live is to accept each minute as an unpredictable miracle."
Margaret Storm Jameson


  1. Oh that is a funny little drama! ;) and I never knew of a cat who liked candy mints. Have you tried growing catnip for Karma? That grass is a good idea and necessary too for cat health I believe.

    Beautiful sunrises!

  2. Cats are always looking for some mischief or other to get up to.

    She looks very sweet and nice-tempered.

    They always look so guilty....we all know why.
    They think we can't read their minds..if only they knew we were on to them.
    Lovely pictures...the moon is so photogenic. I am always inspired by her.
    Have a wonderful week; you two:-)

  3. Wonderful post and photos ~ Karma is such a little character (they are so much like children) Love how she turned around and looked up at the ceiling as if to say 'Are you talking to me?" ~ Wishing you the best in the day and Karma also ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

  4. The life of a cat. I think she was just testing you...seeing how far you would let her go. LOL I'm glad she's enjoying the cat grass. Looks like it's growing pretty good. :) (and yw)

    Loved the photos, as always. The next to the last one was my favorite...with the sun just above the horizon. Nice shot.

    Have a wonderful Monday. *hugs*

  5. I like the one of Karma basking in the sunshine. But they are all really good, Rita. Thanks for the Karma visit! :-)

  6. LOL @ Karma!

    I think she was testing you... Wondering how far you'd let her go before she got in trouble. ;)

  7. Beautiful moon, sky and very naughty kitty! Which is normal around here as well. Mine has just chewed up some important papers...

  8. the last scene of the sun and grass and fat happy cat says it all...

  9. Love the photos and Karma is a cutie!

  10. Karma is adorable. I always love your photos, especially the ones of her.

    I hope you have a great week!!

  11. Oh, to be a kitty when there's fresh grass and a pool of sunshine on the floor!


  12. That second picture of Karma is SOOOO adorable! :0)

    I just got the gorgeous card you sent. Thank you! I had to show it to my girls as soon as I read it :)

  13. You have the best sunrises!!!!

  14. Karma certainly leads a well loved life!

    Lovely photos and it's fun to see Karma's expressions!

    Thanks for your comments, and I agree . . . if the labyrinth is all there is, I definitely want to take my time getting to the end of it!

    I don't quite know why I was so . . . melancholy maybe? . . . but the comments have certainly helped!

  15. You and Karma are definitely in each other's heads. You read her to a tee and she gives it right back. Absolutely priceless and I just love each and every story in pictures that you share with us of her. You really should think about putting all of these stories together and approaching a publisher because you honestly do make a great team and you'd have a winning book!
    Such beautiful sky pictures and as always, a delightful read.

  16. Karma is one fat cat! I love it!!!

    Your sky photos are beautiful. I always have such a hard time capturing the crescent moon. And the colors and textures in the sunrise photos are breathtaking.

  17. I loved your *Karma story in pictures*. Very funny. I love the way cats test us.
    Your sunrise pictures are always. :)

  18. What a little sweetie she is, with just the hint of attitude, as a cat should have. I want to lie in a pool of sunshine!

    Love that quote.

  19. Not that Cody can get up on bench-tops but, if he smells food sitting up there, he will sit and stare up longingly. Of course, he doesn't generally go on late night prowls like Karma. She reminds me of a toddler pushing boundaries with their Mum. lol

    Lovely sunrise shots...and crescent moon.

    Cody loves to lie on carpet right where there is a spot of sunshine. He's mad because, even on our hot, humid days, he likes to lie out in the sun. Crazy dog!

    Glad to hear you're feeling almost back to normal.

    Enjoy your week,

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  20. Looks like Tori and I think a lot alike. :)

  21. Jenny--I do buy dried catnip for her and she loves it. I bought catnip seed and tried to grow some but wasn't successful. I guess it gets really large and tall. I might try again this summer. :)

    Gwen--Mischief is right! Even a lazy indoor cat gets mischief on the brain and can occasionally run through the house like ghosts are chasing her==LOL! ;)

    Carol & AMDog--Yes! They do test you like little kids do--LOL! Have a great Tuesday!

    AliceKay--Oh, yessiree! Testing--walking the fine line--LOL!
    She's loving the tall thick grass! Thanks so much!! :):)
    Yes, you and Tori were thinking a lot alike. ;)

    Djan--Karma is a real sun worshipper, that's for sure. I love all your pictures, too! Have a great time on your adventures this week. :)

    Tori--Oh, yes!! Karma loves living on the edge--ROFL! ;)

    Cindy--Oh no! I'm so glad Karma doesn't like to chew paper. I've had a couple of cats who liked to do that--arg! And had one who loved to steal pens, pencils, paint brushes...drove me nuts! LOL!

    Theresa--Yes-yes! That's the life--sun and your grass nearby for the chomping. ;)

    Crystal--Thanks so much!! Have a great day. :)

    Beth--I'm so glad you like the photos of Karma. My aunt does, too. In fact, if I don't have a picture of Karma for a couple of posts I have people who email me to gently complain--ROFL! ;)

    Pearl--Yes! Yes! You know all about that. Your cat tales just crack me up, lady! I'm so glad Karma has never been near a gambling casino or a bar--ROFL!!

    Elisa--Oh, Karma knows how to charm some attention out of me, that's for sure. Imagine her motor going, too. ;) You're so welcome! Say hi to the girls!! :):)

    Carolyn--I love the colors drenched across the sky some mornings, too. :)

    Sandi--Oh yes--Karma has the good life!
    Reading a book like that could certainly leave you feeling melancholy--bleak! Now I guess you need to find something uplifting and inspiring to read. ;)

    Desiree--"in each other's heads" is so true. I think that is why she became anti-social, actually. When other people are here I think she feels more disconnected from me. Other people are in my head--LOL! You know how cats love to be center of attention when they so desire. ;) Not sure I'd have enough to use for a book about her, though. :)

    Molly--Greetings! Yes, Karma's a fat opinionated cat with attitude. Glad you liked the sky photos. I'm going to go check out your blog. Thanks for coming by! :)

    Barb--You must miss your cat! Are you going to be able to take her with you or will you have to find a home for her? :(
    We do love us some pretty sunrises, yes! :):)

    Teresa--I get the "hint" of attitude most of the time and other people get the "huge dose" most of the time--LOL! ;)

    Serena--Cats do love their prowls in the dark--but I am so often awake all night that I ruin her private prowling time. She doesn't seem to do as much snooping about when I sleep in the daytime. Not as much fun without using the night vision I guess--LOL!
    I know! It can be 95 degrees and 95% humidity and Karma will be sprawled outside on the porch while I'm inside with the AC turned up. ;)
    Almost back to functional, thanks. Have a great week, my friend! xoxo

  22. Oh my, your little Karma knows how to charm us all! Too cute!

  23. Couldn't really read what you wrote today but the pictures are gorgeous of the sky. Your cat looks like mine. Nosey lol. Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for coming to visit me so often. If brightens my day.

  24. Good Morning Rita!! Oh and Karma too! I love your sunrise and sunset photos.. just stunning...I have not taken any good photos for a long time this really gives me the urge to go out today and take some pics!!

    I love the story of Karma and her antics.... cats are sooo funny!

    Blessings to you today and hope you have a good one!


  25. That was great! You should write a book about Karma and the trouble she gets into. I would buy it! I love the drama you created. That would make a great children's book! I have a book that I bought (I occasionally buy children's books for myself because I never did grow up) about a lady that keeps her sled dogs in the house! She gets a new dog from the pound and he doesn't fit in at first. It's a great story.

  26. Dear Rita,
    You and Karma remind me so much of me and Maggie. Both of them are strong-willed, wanting I think to master us!

    I'm going to get some grass to grow for the three cats with whom I live. Would you give me a recommendation for the brand to buy as well as the soil to put the seeds in? Both the cats and I would appreciate that.


  27. You and Karma so full of adventures.
    I would like to curl up and sleep like Karma.
    and think I might's 7:15...yeah, not sure I'll see 8pm.

    hope your sleep schedule is back on schedule.

  28. That grass grew fast!! Love the way she is guarding it! :)

  29. Nancy--LOL! Thanks! :)

    Melynda--So sorry you couldn't read the words on my blog. Maybe it will help if I make the font larger for you. I'll try that.
    I visit you because you enrich and brighten my days! :)

    Reba--Hello! Long time. I hope you do get your camera out. Love seeing your pictures. :) Stay warm!

    Donna--LOL! I suppose I could do one of those blog books and pick out the Karma stories, eh? Thanks! :)

    Dee--Maggie must be another one of the opinionated cats who push the limits, too. ;) Gotta love'em!
    You can use any brand (I've had several) of cat grass seed and can find them at most pet shops. I just use regular old potting soil and a heavy enough planter so that if you have a tugging cat, like Karma, they won't tip the whole pot over. Because Karma is a tugged, I plant them a bit deeper--like 1/2-3/4 inch deep. It's really easy. When the grass turns brown and dies (unless you're luckier than I am with keeping it alive) I pull all the old grass and roots out and then add some new soil on top for the next planting. Easy peasy! :) If you try it please tell me how your cats like it. With three of them one of them is bound to be a grass lover. ;)

    Wendy--I think life is an adventure. Even in my small world. ;)
    I am so tired...hoping to catch a few winks before Caroline arrives this afternoon. I hope you get some decent sleep, too. And that you are feeling better every day. I wish I could make it stop for you, sweetie! :)

    Connie--Yes, once the grass breaks the surface it grows like crazy! Karma likes it better than catnip. ;)

  30. The crescent moon and sunrise pictures are spectactular! What a view you have - lovely!!

    Karma sure is the explorer. That's cool how Karma's eyes are glowing in that one picture.

  31. Ann--Yup! Can see pretty far up here on third floor. Across the river to Minnesota! ;)
    The glowing eyes is the dead giveaway of the flash--revealing her activity in the darkness over there--LOL!

  32. Goofy Kat. She knows she'll never get scolded for real.

    Wow. That grass grew quickly! Hope Karma likes the blend. :)


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