Monday, February 06, 2012


I started in the morning yesterday working on the birthday card cupcakes...while Karma relaxed in the sun.
First I had to apply the white caulk frosting. It dries fairly quickly so I used the little glass beauty shop finger soaking cup (looks like a teeny tiny shot glass) that I often use for ink when I use dip pens. Worked perfectly!
This is the water soluble caulking you can get at the hardware store. Easy clean up!
Was a very slow process...
...of gradually spreading the caulking...
...carefully over the top of the muffin.
I love the 3D effect!
Had to do them in sections with breaks (57 actually) and wash the brush after every 2 or 3 cupcakes. Then I let them dry for a couple hours.
Karma stretching in the sun.
The next step was the colored Stickles.
This was a lot longer part of the project than I expected.
Turned out I'd have to do one color of dots and then let it dry before I did the next color because I discovered they stay wet for quite a while and easily smear...and I had so many laid out that I would accidentally touch my arm on wet ones. So I had to wait 45 minutes or an hour between colors. This was after two colors.
Karma finds my projects a little on the boring side.
May arm was getting very tired squeezing those little bottles. So I did decide to split them up--face about half one way and half the other so I could rotate the entire batch right on the mat. That way I only had to reach up over three rows max instead of five.
When I got done with all the sparkly colored dots then it was time for the yellow Liquid Pearls candle flame.
A lot of puttering, but aren't they cute!
Honestly, my arm was shaky from squeezing out 19 dots and a candle flame on 57 cards. My math is not good, but my arm told me that was a lot--LOL! Left them to dry overnight.
Karma waited patiently all day for me to finish so we can have some serious couch time. ;)
This morning I put the first card together. Used ScorTape to attach these last two layers.
Here's the finished card front...
...and just a short sentiment stamped inside:
"It's your special day."
I needed to get the first February card out in the mail today. Done! Tada! Now I only have 56 left to put together. ;)
Meanwhile...Karma also happened to nearly destroy her cat grass while she was patiently waiting for some couch time--LOL! She does love her cat grass.
I will definitely be more generous with the seed next time and let them get taller before she can get her teeth on them--hehe! When they are packed more tightly together there must just be more for her to gnaw on because she's never pulled this much out before. But I've never been this stingy with the seed, either--LOL! ;)
Well, today I am washing clothes and plan to maybe putter about a little. The sun is out again and that fog we had for four straight days has no chance to return on this very windy day, either. I can see the clouds scooting across the sky! See--we need our wind up here. ;) It's still only 28 degrees with 93% humidity, but the sunshine has been so nice to see again since yesterday. Supposed to stay cold and sunny for a few days.
I'll try to maybe catch up online today, too. And with the SOAR journal. She starts the week on Sunday but then she apparently never posts the new week of materials until Monday. So I am always trying to cover two days on Monday. Honestly...that is starting to get old really fast. If I end up quitting you can bet that will be the reason. Really rubs my OCD more than the wrong way. Seriously, if your dated week's materials go from Sunday through Saturday...well, I'd have them posted on Saturdays...not on Mondays. Sure glad it's a free class/group--LOL! ;)
Well, I hope your week is looking good! I have to go switch clothes in the machines. (What glorious inventions!!) Be safe and happy!!
"Goodness is the only investment which never fails."
Henry David Thoreau


  1. your cards look good enough to EAT! and, yes, my sweet tooth kicked in, big time!

  2. Dear Rita,
    Watching those cards emerge, photo by photo, explanatory text by text, I stand in awe before your patience and creativity. Karma may get bored--wanting you to be instead on the loveseat--but I find this all endlessly fascinating.


  3. I love your cards. They are fantastic. There are going to be some very lucky people getting pretty birthday cards.

  4. Wow... 1083 dots and 59 candles... not counting any dots on your hands, arms or Karma.


    *reaches over and takes a bite of a cupcake*

  5. Those cards are adorable. You sure put a lot of time and effort into them....and lots of love. :) Very nice work.

    Karma really loves that cat grass, doesn't she? I can't there a special kind you buy for her?

    I hope you rested up after doing your laundry.

    It's a nice day here today. Sunshine, blue skies, and temps in the low 50s. If I didn't know any better, I'd think it was spring. :)

    Loved the quote!

  6. The cards are absolutely beautiful!!
    I am hungry now for a cupcake.

    You are such a talented lady!

  7. As easy as icing a cake! The iced (frosted) muffins look great! The Stickles topped them off perfectly. You did a lot! Hope your arm isn't suffering too much today.

    LOL at the state of Karma's cat grass.

    I signed up for SOAR but I haven't even started yet...not sure that I will as I already do my illustrated journaling. Just need to make an effort to do it more often is all. I can understand your frustration on the dates and materials.

    I have a busy week with three doctors/specialist appointments lined up. One for me and two for Brad. We will be going to Michelle's for morning tea on Thursday so that will be fun.

    Have a lovely evening,

    Love and hugs,
    Serena xo

  8. Girl, I never would have thought to use caulk for the icing. You are so creative. Do you sell your cards? I never thought to ask before...

    Enjoy the sunshine. It was warm here today but will be more like winter tomorrow.


  9. Your cards are really all takes patience! Of course you must have multi covered sprinkles..LOL..
    Poor Karma she needs thicker grass..plant several at once and let one get really going before you give it to her:)

  10. Those tuned out AWESOME. I love seeing what Karma did while you were working. So cute ;)

  11. Rita, those are just so adorable! What a clever and cute idea! Lucky recipients! Karma is such a sweet looking cat!

  12. 1140 total with the 1083 dots and 57 candle flames. And, nope, I didn't get my answer from Iggy; I already figured it out myself.

    Anyway, the cards sound cute!

  13. What pretty cards!! You did a wonderful job with them! Sounds like you're feeling much better too.


  14. Theresa--Looks can be deceiving--LOL!
    I don't think my sweet tooth is never not kicked in. ;)

    Dee--I'm so glad you actually enjoy all the step by step photos and explanations. I am sure they must be boring to some. ;)
    Hope you're having a great week!

    Rae--Thanks so much!! :)

    Iggy--Leave it to you to do the math! I did have colored dots on my forearms a few times, but none on Karma. ;)

    AliceKay--No special kind. They sell little bags of cat grass seed at Petco and Petsmart around here.
    I did rest after the laundry--too much--LOL! Didn't get anything else done all day. ;)
    Not feeling like spring here! It's 7 degrees at noon (Tues). Crispy!

    Beth--Thanks so much! I could use a cupcake right about now, myself. ;)

    Serena--Even my good arm can get tired from overuse--LOL! ;)
    I'm not sure about SOAR. Like I said, if I continue to have to start out every week behind the 8ball I will probably drop it. I have so many other things I could be doing, as you certainly do, too. I LOVE your sketch journal!!
    Hope Brad is okay? And I hope your appointment moves things along quickly now. Have fun at Michelle's for your tea party! hugs!! xoxo

    Deanna--Leah (and I help) has an etsy shop, but we don't have any listings at the moment. Her mom died this past year and Leah has yet to get back in the swing of things with the shop. But, yes, I do make cards and things for the shop--and we do have product to post but I don't want to push her. Was a rough year. If we get to posting on etsy again I'll let you know on my blog. Thanks for asking. :)

    Connie--Yes, the cupcakes would have looked awfully plain without sprinkles--LOL! I could probably use some smaller planters if I could find them heavy enough to withstand the cat yanking...hummm....I'm thinking of what I might have in storage.... ;)

    Elisa--Thanks so much, lady! :)

    Nancy--Thanks! Karma may be sweet looking but she only shows that side to me...and to my blog family. ;)

    Tori--You are better at math in your head than I could ever hope to be!! That was a lot of squeezing bottles--LOL! ;)

    Jeannie--They were puttery, but you are used to much more complicated cards, I think. Were actually fun to make till my arm felt like it was falling off--LOL! :)
    Yes, I am feeling a little productive, even. Thanks! :)

  15. now that's a lot of cupcakes!! it's a good thing they're not the REAL thing...even though they do look good enough to eat...

    you might have to bake yourself a small batch when you're done!

    aaaaahhhhh...the life of a kitty! sunning! stretching! snoozing! playing! eating & pooping! get scratched! eat grass! be curious! and then do it all over again!!

  16. These cards are fantastic! And your kitty loves sunning just like mine does. My cat also love laying on the dryer! :-)

  17. My arm was tired just reading about all the dots! They are adorable cards!!

  18. Laura--I'd be in real trouble if they were a real 57 cupcakes--LOL! They're too yummy!
    You got the cats life perfectly described there!! What a life, eh? I believe Milo has a pampered life, too--with many more interesting things to smell that mom brings home than Karma has. ;)

    Crystal--Oh, I love it! On the dryer! Yes, that would be a nice warm spot to sit. If Karma could jump that high she'd probably be up there, too--LOL! ;)

    Carolyn--Thanks! That's what I get for procrastinating, cutting my finger, and procrastinating some more. Had to do them all at once--LOL! I deserved the sore shaky arm, let me tell you. ;)

  19. Awesome Cards! Wow! ~ I hope you were gentle with yourself and took mini breaks in between? Karma knows how to be 'good to herself' ~ lots of healing hugs to you ~ namaste, carol ^_^

  20. The cards turned out beautifully, Rita! Oh my gosh...the level of detail and patience required for them is inspiring!

  21. Delicoious, the icing looks almost edible.
    Have fun assembling all of the other cards. They are beautiful, by the way.

  22. Love the cards!! You are so creative :) I also ♥ Karma's sun stretching. Hope you're having a great week! -Tammy

  23. Wow what an assembly line of goodies! I'm having flashbacks of when I was in catering and we'd do batches of muffins BIG time....

    They look like a pack of playing cards face down on the table, waiting to be played like a game of memory.

    You baked them beautifully, I bet you're dreaming about them in your sleep. How many more to go now?

  24. *Nods* Yep, a lot of squeezing bottles!

    And I've always been pretty good at maths. I think it's because I enjoy the mental challenge?

  25. P. S. I showed this post to my girls. They said you are soooo talented :)

  26. Carol L--I was taking breaks--quite often. ;) Yup! Karma knows how to be very good to herself--ROLF! I should take heed of her example. ;)

    Ann--Thanks so much!! :)

    Gwen--It's surprising what you can do with caulking--LOL! You can color it, too. ;)

    Tammy--Thanks! It looked like Karma was reaching for the sun. ;) Hope you're having a super week!

    Cindy--LOL! My cupcakes we much teenier and the frosting probably harder to move around, but I can almost imagine. That had to be a lot of work--counters or tables full!
    Still working on construction, but the taping is done--tada! (Thurs)

    Tori--I enjoy mental challenges, but math doesn't like me--ROFL! :)

    Elisa--Tell the girls thanks so very much!! :):)

  27. I love the cards! That is sure a lot of work and I'm sure people will appreciate them. There is nothing like getting a homemade card when you know somebody put so much work into it. Very special.
    Karma looks very relaxed. I love that picture of her stretching her paw out in the sun.

  28. I like Karma's life :-)
    And I want to eat the cupcakes right off those cards - Bravo!

  29. Just 'stopped by' to give you and Karma a hug ~ enjoy the day ^_^

  30. LOVE your cupcake cards! They are so sparkly and my inner child loves sparkly. Also love the Karma photos during the progression - it's almost like a conversation!

    Thanks for the "how to"

  31. Barb--I know! I love getting handmade cards, too. :) I love that one of Karma stretching, too. Hard to catch those shots.

    Melissa--Karma's got the life, that's for sure. Thanks!

    Carol L--Thanks! Hugs back. :)

    Tammy V--I am not surprised you have a sparkly lovin' inner child. ;)
    It actually was a progression--one right after the other--I just spread them out. :)

  32. Oh my goodness glory girl, those are just precious.

    What's with Karma anyway, looks like she'd pitch in a help! Heeehehehe!!!

    To have the life of a cat where the world revolves 'round us! Ahhhhh.

    God bless ya sweetie and have yourself a fantabulous weekend!!! :o)

  33. Nezzy--Hello, Girl! I finally finished all of them on Thursday. Can't believe it took me till February! That's what procrastination and finger slicing will do to ya! LOL!
    Truth be told, Karma thought she could pitch in and help when she was a kitten and just got shooed away for her trouble so she curbs her interest in deference to me and that is why she finds crafts and art sooo boring. The truth is out. I forgot to cover my watercolors one night when she was young--her morning red nose and a footprint gave her away her nocturnal activities. I am just no fun at all. ;) Have a super duper weekend!!

  34. Those cards are absolutely beautiful!

  35. Possum--Oh, thanks so much!! :):)


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